Short Circuit

Short Circuit

Today was iffy. No rain in the forecast but looking at the sky you would think different. The rain held off but the clouds kept the humidity high. The kind of humidity that just sucks the life out of you with each breath. That same kind of humidity we will be experiencing during our workouts from now to October. Oh well, this is the hand we were dealt and we accepted our challenge ahead.

DiCCs delivered Told the PAX we would be staying off the grass for the duration of the workout…


Was going to take us down to the Tennis courts for warm ups but remembered it was going to take way too long and so I audibled to circle up in the center of the traffic circle. Mushy mess was the status so we did 15 SSHs and headed to our next spot for 15 IW. Moseyed to the backstops of the softball fields and did 10X Merkin IC, right and left calf stretch, upward and downward dog and left and right runners lunge. Pick up a rock if you didn’t bring a coupon and Al Gore while this PAX chose their rock.

moseyed back to COT where we lined up our coupons/rocks for a 10-20-30 Circuit.

Circuit 1: 10 X Burpees, Bonnie Blairs(2=1), Reverse Plank Knee Ups(2=1), Mike Tyson’s & Lap around soccer field staying on sidewalk.
R/R X 2 more rounds

Circuit 2: 20 X Plank Jacks, Speed Skaters(1=1), Curls, Shoulder Presses & Lap around soccer field.
R/R X 2 more rounds

Circuit 3: 30 X Peter Parkers or Parker Peters, Squats, Carolina Dry Docks, Coupon Bent over Rows & Lap around soccer field
R/R X 2 more rounds

3 minutes of Mary 20 X Flutters, 20 X Heels to Heaven, 40 X Shoulder Taps & 30 second Plank

Return the rocks to their original resting place and done.

Blackhawk is becoming known for 2.0 participation. I’ve been posting here throughout the Pandemic every Saturday and I don’t remember a Saturday after the first “meeting” we didn’t have at least two participating. Today we had four and they didn’t just participate, they brought it in a big way. They’re getting it. They’re pushing themselves and making themselves stronger. It’s great to witness and be a part of their journey.


don’t miss the first launch of a US made Rocket in over 10 years today at 3:00.

100 PAX challenge

Q Source every Friday at 7:00 Cuthbertson MS immediately after workouts

YHC took us out



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