A Little Jam on Thanksgiving Morning

ByPaper Jam Nov 23, 2017

16.2 PAX from SOB, Area 51 and UC gathered at the fountains of Blakeney Shopping Center on a chilly Thanksgiving morning in anticipation of Devil

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Throw your hands in the air…till you can’t drive from here to there

ByBullwinkle Nov 23, 2017

As YHC arrived at the AO 10 minutes before the workout began, he found the parking lot empty.  YHC thought, could it be that: 1. YHC has beat

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Pilgrim’s Pride — or confusion

ByDasBoot Nov 22, 2017

25 PAX braved the cold and rain warm fog of a Dromedary November to make room in their pie pants for poultry and pie. Warm-up: Mosey to the

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Hoffa’s Automatic Burpee Penalty

ByBullwinkle Nov 18, 2017

YHC awoke this morning to a very needy and angry dog wanting to go outside and do his business.  That made YHC angry and looking to bring that e

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Shake(N Bake) a leg, let’s run!

Byshakenbake Nov 16, 2017

First time at Q at possible new AO, don't be late right? NOPE! The Q came in on two wheels at 5:16 for the 5:15 workout. A well placed "I will be


PreBlast: Devil’s Yell Thanksgiving Jam

ByPaper Jam Nov 16, 2017

With Devil's Turn and Rebel Yell shut down (and probably every other Thursday AO) it is time for the 2nd Annual Thanksgiving morning Jam led by Q

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2nd F Event Preblast – Great Wolf Lodge Family Outing (11/17)

ByMadame Tussauds Nov 16, 2017

Men of South Charlotte, We were able to secure a block of rooms at the Great Wolf Lodge for 11/17 at $189 plus tax for the night. It's not too

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Queen was right… ‘Don’t try suicide(s)’

ByNomad Nov 15, 2017

...Nobody's worth it... who knew a 70's-80's rock band knew so much about F3?  Despite the chilly temp, the gloom and a warning to bring running

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Balrog II

ByTuck Nov 14, 2017

29 men from multiple regions, generations and backgrounds woke to 30 degree weather and the prospect of running 16 miles w/ pain stations... and

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The Four Horseman

ByPaper Jam Nov 13, 2017

This morning 6 PAX showed up bright and early for 5 miles of fun.  One of the Blakovery faithful did a pre-run to Harris Teeter and when he retu

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