And Then It Started Raining

And Then It Started Raining

While Bagpipe was one of my first posts circa 2015, I haven’t been back a whole lot since.  Tuesdays are usually a day off and Hawks Nest/Fast Twitch is basically in my backyard.  So appreciate Cooter asking me to Q to step out of the comfort zone.  But I have to admit, when it’s raining and you have to mix things up, sometimes that comfort zone is nice.  YHC confirmed with Cooter the day before, but didn’t check the weather until late.  I even woke up and got out of bed and checked the weather about 4 am and no rain.  Things were going to be good.

YHC rolled up to the AO early and was greeted by site Q Kirby hacking up a lung.  Cooter was also hacking, but he did so at home.  The rest of the PAX rolled up, disclaimer given, and off we went.

Mosey to the parking lot accross Brixham Hill for COP.  I think everytime I have recently posted at Bagpipe COP was here, so I didn’t want to break any rules.  


IW x 15

Low Slow Squat x 15

Peter Parker x 15

Parker Peter x 15

The Thang

The plan was to do 4 exercises to 10, 4 times through, and then do a 3/4 loop around the lake to hit all 4 sides and then a rock set. We started on the first 4 x 4 and the rains came, and then the grumblings came. Thankfully it was a mid-60s December morning as Margo mentioned, but no one wants to workout in the rain, Q included.

Scrap that and ran to the deck. In an effort to keep things somewhat on the rails, we kept with a similar plan and adapted it to the deck. Once dry, we finished up the first set of Lunges, Merkins, Plankjacks and Flutter. Did each exercise to 10, 4 times through, then ran up to the top level.

From there, we would do rounds 2 and 3, run down the steps 2 levels to the basement, then up the ramps to level 2. Round 2 was or may have been something like Squats, Dips, Derkins and Freddy Mercury. Round 3 was or may have been something like Split Squats, Incline merkins, Monkey Humpers, American Hammer. Plank work and Air presses at the end of the round while waiting on the six.

Mosey back to launch with a few minutes to spare. We kept the backs dry this long, no reason to soup up the perforated seats in the car and have to smell that later. So Merkins x 10, Plankjack x 10, and held plank for the last minute.


Prayers for Fallout’s son Kai and continued healing

Prayers for Brexit and injury from car wreck

Prayers for Mermaid’s family after the loss of his father in law.

Prayers for Dr. Cheddar and the move to Chicago, Happy Hour @ Gibson’s Wednesday at 5:30.

YHC with the take-out prayer


Enjoyed the banter today and meeting a few new PAX. I met Frehley’s for the first time for the 10th time, kidding. Fire Hazard broke the record for the “is this your first Q” question just a few minutes in. Jazz Hands was petitioning for a new name while using said jazz hands, request was denied. The Rosalita’s led to an in depth taint conversation. Kirby issued a Silver Alert when Frehley’s went missing at COT. Mic Check and Wingman provided pretty good directions around Ballantyne when the rains came. One Niner, Wingman, Fire Hazard and Bucky led the group, but strong work by all. Not much waiting around, group stayed close together. Need to make it back out soon, enjoyed the group and thanks Cooter and Kirby for the opportunity. Merry Christmas.

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4 years ago

Dude! That was a good read. Thanks for Q’ing – in the rain. Sorry I missed it. Sounds like a very eventful workout.

4 years ago

Nice Q, especially being in uncharted territory and with knuckleheads crying about rain! Come back soon 🙂

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