Lets stay warm…

Lets stay warm…

Going into today my goal was to just keep moving and keep moving we did! Most pax clocked at least 3.5 miles some (Gerber) clocked closer to 5, nice work. Weinke was thoughtless but when the goal is the mileage you gotta keep the reps low and keep moving.


We ran down the sidewalk in front of the school to the back of the bus lot, circle up.  YHC decided to prerun with ski gloves on which kept my hands super warm, so warm in fact that when I took off one of the gloves it was nearly impossible to get it back on.

SSH x 10 or was it 20? IC

LSS x 10 IC

IW x 10 IC

Hand release Merkin and pause at top x 10 IC

Calf stretch – flapjack

I honestly have no clue of the rep numbers but we did do those moves.

The Thang:

Mosey to the neighborhood and stop at first intersection for the 6 – Al gore

Starting at stop sign run up the hill to the next intersection on the left x 3 – down and back is one.

10 merkins at the start and 10 duck walks at the intersection. End back at the start

Next, starting at the stop sign run down the other street to the first light pole do 10 Carolina Dry Docks, run back to the start 50 LBC’s. Continue suicide with the same rep count to each light pole and back. Time expired before we all made it to the cul da sac but two pax pushed hard. Gerber and Carbload great work!

Mosey back to the school and pause for the six at the entrance – Al Gore while we wait. Mosey long way around the back of the school back to COT. Gerber led 1 min of Marry. Done!

The Moleskine:

25 degrees on a Tuesday morning and 22 guys showed up! Well done men! To all the Pax that think they cant do Ignition/The Swarm…guess what, we basically did it today and you crushed it. To all Pax that are capable of running and walked today…lock it up! Thanks for letting me lead and Ill see you all at Clyent Dinner on Thursday where we will get the miles in again!


Going away party for Wedding Singer this Saturday @ Queens South from 3-5. 0.0 Heineken on the menu. Thanks Schneider!





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