105th rendition of Floater – Crossy Roads Remix

105th rendition of Floater – Crossy Roads Remix

19 Pax gathered by the water tower in downtown Waxhaw today for the Floater.  5:28 and DICCS covered being covered by Carbload and clock strikes 5:30 before getting to the S for Safety and we are off and running.  Head towards Providence and safely and uniformly cross (crossy roads round 1) to sidewalk and beeline towards Lawson.  Once YHC reaches Lawson circle back for the 6 and modify to meet all at the bank by Family Dollar.

Circle up waiting for the 6 completing SSH until all are in.  (Big 10 miss you buddy and please come back out soon)

Within circle assume plank position and complete multiple exercises including:

  • Plank Jacks
  • Parker Peters
  • Mt Climbers
  • Stump Jumps
  • Twig Jumps
  • Merkins

Along with various other exercises as all grunted/belly ached and had to endure different pitchs of cadence counting.

Once complete head over to front of Family Dollar for “Shopping for Pain” which includes incrementally increasing exercise count at each store front in plaza (14 stores in total).  Once complete sprint back to start

  • Round 1: Gas pumps
  • Round 2: Aussie Burpees (Good Day Mate!)
  • Round 3: SSH (Again Big 10 sorry you missed it)
  • Round 4: Broad Jumps

Upon completion it was Crossy Roads level 3 to get back to COT.  With +4:00 mins on the clock go around for Name-O-Rama and name the FNG (WooHoooWooHoo, Paddles, Flat Line) No Quit.

Announcements: (If Frack was in attendance would have completed 300+ LBC’s)

  • Folding Party tonight at Christ Closet House
  • 3rd F Opportunities
    • Sunday mornings @ Five Stones
    • Monday evenings @ Brooklyn Pizza
  • 3 AO’s on tap for tomorrow – Swarm, Impromptu, Diesel
  • Wedding Singer send off Saturday @ Queens South
  • Deep Dish – heal up brother!

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