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Take It To The Limit – Tartarus Beast

YHC tried to inspire Chelms to post using the 1975 Eagles tune, Take It To The Limit.  Great song by an awesome band.  More on that later.  Anyways, he didn’t post.  Something about being old and tired and needing some rest.  15 other guys did post, including my bro from Mt Island Lake, Slow Roll, and Titan.  Spackler and Radar were maybe’s, but, alas, neither posted.  Some good chit chat in the few minutes before we took off.  Disclaimer given and off we went at 0530.


Mosey up Little, right on McMahon into Wells Fargo lot.  Haze kindly reminded YHC that the workout was 45 minutes in length in response to the mosey pace.  Circle up.


Merkin x 15

Mountain Climber x 10

IW x 10

5 Burpees OYO

Jump Squat x 10

Wide Merkin x 10

Heels to Heaven x 15

Flutter x 25

Mosey down 51.  Enter campus and stop at outdoor lunching tables.

Bench Set

10 Jump/Step Up

10 Dips

10 Derkins

3 Repetitions

Plank-o-rama: RAH/RLH/Hold/Swap/Low Plank/Alternating Leg Lifts x 10 IC/Regular/Elbows/RLH/LLH

Mosey down to Tartarus.  For those new PAX, in Greek mythology, Tartarus is the deep abyss that is used as a dungeon of torment and suffering for the wicked and as a prison for the Titans.  YHC didn’t name it, but it seems fitting for our next set, and we had a #Titan amongst our group.

People’s Chair while set was explained.

Tartarus Beast

Start at bottom of Stairwell 1.  Ascend to level 4.  6 x called exercise.  Run to Stairwell 2 on level 4.  6 x called exercise.  Run to Stairwell 3.  6 x called.  Descend 3 to ground.  6 x called.  Run to Stairwell 2.  6 x called.  Run to stairwell 1.  6 x called.  6 repetitions.

  1. Burpees
  2. Knee Slap Jump Squats
  3. Donkey Kicks
  4. Merkins
  5. CDDs
  6. Diamond Merkin (called by Titan)

We mixed in some Mary between 2 and 3 and 4 and 5 to get the heart rates in check.  Finished up with some Mary: High Flutter x 25 IC/Boxcutter x 15 IC called by Slow Roll.



YHC had not Q’d a workout since June 20.  That’s a long time.  Was off for 6 weeks and did some travels.  Had to buy fishing licenses in MI, OH, NY, NC, SC, GA.  Drove a total of 6100 miles.  Not a bad 6 weeks.  Negative impact on posting F3 workouts so this week has been rough getting back in the groove.  So glad to be back out, leading Centurion, and spending time with my F3 brothers, and, today, with my bio twin bro, Slow Roll, who has taken the red pill.  He is leading workouts at Mountain Island, where he lives, and getting in great shape.  He was pushing hard to chase Titan, who was up front on the Beast.  It was only his 5th post this week, so he had plenty left in the tank.  Pro snuck in a W on one of the reps and was close for most.  GOOD WORK PRO!  Haze and Snuka were up there too.  The rest of the crew was just behind the front-runners, grouped up pretty good.  The bottleneck at Stairwell 1 dictated where the PAX were in the group, to a degree.  Great to meet Dr. Belding, Spanx, and Dangerfield.  Strong work men.  Always good to hang with Champagne, Brushback, Marconi, Shrinkwrap, who all slayed the Tartarus Beast.  One question lingers, did Utah refusenik all the burpees?

Amazing how much better I feel this morning than last, when I did not post.  Broadly stated, F3 makes my life better, and I am thankful for it.  Thanks for coming out today, men.  It is always an honor to lead.  Everyone have a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend.  Take some time to help someone who needs it.

Never heard Take it to the Limit by the Eagles?  Check it out HERE


CSAUP ALERT: VAGABOND.  Check out this awesome trailer, by Tuck, HERE

BRR next weekend.  You could still probably fill an injury spot.


Posted on behalf of Big 10

With college football back in all its glory this weekend, we had a little fun and broke a sweat along the way, Four quarters, four workouts. Thanks for everyone that was able to contribute footballs.

Warm up:

  • Short 30 foot mosey
  • Potato Pickers X 10
  • Imperial Walkers X 10
  • Mountain Climbers X 10
  • Merkins X 10
  • Calf Stretches
  • Shoulder stretches (everyone was a QB today)

The Thang:

  • 1st Quarter: RB workout. High knees for 5 parking lot stripes and then 5 pushups at each. Did the stretch of the CMS parking lot, back and forth.
  • 2nd Quarter: Mosey to the wet grass with low visibility (best I could find). Broke out the whistle for running in place to lineman spin moves. Did this until I was about to pass out. Not easy.
  • 3rd Quarter: Mosey to the football parking lot. Time to run some routes. 5 teams. Rotating QB and WR, 10 yard post patterns. This was on pavement and the Q was very concerned someone would dive for a pass with visions of grandeur. Thank heavens no one did. Kept this moving. Combine style.
  • 4th Quarter: Mosey back to the middle school. Brief stop for 30 dips. I know the hardcore workout folks were grumbling at this point.
  • Kick-off fun time. Returners deep. Each team chucked it, if the returner caught it, you sprinted to him. If he missed, you sprinted and did either merkins X 10 or squats X 10.
  • Overtime: Got some plank work, some merkins and some SSH’s in. The Q abstained from most of the SSH due to serious opposition.


Appreciate everyone playing along today for a little football fun. A lot of the fellas wore their school colors with pride. Foundation wins the award for “best dressed.” When I showed up, he was donned in a jersey and helmet! Now that is some serious dedication!

A big boy shout out to Beckham. After my last Q, he was basically airlifted out of the HS parking lot. When I saw him this morning, I thought maybe he was there to settle the score. Cool deal for him to be there and get back in the saddle with our fitness fam.  That meant a lot to me.

Final thought, this is my last Q here. Really appreciate all you fellas being so good to me. You are great men, great leaders in the community, great fathers or husbands or friends. You all make a big impact on those around you. That is what this is all about. And you guys are the best at it. It has been my privilege to be a part of this messed-up collection of dudes!

Back to School, Very Un-Moderate, Beatdown

14 men including me this Monday morning, I was VQ
-Slaughter Starter (modified – 10 burpees versus 20)
-Ran to William Davie Park (approximately .5 mile) and assaulted the artificial turf field
MERKIN LADDER – Back goal line launch to line in front of goal, 20 merkins, run back to starting point, 19 merkins, run to next line, 18 merkins, continue to do this countdown until it’s just 1 merkin
RED BARCHETTA – Back goal line launch to other side of field back goal line. Perform 100 SSHs. Run back to launch point.
-do the same for approx. 75 yds then 75 mountain climbers
-do the same for approx. 50 yds then 50 imperial walkers
-do the same for approx.. 25 yds then 25 merkins
-do the same for approx. 10 yds then 10 burpees

Listened to constant heckling & complaining throughout workout. Sunday School kids don’t complain as much as this…
-Ran back to AO (approximately .5 mile)
-Circled up and worked on our ABCs – 6 inch leg lift while writing out the alphabet in CAPITAL LETTERS (each man sounding off a letter(s) in alphabetical order.

End of Story

Goonie Edit: the merkin ladder was an @$$-kicker. Very un-moderate. Sardine may never be allowed to Q Base Camp again.

Convergence – Labor Day
Crane Relay – Oct 26th

Around the Horn and Dodging Scooters

18 chatty PAX took all Hydra had to offer this morning. Brief disclaimer was given and we were off for CoP on the glorious, potholed schoolyard pavement.

Ssh x 20

Thang I:
Baseball/Around the Horn – Alternating hand release merkins and burpees around the diamond – Positions 9 to 1 (number of reps tracking the position number).

Thang II:
Four Corners/Starfish
Meet at middle bleachers.
Four stations:
Pullups x 10
LBCs x 20
Step-ups x20 (10 per leg)
Jump Squats x10
(Dips x 10 each time you pass the middle)

Plank to gather the 6.
Repeat the whole thing (with feeling this time).

Thang III:
Mosey to church parking lot. Grab a rock. Partner up.
First partner curls while other partner runs to end of parking lot and back (10x merkins at end).
Second Round: Shoulder press

Mosey back to launch for Mary
Good mornings
Freddy mercury


Approx. 1.9 BRR-friendly miles logged. Map:


A characteristically strong Hydra group out there today. Lots of First F and even more Second F. A lot of F’s were given. Great weather.

I played outfield my whole life. Literally since I was the 5 year old husky kid out in the dandelion field. I should know that Left Field is “7” and Right Field is “9”. Somehow messed that up. Thanks to the Pax for filling in the gaps.

Noticed a lot of generalized angst around SSH and burpees. Who knew? Don’t say I didn’t warn you…..

Spackler sounded more winded than usual. Also had a hasty exit from the parking lot. Could not tell whether it was jubilant or regretful.

Kotters to Flo Jo for his second post. Keep posting brother. Thanks to everyone for making him feel welcome. Tclaps to Scratch and Win for seeking him out and welcoming him back into the fold.

Semi-Kotters to Lewinsky who wasn’t gone all that long, but paternity leave/road trip is over brother! Welcome to fatherhood!

Clover has been a consistent, steady DR Metro-commuter/adopted Area 51 Pax this summer. Appreciate you making the trip.

First time I’ve seen Sprockets out at Hydra – new to the area. Looked like he rode his bike in. Welcome aboard!

Queen and Marge out in front all day as usual. Bugeater not far behind.

Scratch and Win – thanks for the nice take out and the fellowship as always.

Thanks to Marge and Queen for the opportunity to lead this fine group. Hydra was my first post and will always be a special group to me.

Announcements: Convergence on Monday at Base Camp. Check the papers for details. Mark your calendars for Vagabond on November 6. Details to come.

Modify as Necessary Taken Too Far

I know the Disclaimer is important but several pax, including the two AO founders, seemed to take it a bit too far (I think their heart rate got higher climbing out of bed this am – why bother).   10 were properly disclaimed (a few took notes) and it was time to get down to business The Fishing Hole way (low miles).

Mosey out of lot and lunge walk to next speed bump.  Mosey over beside football field (where there will be a massacre tomorrow night) and bear crawl between 1st and 2nd speed bumps and plank walk between 2nd and 3rd speed bumps.  Mosey down to practice field.

COP – Merkins X10, CDD’s X10, Stagger Right X5, Stagger left X5

Partner work

  1. Partner leg throws
  2. P1 planks and partner 1 crawls underneath and around 5 times.  Flapjack and repeat
  3. Partner leg throws

Mosey over to parking deck and plank for the six.   Find partner for hand slap merkin ladder.   1 HSM, plank walk to next line, 2 HSM’s, plank walk to next line and go up the ladder to 6.   A few minutes of mary at deck 2 with flutter x15, dolly x15, and Rosalita x15.   Bear crawl half way down deck 2 and then lunge walk to half way point.    Ladder 1-6 partner HSM with plank walk up to level three.   Broad jumps and lunge walk to half way point and then mosey to other end of level 3.   Partner carry up to level 4 twice.

20 OYO decline merkins and then mosey down the stairs and to front of school for circuit work.  5, 10, and then 15 of step ups, dips, and incline merkins

Mosey back to parking deck.   Ladder of 5, 10, and 15 Dragon kicks on the fence and balls to the wall merkins on the parking deck wall.

Mosey back to starting point for a few minutes of stretching (important at any age but especially for this beat up old bunch).

The Fun Stuff

My last lead was the hardest workout ever (Hardest workout ever ) and this one had the most modifying as necessary ever so I have two VT’s on my shelf.   Mr. Bean and Frehley’s Comet would both be shot if a vet checked them out.  Kirby did have an excuse as he’s coming off IR and Strange Brew did a pre-run so I figure he deserved some modifications.   Lots of guys looking like they are injured but I would need a doctors note to confirm.

On the agenda for the next Area 51 board meeting is whether or not to purchase gas masks for the workouts that Frehley’s attends.   A herd of cows doesn’t put out as much methane as he does.

Tag-a-long didn’t get the note that this is an old man workout.    He is not that much over half my age (can the USC grads figure that out – I’m 53 so roughly how old is he?).

Purple Haze was caught cheating over at Planet Fitness last time I Q’d so he knew he had to post.  He made the mistake of telling me where the new location is.  We don’t have to run that far but rather we can just change the launch point of the AO to the PF parking lot.

Cooter said he is Cooter #1 – not sure how to interpret that.  He seemed pretty proud of it but I was a little nervous after hearing him state it.   I don’t think he hangs out with Caitlyn Jenner but one never knows – not for me to judge so I’ll leave it at that.

An honor to lead such an upstanding group of men even if they are a bit broken down.

Announcements – Madame Tassaud is still recruiting for Great Wolf Lodge outing – longest marketing campaign ever

Squirrel Lake Ladder

Disclaimer read and we soared from Matthews Elementary through the street repair obstacle course to Squirrel Lake Park.

Side Straddle Hops x 20 (IC)
Imperial Walker x 10 (IC)
American push-ups (what do other country’s push-ups look like?) x 10 (IC)

The Drill
From the back of the lot compete a set of 3 exercises run up to the white post (approx. 200 yards) and return to adding 1, 2 and 3.
1 Jump squat, 2 American push-ups & 3 Heels-to-Heaven
2 Jump squats, 4 American push-ups & 6 Heels-to-Heaven
3 Jump squats, 6 American push-ups & 9 Heels-to-Heaven
10 Jump squats, 20 American push-ups & 30 Heels-to-Heaven
Run back through the orange barrels to school for COT.

Sparta is A51’s The Brave. 4+ miles of running, plus enough bootcamp to keep you guessing. I don’t post much in Matthews, so I wanted to keep the pain stations in a safe location. Squirrel lake was pretty dark, but it was away from the cars and school buses that came too close for comfort on Trade St. Kudos to Madison and Tebow for completing or nearly completing the ladder and racing back on the return.

F3 volunteers will be EH throughout the Matthews Alive Festival. Grab a stack of cards from Madison. Encourage FNGs to post on Thursday at Matthews Elementary. Aye!

The Canadian Rock Star

Earlier in the week, YHC reached out to the site-Q for audio support in preparation for today’s workout.  Wednesday night’s tweet from Voodoo had me thinking we’d possibly just hit the Repeat button on the Robin Hood soundtrack.  For those of you wondering, I’ve endured – yet embraced – the fact that I share the namesake of the Canadian Rock Star Bryan Adams.  However, I do spell my name different (Brian) but the verbal communication is one and the same!  It’s a good thing that I actually enjoy most of his music, as I described to the PAX this morning that Summer of ‘69 was my warm-up/intro song during my baseball career.  Hence, the “embrace your place” motto!

All that being said prior to launch, we actually started on time at 0530 with the usual disclaimer. With 14 of us ready to sling some iron, the workout went like this:

COT:  SSH x 15, IW x 15, Merkins x 10, KB swings x 15, LSS x 10, KB swings x 10, Halo x 3, Prying Squats x 3.

The Thang: YHC struggled a bit out of the gate with the explanation of today’s workout. Led to a little confusion but we all quickly adjusted and got on the same page.

5 sets of 3 called exercises, in reps of 6,8,10,8,6.  Lunge walks at the end of the 5 sets. (Had I explained it that way originally we’d been golden!)

1st round – Cleans, OH press, Snatches

2nd round – Triceps, Biceps, Merkins

3rd round – Goblet squats, Good mornings, Single leg deadlift

Moleskin: It was humid this morning!! Glad I chose not to pre-run, as I’m always challenged to hold onto the KB with sweaty hands.  Kudos to those that did run— those BRR-ers gotta get their miles in.  Great group of men, not a lot of talking as the high reps were taking their tolls on us all.  Thank you to Voodoo for the opportunity to lead and for the musical accompaniment!


1) Crane Relay – last weekend in October. Waiting list to participate.  Should be fun!

2) Labor Day convergence – 0700 at BaseCamp

Beaver nails it

[YHC is posting this BB for Beaver.  I’ll try not to add to many of my own comments.]

First things first – Borrow Tweetsie’s cell phone for devotional Bible phrases on forgiveness (Thank you, Tweetsie!)

Corpse Pose and Devotional [strong devo on Forgiveness]

[Warm up]Qi Gung Standing Posture and a variety of Qi Gung forms

The Thang:

Child’s Pose
Cat Cows
Downward Dog
Lunge on Knee – Circularize arms
Hamstring stretch on Knee
Sun Salutations x 3
Warrior I
Warrior II
Wide Leg Forward Bend
Tree Pose
Happy Baby


It was an honor to lead Gumby and teach the PAX a few Qi Gung forms.

Inner steel sharpens inner steel.

Great work by all PAX!

[YHC: Beaver aced it.  VQ and was ready with devo, music and Weinke.  Not sure how we hadn’t noticed before, but Beaver is exceptionally flexible.  Must be the Qi Gong.]

Am I Allowed to Break the Rules?…..Nope

A rather large crowd joined me today at The Floater. 25 PAX in total. Hadn’t been out since my last Q months ago and the crowd has definitely increased in numbers since that time.

Pull up with 2 minutes to spare, crew seems ready, weigh ins completed and away we went.

Warm Up:

Mosey the long way over to a church parking lot.

Plank-then all IC: MC x 10, Merkins x 9, Peter Parker x 10, Plank Jacks x 10, Merkins x 11

The Thang:

Run back close to where we came; 8 CDD at every street (32); dips 25 IC while we wait for the 6

Then IC: dips x8, Step Ups x10, Derkins x12, Step ups x10

Run to Brevard St. at S. Providence School; couple more 8x CDD; while we wait plank series, 6 inches, etc; 6 inch plank jacks IC x 10

Down Brevard to first intersection, 8 HR Merkins, 8 Jump Squats, back to start; Then up Brevard to next intersection, repeat series; Then down Brevard to Waxhaw maintenance dept; HR Merkins x 16, Jump squats x16; up to Hwy 75; repeat;  Mary, squats, etc waiting for the 6

Mosey to Waxhaw Womens Club (WWC) parking lot-Dolly x 10 IC , American Hammer x 10 IC–

Train alert-10 Burpees in 1 minute increments until train passed; Completed at least 50 in total, lost count as I was going deaf

Mosey back to start-Freddy Mercury IC x20; Merkins IC x 10; LBC  IC x 20; Merkins IC x 10


We began to hear the train whistle midway through the workout. Everyone, including YHC, was hoping that it would just go away. At the WWC, that distinct sound had become much louder. Apparently there is a rule here where if the train comes by, you complete burpees until it passes (since the AO is literally 50 feet from the tracks).  I looked around and noticed many sad faces so for the PAX sake and being the nice guy that I am, I stared at one of the site Q’s Moneyball and asked if I was allowed to break the rules and not do the burpees. Rather the awesome little fun exercise I had planned which did not include them.  He emphatically said No.  So we did burpees while the longest train ever to come through Waxhaw passed.   Fantastic.  See I am a rule follower, although I saw a lot of refuseniks out there during this portion of the workout.  Blame the site Q’s.

Thanks for the invite,  Good to see some new faces around.  Keep coming out, you’ll get faster and stronger.   Familiar faces out front leading the PAX, you know who you are.

And…rumor has it that one of the PAX was wearing a thong. A very thorough, meme filled, and time consuming investigation is currently underway (for clarification of course).


Big 10 on Q tomorrow-wear college colors

Rubbermaid turned 50 today (hid it until COT). Recalculating announced that he was 49 and not one PAX noticed.

Flash Monday-Late start 6:30

Seal of Approval

12 men gathered under the parking lot lights and eye of the security guard at Calvary to be forged on the #F3Anvil. Here’s a review of what we did.

The Thang

After a brief, but heartfelt, disclaimer, we moseyed up the Rea/51 cut-thru road to the parking lot area by the big sand piles where we gathered for COP:

  • IWs x 10IC
  • Hillbillies x 10IC
  • MCs x 10IC
  • Merkins x 10IC
  • LSS x 10IC

We ran over to the rocks by the softball field and picked a solid lifting rock. We took our rocks over to the parking lot and lined up abreast at one of the light poles. We did three rounds of lifting running.

  • Round 1 – Merkins x 10, Curls x 10, Presses x 10, Squats x 10, Flutter Kicks x 10IC, Run to the far cones (unless you’re @Brilleaux, then you stop short) and back.
  • Round 2 – Merkins x 15, Curls x 15, Presses x 15, Squats x 15, Tricep Presses x 15, Lunge walk then run to the far cones and back.
  • Round 3 – Merkins x 20, Curls x 20, Presses x 20, Good Mornings x 10 + Squats x 10, Dollies x 15IC, Run to the far cones and back.

Return our rocks to the pile and mosey to the soccer pitch, at the base of hill. Find a partner. Partner 1 runs the hill, 1 burpee at the top, 1 jump squat at the bottom…keep repeating until Partner 2 returns from the hotbox after completing 15 step-ups, 15 dips and 15 derkins. Flapjack. For round 2, we did 5 merkins at the top and 5 squats at the bottom and 10 Lil’Haze each leg, 20 dips and 20 incline merkins in the hotbox.

After some planking, we circled up on the wet pitch (per Stone Cold’s request) for Mary.

  • LBCs x 10IC
  • Heels to Heaven x 10IC
  • Right elbow to left knee x 10IC
  • Left elbow to right knee x 10IC
  • Flutter kicks x 10IC
  • Toe tap crunch x 10IC
  • Freddie Mercury x 20IC
  • American Hammer x 10IC

Run back to launch point. Right at 2 miles and the @Hops’ Bootcamp Seal of Approval.


Solid group of men like always at #F3Anvil this morning, including @Lorax being there to back to back weeks for the first time since becoming site Q and a #Kotters appearance from @49er. YHC hadn’t seen @49er much since waking up with him in the spooning position on a BRR van in 2013…it was magical. He did some pre-run with @StoneCold (who apparently pre-runs every workout he attends) and looks as fast as ever. Hope you keep posting brother.

The rest of the guys are pretty much #F3Anvil regulars, showing up every week to put the work in. Good to see @Hammer owns something other than a #Klimpsun shirt. @Hannibal complained pre-launch about a lot of merkins and burpees, of which we did some, and tried to attribute a merkin ladder workout to a YHC Q. Think you have me confused with @IronHorse, which hurts. A lot. @Hops is sweating machine, wringing out his shirt and creating a stream running down the parking lot to the campus drainage ponds. It was MrBrady-esque.

@Dangerfield…18…Senior year…posting at 0530 on a Wednesday. Solid work young man. @Snuka has speed to burn at 56. @Scratch&Win has amazing bandanas. @Brushback bragged about how awesome NCState looks in its preseason hype videos. It was all a good time.

Thanks for the opp to lead @Lorax. Great take out by @StoneCold