Thank you F3 SOB/Area 51 – Time to take on the next chapter

Thank you F3 SOB/Area 51 – Time to take on the next chapter

16 pax assembled for a Cheddar farewell Q, and got all he could throw at them. First Ill let you know what happened quick and then a thank you note




COP – Windmill, Cotton Pickers and Mountain Climber


We ran to the murderhorn and that was always the plan. Bunch of burpees and merkins on the way. 

At the Murderhorn – partnering up, partners ran opposite directions up and down the murderhorn and met 6 times . When they met they did (10 burpees, 10 jump squats, 10 LBCs). 

Then went to the loop at the top of the murderhorn for 10 handslap merkins to be done when they meet (met 6 times ).

We had to get some Indian run back with a farewell from another species of Indians. I have to say this was one of the best Indian runs we managed to stay together, except Transporter kept sprinting ahead and we could only slow him with others in front of him.

We did some sprint in the end for recovery. Transporter and Fletch were competing hard and I think Transporter had the last of the 3 sprints with Fletch getting the first 2.

I truly enjoyed this one. All pushed hard


Thank you Fellas

A lot of thoughts run through my head about the first time I started F3 in Charlotte on 6/2014. I had a supportive group looking to push me at bootcamps. I started with running and gradually went into bootcamps. Still remember the first time I posted at SOB land it was the Brave with Madame Tussaud on Q. Still remember he went easy on me, I was out of breath during that whole post.  


We all deal with so many struggles at various stages at varying degrees. Posting in the morning with you guys have managed to keep me sane and keep my stresses at bay. Starting my weekends well with Stonehenge/Da Vinci surely helped. Many pax have come forward to keep me welcome, give me encouragement when im down and a nudge to push harder when I dont see I can take another gear. I have tried to give back but surely cannot repay all they have given to me. F3 made me strong, resilient to push boundaries – e.g. complete a PhD while working full time and even taking care of a new-born all at the same time! I would have not been able to do all this without firstly a backing M and my F3 family. I have enjoyed the CSAUP and the relays, if you get a chance to do the relays (BRR, SMR or Palmetto ) you need to do it. I would love to name a bunch but there are so many that I cant forgive myself for not mentioning a few.


I appreciate the farewell at Duckworth, all that love was just too special !! And then I had an opportunity to Q this workout. 


I look forward to the next chapter. I will always have you in my heart and pray for you all F3 brothers while you continue to change all mens’ lives and their families.

Hugs and Love ,


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4 years ago

Cheddar you have such a positive nature about you that has been a great influence on me and so many others. Will miss you but am happy for you. And definitely keep in touch Brother.

4 years ago

Best of luck in Chicago, Cheddar! I’ve enjoyed getting to know you in the gloom over the past 5+ years! Maybe you can organize a BRR team to come down and join us in September…

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