Dog Racing

ByC3P0 Mar 10, 2021

In trying to continue the high standards of creative fun we've been having in these 2.0 friendly evening workouts, I knew I had to bring my ball-

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WTF!? – In Due Time…

ByCarb Load Mar 10, 2021

5 PAX converged at Walnut Creek to scope out the next path to stupidity for the Waxhaw and surrounding regions.  Between now and May 1st you wil

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Records Being set at Bushwood!

ByTonyatine Mar 9, 2021

While we have been noticing temps rising during the day and afternoons, I woke up this morning to a text from Fiji with a screen capture saying 3

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The bible says what?

ByTommy Rose Mar 2, 2021

6 PAX beat down the fartsack and posted on balmy 68 deg Monday morn for the latest episode of #boondocks, Porter Ridges #1 rated Monday AO.  YHC

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Dice of Death

ByLoafer Mar 1, 2021

F3 Asylum 3/1/21 Flanders- Akbar-Posse- Fusebox - Smokey - Bypass- Loafer DICCS – Always have to give the DICCS (Disclaimer, CPR Check, Cell

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Rut-Breaker CSAUP Series ***Canceled***

ByFlipper Mar 1, 2021

        ***After much deliberation and in consultation with the A51 board, the idea previously known as Rutbreake

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Putting the past behind us

ByTurnbuckle Mar 1, 2021

Location: Bent Creek, Indian Land, SC Our Sunday morning Neighborhood Watch walk had 10 + 2 fur friends show up for our first warm walk of the

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Fireball Shots @ Last Call

ByPoint Break Feb 26, 2021

After being a last-minute ditch 2 weeks ago I got the opportunity to lead the men @ Last Call while the site-Qs took a week off. I had only been

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Sharing The Load

ByC3P0 Feb 24, 2021

Asked to substi-Q yesterday as the planned Q needed some R&R, rather than trying to shoulder the burden on my own (not that it is much of a b

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Watch out for Foreign Objects

ByRecalculating Feb 20, 2021

I've been nursing a knee injury lately so the idea of a split Q made some sense.  Plan would be for Honeycomb to take the first 30 minutes and t

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