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A Call to Action! – Let Them SOAR! 5K Pre-blast

The opportunity to participate in a Speed For Need race is not something to take lightly. If you’ve ever been to a race that SFN is a part of, you see the joy that our riders & their families have from our efforts and willingness to finish second. Being part of a SFN event is touches the lives of so many people. If you’ve been to one, you have seen it firsthand. If you haven’t yet had the opportunity, your next chance is November 10.

The mission of The Exceptional Foundation of Charlotte is to provide a facility and programs for individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities to meet regularly and experience a broad range of social and recreational activities designed to promote healthy living, support social relationships, explore the arts, improve functional skills and foster community involvement.  TEFC is celebrating its 2nd anniversary by hosting the 2nd annual Let Them SOAR! 5K on November 10, and you get to be a part.

Speed for Need was honored to provide racing chariots for Track Commanders Kyle and Connor last year, and we’re excited to participate in the race again this year. We’ve added additional Track Commanders this year and will be including a Ruck team to participate in the 5K. Again, we get to be a small part of a life changing experience for the TCs and their families.

You do not want to miss this opportunity to live 3rd, and to be the vessel that provides a lasting impact to people and their friends & families with disabilities. The Let Them SOAR! 5K launches from Christ Covenant Church, the AO for Skunkworks & Kevlar, and the race course takes you through the heart of Downtown Matthews. Details on the race as well as a link to register are below…you can participate by yourself, join a team, or even be a “Spirit Runner” (you get a t-shirt and don’t have to run!).

Running and Rocks (Not running w/ Rocks)

Flipper was wise to sign me up to Q on a day he knew he would be elsewhere.  He’s smarter than he looks.

So I had my shot at Rock Zero.  Turns out to be the same day of Isabella Santos race in Ballantyne where Speed For Need brought out the whole armored division for this race.  I ran that race last year, very well done and a great cause.  Anyways.  I wasn’t sure who was going to post vs. running the race.  Turns out we had a sizable group of 14 men who don’t really care about supporting pediatric cancer.  (That’s a joke!!!   But it sounds like a conclusion most of our U.S. Senators would say these days about the other side)

Let’s get into it.

The Thing.

Mosey over to the library and circle up for IW, SSH, and Mountain Climbers.

Head out of library run to Dunkin’ Donuts and back with several stops on the way to plank, Mary, Monkey Hump, and Mountain Climb.

Circle back at the front of the Church and grab a medium sized rock.  Circle up.

Round 1:  25 OH Press, 25 Curls, 25 Goblet Squats, 25 Merkins

Repeat that set every 2:30 for 4 total rounds

Round 2:  25 Tricep Press, 25 Bent over rows, 25 Lat Pulls while lying on six, 25 flutter press.

Repeat that set every 2:30 for 4 total rounds.

Mosey to launch.



I wanted to crush a long rock set today and the only way to do that AND run 3 miles was to just knock the 3 miles out right away.  So we did it, right out of the gate.  Some complaining, but it’s good for you.  The PAX were excited when I got to the rocks and promised no more running, until they just had to stand there and lift rocks.

Was happily surprise to have Spackler out.  Who would have thought that with the Ryder Cup on.  Good to see a couple of relatively new guys in Swiffer and Elsa.  Speaking of Elsa, we had a trifecta of Disney characters today with Mermaid and Marlin also in attendance.  Good work by Elsa, don’t worry you get better at it, just keep coming out.  Thanks to the Site Q’s Boerewors and Hoover to make sure there was no man left behind.

After watching the news out of DC this week, I really want to go through a confirmation hearing.  I want Senators to pull all my backblasts and ask questions like:  “Why do you always talk about Merkins?  I looked up Merkins on the internet and you must be some kind of creepy weirdo perv assaulter for always talking about Merkins.”  If your not sure of the alternate definition of Merkin, don’t look it up at work.


Reach out to Gypsy to put 2019 races on the Speed For Need calendar.

Follow F3Chimpote to hear more about the Mission Trip in Jan/Feb.  Even if you can’t go, there will be an opportunity to donate clothing and other essentials.  Plan is for 50 men to make the trip.  Each man can take 2 suitcase, 80 pounds each, to of donations.  That’s 4 tons of donations headed down there!

Sprockets has his VQ at Hawks Nest on Tuesday.  Come out and Jeer cheer him along.

Thanks to Mermaid for the takeout.



Blazing Saddles Brings the Heat


1 lap around field then partner up with like size bell. 3 rounds: Partner 1 farmer carries bells around track while partner 2 does said exercise. Round 1: Merkins, round 2: Low Slow squats, round3: LBC’s

The Thang

After a brisk warm up and the forearms got loose carrying the bells around the track 3 times, we continued with the partner exercise.

6 rounds of partner 1 doing said exercise w/bells at the goal line while partner 2 AYG to other goal line and did 10 Merkins. The object was between the 2 partners hit the called # of reps.

  • Round 1: 2 handed swings – 200 reps
  • Round 2: Upright rows- 200 reps
  • Round 3: Goblet or Teabag squats – 200 reps
  • Round 4: Lawnmowers- 150 reps
  • Round 5: One arm press- 100 reps
  • Round 6: Good mornings-100 reps

As the six finished, time had expired so no COT.

15 Pax joined in for a cool morning with plenty of kettle bell exercises, reps, sprints and Merkins. Not too much chatter as the men of skunkworks worked hard to finish each round. Many were happy for a freshly cut field!! Lots of reps and sprints kept everyone busy.

Lois took the group out with prayer.

Thank you to Tulip and Funky Cold for letting me Q!


  • F3 dads October 7 3-5pm at Kinetic Heights
  • Funky Cold left his kettlebell at the site and went back to grab it but it was gone. If anyone has any leads, reach out to him.


*Posted on behalf of Blazing Saddles

Hurricane Flo – Fundraising AMRAP

25 PAX gathered at Impromptu to help raise money for F3Carterico and their great cause to help their local community after Hurricane Flo.  Kudos to Zinfandel who was the #DancingIdiot and Rudy who was the #1stFollower in a last minute push to get our area PAX to run laps for something more than just bragging rights . . . This time, the PAX ran hard so we could make those who pledged $/lap, to really feel the pain of a late-night drunken decision to pledge.


  • Pretty cool to roll into the parking lot and see 4-5 shovelflags and all the PAX dressed in Red (albeit YHC’s red shirt was smelling like Doughboy’s gloves in the laundry so red shorts would have to do)
  • Disclaimer and Instructions given re: AMRAP protocol
  • Mosey backwards on AMRAP course explaining stations and performing some exercises


  • AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible)
  • .5 mile loop around Middle School
  • 7 Stations
    • Derkins x 20
    • Bear Crawl length of football field portico
    • Dips x 20
    • Donkey Kicks x 20
    • Overhead rock carry for too long length of light poles and back
    • Jump Squats x 20
    • Burpees x # of laps completed


  • Pax August September
    Banjo 4 4
    Bottlecap 3.5 4.2
    Breadbowl 3 3.1
    Chicken Little 3.5
    Damascus 4
    Dana 3.1 3.4
    Dancing Bear 4 4
    Dasher 4.4
    Deadwood 4
    Deflated 4.1
    Doughboy 3.5 4
    Easy Button 4 4.1
    Foley 3.4 3.5
    Foundation 4.1
    Fusebox 3.5 4
    Halfback 5
    Hollywood 4.5
    Hooch 4
    Jingles 3.5
    Joy 3.4
    Legalized 3
    Maddog 4 4
    Moneyball 4
    Posse 3.4 3.5
    Radar 2.5
    Recalculating 4
    Rockwell 3.5 4
    Rubbermaid 4
    Rudy 2.2
    Southern Belle 4 3.6
    Stub Hub 4.2
    Wedding Singer 3
    Xerox 3
    Zinfandel 3.1 3.1
    Total Laps 85.6 91.3


  • It was a SMOKER today; the course didn’t have an easy section
  • YHC kept thinking of how HalfBack got 5 laps in last time . . . Impressive but where were you today?
  • I would say the course won BUT the obvious winner was F3 and the community
    • F3 Carterico:
      • Over $2,000 was raised and the number is still climbing
      • Excited to see additional videos of the impact they are making in that community . . . Well done fellas!
      • You can still donate; check out their website:
    • F3 Western Union:
      • 25 guys showed up but others who couldn’t even make it still donated
      • Great to see SO MANY different guys stepping up in different ways . . . Proud to be a part of this group #Sappy
  • Great work by Dasher pulling everybody along this morning
  • Nice work by Fuse Box shaking off the ghost of Moneyball and getting to 4 laps despite substituting lunge walks
  • The number of PAX who got to 4 laps is very impressive (14 out of 25)
  • Awesome to see some of the newer/Kotters/injured/2.0 PAX still pushing to complete the next station . . . #LotOfHeavyBreathing
  • Thanks to those who brought out the speakers to have at the different stations . . . Special shout out to that terrible music by the burpees
  • Great to see Radar . . . SANTA!


  • Bonefrog Obstacle Course event:  Nov 10th in Concord.  Western Union has put in our own team.  Need more PAX.  See Deadwood for more details.
    • Asylum:  Launching Monday.  Wesley Chapel Brooklyn Pizza.  0515-0600.  Transporter and Damascus are Site Qs.  Medium to High Intensity with some gear
    • Ignition:  Mondays at Cuthbertson Middle.  0515-0615.  Min. 4 miles plus bootcamp.  We will COT with Flash PAX.  Hollywood and Halfback are Site Qs
    • Chiseled:  Wednesdays at Five Stone (1117 Cuthbertson Road).  0530-0615.  Gear workout with minimal running.  Fuse Box and Banjo are Site Qs
    • Open Door:  Sundays at Five Stones office.  0700-0800.  Studying Acts Chapters 14 & 15 this week.  No pre-reading necessary.  Come and participate with other flawed men as we try to build each other up to become better husbands, fathers, and community members
    • Sanctuary:  Mondays at Brooklyn Pizza.  7:30-8:30pm.  Come out and enjoy a discussion along with some beer and pizza

Thanks Mad Dog for taking us out!

Dog Drops

It was a great morning with the boys, I appreciate Alf allowing me the opportunity to lead!  Note to anyone that isn’t a regular at Cerberus, there is an area that was utilized today that people allow their dogs on to do unsavory things that would lead you to therefore not want to allow anything other than the bottom of your shoes come in contact with.   I apologize, I did not know anything about this, and I hope none of you ate your Chick-fil-a biscuits afterwards until you washed your hands!

There are a number of charity runs coming up, Susan Komen, Heather’s Heroes, and Need for Speed will be a part of each of those.  Check out Mancave following every Friday morning workout at the Panera in the Arboretum.  See below for what took place while we were together.  I hope you all had a great day and enjoy the weekend!



The Workout:

Merkin psych to start with because I knew Alf was expecting it…

Mosey to the bottom of the parking garage for 30 SSHs and 30 IWs

30 Merkins in Cadence

Run up all four decks with stopping at the second for 30 Dry docks in cadence

Run to far side of complex to the large broken asphalt pile and jump into groups of 3 for choose your own adventure in regards to the size of broken asphalt for alternating shoulder push presses and curls to failure while partner two runs 150 yards to partner three who is doing merkins, dry docks, and jump squats to failure.  Once partner two gets there, switch for 3 rounds.

Run to middle of AO for some Mary until everyone is caught up.

Run to round about circle for 20 dips and 20 decline merkins X 2

Switch to 20 dips and 20 step ups X2

Run to the turf for some partner work with partner one doing squats, partner two doing lunges, while partner three is the timer bear crawling in-between and swapping positions upon arrival.

Not until we were about to do some Mary was I informed that people allow their dogs to drop things upon the turf that may not be very sanitary…almost all of the Pax moved off onto the concrete for their Mary even though they had just bear crawled through the unseen mess woven into the turf.  Thanks for the late heads up Alf!  Ha!


Run to raised wall for 20 dips and 20 decline Merkins X 2

20 Dips and 2o step ups X 2

Run back to starting point for Partner one doing jump squat, partner two doing Sister Mary Catherines, and partner three being the sprint timer over 30 yards.

Finish with some Mary.


B 2 the W (what!what!)

For some reason when YHC Q’s Rebel Yell it seems to want to rain.  But every time the skies part just in time and it ends up being great weather.  That was the case today as well so at about 5:28 the rain stopped and the cars rolled in, including what looked to be a 5 Pax clown car.  20 Pax were kicked off with a proper disclaimer since we had one semi-FNG (more on that later) and off we went.  Here’s what went down.

The Ting

Warm up:

SSH x 12

IW x 12

5 burpees OYO

Peter Parkers x 10

Parker Peters x 10


Head down the Murderhorn stopping at every street light for 5 merkins.  Stopping at the rock pile everyone grabbed a rock somewhere between a lifting rock and a running rock because we were not going to run nor lift them.  Carry said rocks to the Thornhill park and place them down where YHC had placed cones beforehand.  3 stations were set up for some circuit work and the Pax counted off in 3’s.  The 1’s hit station 1 which consisted of 4×4’s.  This is where you plank on a parking spot line and hop side to side over the line 4 times then go into 4 squats.  Continue until time called.  The 2’s hit station 2 which consisted of Larry Bird’s (not an official name but rather one that YHC came up with because he is an old school basketball soul and it really was not a Jordan type move).  Grab a rock and squat letting the rock touch the ground then up with a jumpshot using the rock.  Continue until time called.  Station 3 with the 3’s were our time keepers.  Up to the picnic area for 10 derkins, run to the park entrance and then back for 10 derkins.  Once the 3’s finished they called switch and everyone rotated stations.  We rotated so that every group did every station.

The Pax were (editor’s note: Was or were? Is Pax singular or plural?) very quick on the circuit work.  We wrapped up one round, did some Mary to catch our breaths and then did another round of the stations.  Back to the rock pile to put our rocks back gently and then back up the Murderhorn stopping for 20 LBC’s at each street light.

Once back at Stonecrest we moseyed over behind the theater for some wall work.  People’s Chair with 50 overhead presses which apparently I called something else the first time and Wingman in a not sarcastic way whatsoever let me know I used the wrong term.  After People’s Chair up on the wall for some balls to the wall.  The Pax were reminded to try and get their B as close as possible to the W.  This seemed to be a crowd favorite with some groaning and a lot of clomping of feet back to the ground when time was called.  Thus YHC called for a 2nd round of People’s Chair/overhead presses and B2theW.  Deciding the shoulders and arms needed more attention we circled up for a round of bearcrawl banjo.  YHC learned this delight posting at an out of town AO and has made it his mission to bring it into SOB land.  The Pax circle up in plank facing outward.  First guy bearcrawls out and around the circle.  Once the first guy starts the next guy to the right does 3 merkins then bearcrawls around trying to catch the other guy, continuing down the line.  If you get caught it is down for a merkin. So on and so on until everyone has bearcrawled around the circle.  Oh and while planking you drop for a merkin ever time someone bearcrawls in front of you.  A couple of minutes left for some Mary and then TIME.



Great work by all on this fine morning.  A good showing of 20 guys despite the questionable weather.  The Pax was really quick through everything today as evidenced by the fact that YHC makes sure to have more planned than ever needed but we were getting to some of my last planned exercises on this day.  Thanks to guys like Chunder, Bucky and Transporter for calling Mary and plank while we regrouped and brought the 6 in.  We do need a brush up on rule following as YHC made it clear that Station 3 could not call switch until everyone from the group was done and in, but we had guys finishing up all over the place and heading to the next stations.  “Leave no man behind” (said in my Dad voice).  Thanks to everyone that led a Mary exercise when YHC called on them.  Mental note, don’t call on Transporter to lead a Mary exercise unless you want to do 857 American Hammers…ouch.  T-claps to Gramatica for the strong showing on the bearcrawl banjo.  He went from coughing up a lung like he had just smoked a pack of Marlboro Reds before the warmup to chasing people down on bearcrawl like a greyhound. Admittedly the bearcrawl banjo kicked YHC’s tail.  I had to go knees down a couple of times on my own exercise (don’t Q it if you can’t do it, right?).  The last couple of times I have done it there has been like 8-9 guys but 20 makes it fun and challenging.  Thanks to FNG Flounder for coming out to post.  YHC was confused how he was at his first post but already had a nickname.  Apparently he skipped the F3 warmup altogether and went straight to running BRR with some of F3’s finest.  So instead of being the only guy being called by his hospital name they dubbed him Flounder.  Be sure to ask him the origins of the name as it is pretty funny.


  • Isabel Santos 5k this Saturday and convergence at Stonehenge beforehand.
  • Pancakes and Beer 5k at Old Meck benefitting NC MedAssist 10/27.  There is a F3 team.
  • Susan Komen 5k 10/6


Thanks to Billy Goat and Mary Kay for the opportunity to lead.


Get Your Rocks Up The Deck

YHC pulling into the AO is always a familiar sight, but never on a Thursday.  Ed and Bean were the welcoming committee as the rest of the PAX pulled in.  Was hoping the humidity would have died down, but to no avail.  A few more days of summer it is.

A disclaimer was given, and off we went.


Mosey around the field for some butt kicks and high knees to the parking lot behind the field for COP.

IW x 15

Low Slow Squat x 15 (all were low, some were even slow)

Merkin x 10

Mountain Climber x 10

The Thang:

We stayed in the lot and plankwalked down the long side of the lot.  At every other parking space line 5 merkins, at the other one lunge walk to the end and back.

Round 2 we crab walked down the lot and at every other line did 5 dips and squat walked on the other line.

Mosey to the rock pile across the street and grab a lifting and moving rock.  Mosey back to the bottom of staircase 3 of Tartarus deck.

Starting at the bottom with your rock, do 10 overhead press, 10 tricep extensions and 10 curls, drop the rock and take the stairs to the top.  At the top, 10 donkey kicks, 10 air press on the wall and 10 (changed to 5 in round 3) burpees.  Run over and back down the middle staircase to your rock.  Take the rock to level 2 and perform rock exercises there.  Each time running to the top, exercise, and back to your rock (exercise) and taking it up 1 level to the top.

Mosey back to launch.


Heels to Heaven x 15

Flutter x 15

Rosalita x 15

American Hammer x 18 (final predicted US Ryder Cup score)


Isabella Santos this Saturday.

YHC with the take-out prayer


Strong group of men out today, while I have never been to the Fishing Hole before today, I have a feeling was mostly a group of regulars.  I posted Centurion today (Friday) and no repeat PAX, so was good for me to get out of my regular and meet some new guys.  Alas my attempt at War Baby was throttled when 21 year old Marco showed up.  Marco and Polo didn’t just show up on time, they navigated blindly through the gloom and were lost, and found us, can’t make this stuff up.  The refuseniks came out strong with the plank and crab walk sets.  Chelms told me to make sure I kept the running low, so what do the refuseniks do, run.  I tried.  Bean hazed them quite well and it was noted Commish did return for the other half of the set.  For those that stuck with the plan, final mileage was 1.47, definitely the lowest Q I’ve had.  The rock pile doesn’t have the best selection, but didn’t hear much complaining there and a lot of the PAX ended up with small boulders.  Enjoyed the group, and thanks for the opportunity.


10 Men are have a little wobble to their walk thanks to some hairburners and a “recovery hill”.  No Site Qs were harmed during the production of this workout.  According to Strava, Orange Whip is  hanging out with Richard Bachman in Maine.  I think he taped his iPhone to the back of of a Muskrat while he scarfed down some lobster and waffles, but we may need the FBI to investigate that.


Warmup near the tennis courts where the lonely port-a-john lives.  Nobody was home.  Harley eagerly asked about the graveyard, so we got out of there.

Main event was a hairburner rally with teams of three. Move your plate across the lot and back as a team while the partners do an exercise, or roll over and play dead.  As long at the plate gets there, the rulez were pretty loose.

“Recovery ” was three hill sprints with some exercises at the base after each down and back.

Move the plates down a level and repeat this several times, keeping the hill sprints after each set.  As we moved farther away, the sprints got  more unpleasant as did the Pax.

Final move was to slide the plates all the way back up, nonstop.  Near mutiny, but we pulled it together and got er done.  Bulldogs knee exploded and I think somebody’s spleen shot out of their eye socket, so I’ll call it a win.

As if that wasn’t enough, we then headed back over to the graveyard to kill the last bit of time.  Partners run, one does LBCs in dead end and the  other does derkins on the bench.  meet in the middle for 15 team burpees.  Each man does exactly 7.5 burpees, or split em up however you can work it out emotionally with your partner.

Finally, we ran back to the start while I pretended to so some Mary for a couple of mins.



  • Whip for the Keys.
  • TR for the plates and the memories.
  • Harley for the Graveyard curiosity.
  • TD for the encouragement.
  • Cage for the age (he’s 58, you know).
  • Cottontail for the Lamaze class coaching noises.
  • Christmas for doing most of our team’s burpees.
  • Bowser for moving the princess to another castle, but giving us a heads up.
  • Squid for being awesome and letting it show.
  • Bulldog for proper annunciation.
  • Dry Erase Boards, for being so remarkable
  • Wham-O for coming out, even though they were playing Ultimate at Joust.  That must really be terrible if a guy named after a Frisbee skips out.
  • Witch Doctor for a steady diet of Pop Tarts, Hot Pockets, and Dr. Thunder that keeps this machine running.
  • My Spiritual Gifts Worksheet, for showing me that I have the gift of encouragement.


– HH




Along Came Polly Ultimate Frisbee

The Thang and Moleskin:  14 Pax showed up, but only 13 joined in the fun for the Ultimate Frisbee Battle Royale.  (We really could have used Chin Music for his height and arm but I think he was worried about guarding Stone Cold with no shirt on)  Stone Cold brought his light up frisbee, and we moseyed down and around the track.  3 mediocre sprints from the goal line to the 50 yard line and then we were warmed up for the match on the pitch.  We started off with 7(Skins) on 6(Shirts), then Header and Dollywood left the Shirts because we were getting out butts whooped.  Then we picked up Yeti and Stone Cold, and the average age of our team went up by 5 years I think.  Everytime the other team scores the losing team does 20 merkins.  I think my team did 120 or more.  We let the skins have a couple extra goals since we felt bad for them, but either way the shirts lost.  Even when we had an extra guy the second half.  Sweeny Todd made an unbelievable Odell Beckham type sliding catch which was great to watch.  All of us old guys were jealous because we would have pulled a hami and probably torn an ACL if we tried that.  Kirk must have eaten a stick of butter before the match or he was allergic to the plastic on the frisbee because he refused to catch the long TD passes from the skins multiple times.  There were multiple instances where the shirts would glide right off the skins while trying to defend them and reminded me when the large hairy, shirtless defender in Along Came Polly blocked Ben Stiller and had his sweaty chest rub all over Ben’s face.  We got in between 2.5-3 miles depending on how much each Pax ran.  We had a blast but next time need to wear blinking lights so we can differentiate between the teams.  Kinda hard to tell the difference between Mr. Brady’s white tank top and Ductwork’s ghostly white torso in the dark.

No Surgeons Allowed

9 Meathead vets ignored the lingering rain and make the hard right choice to post at ELE, only to find a growing pile of sand bags, ruck sacks, and kettle bells.  Uncertainty filled the air as YHC led the disclaimer.


Warm Up:

11’s with descending swings and ascending merkins



Grab 2 kettle bells each plus all the sand bags and rucks and move over to the bus lot.  Divide into 4 groups.  Each group of 2 or 3 will start at a different corer.  Sand bag and Ruck exercises demonstrated.  Each pax will carry 2 kettle bells around the AO from station to station in between each set of exercises.  Modify exercise or rep count as needed.

AMRAP till 6:13.  Go!


Four Corners of Pain:


Station 1:  Sand Bags (40,60, 75, 80 pound options) – 10 reps each

Ground to shoulder (alternate L,R)

4 count military press (L to R to L, repeat)

Clean and toss (5 out and 5 back)


Station 2: Ruck Sacks (30-50 lbs) – 10 reps each

Ruck thrusters

Ruck overhead squats

4 count flutter kicks with ruck up


Station 3: Kettle Bells (large variety)

Upright rows – 10

Squats – 20

Swings – 30


Station 4: Body Weight (large variety of shapes and sizes)

Merkins – 10

Squats – 20

LBC’s 30 (you are welcome)


Transition back to launch – carry as much as you can, leaving YHCs gear for later pick up


COT and Namerama.  YHC with take out.


The Skinny:


YHC has wanted to explore the other side of the ELE parking lot for quite some time now.  The idea to have 4 corners with pain stations at each corner led itself well to this location.  Part of the fun work was carrying all the gear to and from the bus lot.  T-Claps to the pax whom I asked to bring gear!  They all showed up with car/truck fulls.  We had more sand bags than pax.  We had enough kettle bells for an Area 51 convergence.


The idea was do offer some simple exercises with sand bags, rucks, kettle bells, and body weight and allow the pax to both modify down/slow down as needed but also modify up/speed up if desired.  Hopefully those not too familiar with sand bags and rucks enjoyed the introduction and those experienced pax were given a chance to push themselves.  The AMRAP idea is nothing new but YHC was inspired by Alf and McGee and others down at Wednesday’s WAMRAP.


The exercises seemed too easy at first, but YHC quickly tired from the grind of doing them over and over (and carrying those damn kettle bells) .  Most pax got in 3-4 rounds.  The sand bag exercises seemed the hardest, or at least the slowest.  YHC realized that most would have uneven weights for the farmer carries but this simulates life well.  How often do you lug your M’s suit case and your own suitcase up some stairs?  Isn’t one heavier than the other?  Life around us is not always balanced.  It’s how we deal with the imbalances that defines us.  Letting go of the need to always be right and to always be in control takes intention, humility, and courage.  F3 allows us to fellowship with other men, be inspired by high impact men, and realize there are things bigger than ourselves worth fighting for.  All while getting in better shape.  #worthevery penny


Everyone put out great effort today.  Didn’t hear much mumble chatter.  The 11’s at the launch were in honor of Roster 011,  who was the sole finisher of GORUCK selection class 020 this past weekend.  If you missed it there is plenty of video footage available.  Quite inspiring.

At the launch there was no music and no instruction and there were some questioning stares as to what the plan was and why we had a huge pile of gear.  Took a few minutes to settle into our new location with the tunes and the rotation schedule but then everyone just went to work.   Dora and Geraldo ended up pacing together.  Just another day of ruck PT for those GORUCK vets.  Everyone seemed to embrace mixing up the kettle bells with the sand bags and rucks.  Even those pax better known for running were killing out there this am.  I know I returned home dripping wet from sweat.  Glad the rain stopped just in time for launch.

And the title of the BB comes from this social media post last night: “No surgeons allowed at Meathead tomorrow.  High chance of grip strength failure by noon.  Use caution if your occupation requires cutting, sewing, or fine motor skills”.  The idea being that the farmer carries plus the other work would destroy our grip functionality/strength.  Theory yet to be proven completely but YHC is having a tough time typing…


Thanks to site Q’s Voodoo and Witch Doctor for the chance to lead today.

Thanks to those who brought sand bags, rucks, and extra kettle bells – Hoover, Geraldo, Voodoo, Dora.

Thanks to those who provided music for us today – Green Day, The Clash, Steppenwolf, The Cars, R.E.M., KISS, CCR, Tom Petty, Wilson Pickett, Herbie Hancock, Weezer, Led Zeppelin, Buffalo Tom, Gaslight Anthem, Etta James.


Q’s needed for Rock Zero – Saturdays @ Calvary, still at 0700, see Hoover.

GORUCK Ruck Club Battle in Charlotte 10/20