Damn that Burpee Train

Damn that Burpee Train

17 Men joined me for a tour of the mean streets of Waxhaw in a balmy 37 degrees this morning. Had to cut the weinke a little short this morning because of that long nasty train. We got some good miles in and hit a couple local famous hills along the way.

That Thang:

Mosey around our 4 Corners block and head down Kim Jong Hill to the Animal Hospital.

15 SSH, 10 Merkins, stretch, more merkis and 6 inch jack webs

Blood was now flowing so let’s head back up Kim Jong Hill to the four corners: 1st lap 5 burpees every corner, 2nd lap 5 Big Boy sit ups every corner

And looky there, just as we finish the BURPEE TRAIN!

Audible after that nonsense, I had a diamond Merkin webb planned but let’s run!

Mosey to Bad Idea, Up back and back Up, 10 Bobby Hurleys at top, 10 Mike Tysons back at the school. Found out we lost a couple so let’s run back and find them. Found the boys back at COT. Carb Load finished us up with some Ab work.


Sorry for the brevity of the BB fellas but my WV roots are calling me and I need to go find some banjo music. I thought about not writing this and letting the Zin Man and Carb Load try to come find me in places grown men don’t drink white wine but nevertheless I folded. Enjoyed leading a great group of guys that continue to improve and push each other.

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