Sharing The Load

ByC3P0 Feb 24, 2021

Asked to substi-Q yesterday as the planned Q needed some R&R, rather than trying to shoulder the burden on my own (not that it is much of a b

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Watch out for Foreign Objects

ByRecalculating Feb 20, 2021

I've been nursing a knee injury lately so the idea of a split Q made some sense.  Plan would be for Honeycomb to take the first 30 minutes and t

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Bong Bindian Buns

ByChastain Feb 20, 2021

7 pax at Clean Slate for a last minute substi-Q. So what do you do when you're a last-minute Q? You steal from your previous Q's. And what do y

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Banjo Music and A Nice Glass of Zin….but for kids!

ByZinfandel Feb 17, 2021

It all started last week when Banjo asked me to help him find a Q because of work travel. Little did I know that it would turn into a split Q aft

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Yeah, These Suck

ByBonhoeffer Feb 16, 2021

@ #F3Thrive 9 PAX all got their butts looking nice for next Valentine's Day. The Warmup 3-Minutes, 6 Running Stretches + neck str

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Time to Plant Some Seeds

ByC3P0 Feb 12, 2021

6ft DISCC Warm Up Mosey over to front of the middle-school to find a line of cars waiting for kids apparently, that weinke didn't last long #tw

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ByTonyatine Feb 9, 2021

Warmup Short little Mosey followed by 18 Side Straddle Hops 18 Imperial Walkers 18 Merkins 18 Plank Jacks 18 Mountain Climbers

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Surprise AMRAP for the Flash boys!

ByGoodfella Feb 9, 2021

The day after the Super Bowl always brings small crowds around here, but factor in some guys trying to recover from Saturday's Waxtravaganza and

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A Chicken loves his Burpees.

ByEasy Button Feb 4, 2021

Warm up Warm up lap around the block behind the church. Circle up in front of the church. 20 x SSH 20 x imperial walkers 5 merkins

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Better Wet then Never

ByTonyatine Jan 29, 2021

Better late then never. I kinda forget what was done, but know it was raining... Mosey through MC with Warmup at Turkey trot. Back to the c

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