Dating Game makes for Awkward Workout

Dating Game makes for Awkward Workout

22 men at Impromptu tried to have either the Post-IPC or Pre-IPC easy workout.  Since YHC was still smoked from Wednesday’s individual IPC and got more tired doing the IPC Team Relay #GoFilmYourself at 0500 this morning, the weinke didn’t have a lot of tough stuff on it.


  • DCCS given along with map of where we are heading for COP (I think Qs can/should do this more often and I think the SIX should ask for this more often)
  • Mosey to back of HS circle
  • SSH, Deep Lunge w/Moroccan Night Clubs


  • Grab rock in football parking lot w/various called exercises
  • During curls, walk around and find a partner of similar speed
  • AWKWARD ALERT . . . Love the look of some guys sizing each other up at 0535 in the morning . . . “YOU MIND IF I DANCE WITH YOUR DATE?”
  • Run opposite direction of partner around lot
  • Meet up and do 5 knee slap burpees
  • Plank for 6
  • Sprint back to start/rocks
  • Loser does 5 knee slap burpees (unless the winning partner is nice)
  • A few rounds of this with called exercises with rock
  • Crowd favorite was the Pulsed Curls . . . A quick 4” burst . . . #ThatsWhatSheSaid


  • Head to tennis courts . . . Where REAL athletes live
  • Hill work counting to 10
  • Bottom of hill:  8 knee slap burpees
  • Run backwards to top of hill
  • Top of hill:  2 Bomb jacks
  • Repeat dropping 2 burpees each time
  • Head to Rudy’s palace
  • Sprint every other light pole to COT
  • End with HAVE A NICE DAY


  • The IPC is starting to impact the workout effort
  • YHC was spent so I apologize if I short changed any of the PAX today
  • Bring your receipt to Monday’s anniversary and I’ll refund your money
  • Baio was pushing hard today . . . Looks like somebody is ready for some Ignition and Swarm workouts
  • Shop Dawg continues to impress . . . upfront on the sprints at the end
  • Chatterbox is crushing it . . . And even starting to speak a little bit


  • LABOR DAY ANNIVERSARY:  0630 at Cuthbertson Middle
    • 3 workout options
      • Bootcamp
      • 5k
      • MASH (no running, injury friendly)
    • Invite an FNG or a Kotter (PAX you haven’t seen at workout in a while)
  • SATURDAY (Tomorrow):  2 Workout options
    • Commitment (Nesbit Park):  Iron PAX Challenge
      • Timed workout . . . Great test and something different
    • Blackhawk (Walnut Creek):  Bootcamp
      • War Eagle on Q

YHC closed with prayer about intentionally seeking out another brother this weekend . . . Do you need to pour into somebody or are you the one who needs to be poured into . . . Be vulnerable

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