The Great Smokey Mountain Pain Train

  • When:11/21/15
  • QIC: Smokey & Countertop
  • The PAX: Double E, Glass Joe, Horse Head (Pre-run), Kieffer, Mr. Jingles (FNG), The Count, Squidward (2.0), Goofy Foot (2.0), Hoodie, Lamont, Drop Thrill, Sheppard, Happy, Donkey Kong, Crab Legs, Smokey, Countertop

The Great Smokey Mountain Pain Train

17 men of Union County Posted for a tour of the grounds and a sturdy beatdown.

The Pre-run Thang:  Glass Joe, Double E, Kieffer AKA “24” and Horse Head kicked off the morning with a 45 minute run… 5ish miles i’m guessing.

The Main Thang:  (edits may be forthcoming from Smokey)

Our appointed Q for the first half of the beatdown was the venerable Smokey.  At 6:58 we were all starting to check for emails, texts, tweets or “smoke” signals to indicate where he might be. As it turns out Smokey was right on time as he rolled into the parking lot at 6:59, Goofy foot in tow, to lead the PAX for the first half of the beatdown…  by 6:59:30 we were headed off for the first COP.

Glass Joe was a little nervous due to lack of distance between the launch point and the first COP.  He seemed to be having flashbacks to Friday’s Easy Is as Easy Does Overdrive pain, as much grumbling was heard about not having left the SVMS parking lot in weeks.  Have no fear Glass Joe,  Smokey has something horribly fun up his sleeve.


  • SSH x20
  • IW x 20
  • Merkins x 20
  • etc.

Smokey heads off the lot calling “follow me” (Glass Joe smiling all the way) and we all mosey toward Shiloh Elem.  One Brief stop at SVES along the way for an impromptu pain station or two as everyone catches up and then the PAX land on the Shiloh track for some fun.

Pick your favorite spot for 7’s

  • 7 Pull ups / one lap around the track ~ 1/8 mile
  • 6 pulls ups / another lap around
  • (all the way down to 1)

This proved to be a gasser as each PAX picked a pull up area personally challenging and went to work.  Some PAX were on the monkey bars, some the parallel bars for some supine pull-ups and others were hanging from the rafters (Literally) at one of the pavillions around the playground.

Once complete we all loaded back onto Smokey’s pain train and headed back to SVMS with another pain station along the way and, thanks to some poking from Donkey Kong, wrapped up the run with a sprint back to the busses.

We were short on time so Smokey reined in his Wienke right about here and we moved through one round of stations at the school.

  • Step ups x 20
  • Dips x15
  • Lung walk the length of the gauntlet

And with that Smokey and Goofy headed off into he sunrise to basketball practice.  Smokey succeeded in leaving the PAX smoked.

YHC picks up the lead and we head back out toward SVHS.  At this point i get a little confused as I hear Glass Joe grumbling about getting a solid 10 miles in this morning due to his early morning pre-run.  I didn’t hear  our other pre-runners, Double E and Kiefer complaining, but I think secretly GJ loves covering the extra miles but is trying to hide it.

Mosey up the Sun Valley Crossroads for some Navy Seal style sit ups x20 (Link arms and keep your buddy close).  Recover and beat feet down the road again.  one more pause in the run as we lunge walk a bit and then break into two lines for a mosey through the parking lot.  Donkey Kong, who claims to have been hibernating for the past few months but doesn’t seem winded at all, takes this opportunity to nettle YHC for calling some confused commands during this part of the trek across campus.  In my defense, i was 02 deprived… so on with the beatdown.  Back peddle, avoid the fence and we find ourselves staring at the pot o’ gold.  some big ole tires 🙂

TIRES –  Pick a station and get to work

  • Station 1 Tire burners
  • Station 2 Tire Flips with jump throughs
  • Station 3 Steps ups and Tire Pop Squats

We had to cut the fun short due to a fast clock but we’ll revisit and have more fun with the tires another day… Line it up and Indian Run back to the shovel flag.

Moleskin: See above for commentary.  Additional call out to all the usual suspects who left it all on the field.  We covered a lot of ground and pain stations were not in short supply.   T-Claps to the up and comers like Hoodie, Lamont, Crab Legs etc. who crushed it today.  Plus a special call out to our newest member “Mr Jingles”, very strong showing!  Keep on posting and lets see strength of character to match. (Poke) 😉


That is all. – CT

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Glass Joe
8 years ago

I think staying in one parking space for a workout had me all out of sorts. The tireburners were difficult. I think you’ve given EE too many ideas now.

Great job by all the guys. Mr. Jingles showing up really strong.

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