Pre-Season Conditioning

Pre-Season Conditioning

So I knew that I signed up for Q on or around Veterans Day but after doing the Vagabond on Saturday my system shut down and I didn’t want to think about moving… my plan was low mileage – but high heart rate. Between Flash and Ignition 21 showed up for some Pre-Season conditioning.

Warm up – the basics of SSH/Mountain Climbers/Merkins and Bobby Hurleys.

Station 1 – Headed to the benches in front of the middle School for 15/20/25 (this is my standard opening) Dips/Derkins/BH’s 3 sets – 15 reps of each/ 20/ 25. I found someones kryptonite – balk, balk. This is a good one to get the blood flowing. I heard some mubble chatter – time to take care of that

Station 2 – Head to the covered overhang on the side of the MS. Lunge Walk length of overhang then hot lap around to start again. We did 3 more laps: side slide right, side slide left and bear crawls.

Station 3 – Mosey to Basketball Court for 15’s, 13’s, 12’s and 11’s. Sideline to sideline for a minute. Partner up – if you don’t make the prescribed line touches = combined burpee penalty for you and your partner. We did a total of 6 sideline to sideline sprints. The with your partner under a basket – 5 merkins and 1 burpee. We in a circle hitting the 6 hoops. Not much mubble chatter – a good number of Pax did not incur penalty Burpee’s – way to go!!!!

Station 4 – Mosey to Transporter/Rudy’s Shed for 64/32/16/8/4/2/1 Apparently the methane lingers a bit at the shed or maybe there were some Pax contributing>>>> ask Glidah who politely moved away from said pax.

64 AirPress/32 Donkey Kicks/16 BH wall dunks/8 – double touch wall merkin/4 Big boy/2 Big boy/1 Big Boy.

Head back to the parking lot – mosey to first cut out – run to gravel – back pedal return. On the way back to COT – 5 Low Slow Squats at every tree. Trees on the Left – Trees on the right

Great job today by Chicken Little – as a Site Q your goal is to 1) ensure that a challenging workout is scheduled and 2) man the back of the pack and pull the six or FNG’s forward.

Turnbuckle pushed today- keep coming out brother!!!!!!

Drop Clothe continues to post in week 2. Gator Cub returning to form

Blades of Glory becoming a regular post!!!!



F3 Xmas Party this Saturday Lawson Clubhouse – Decorating Committee starts at 3PM. Burn some extra calories at Gladiator (Cuthbertson Location) this Saturday.

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