In Honor of our Fallen Heroes of the Carolinas

In Honor of our Fallen Heroes of the Carolinas

For our Dromedary July 4th Celebration we performed themed work out.  25 PAX showed up; although 2 were an hour early, worked out on their own and decided not to do round two.  A little different format, but bare with me as we tell the story.

Warm up was performed by our very own Navy Officer Hero Popeye. And then we moseyed to different stations with a historical reading at each station (not found here).  Our moseys although looked haphazard, ended up in a shape of a star in honor of our 13 original colonies.

In honor of the Battle of Camden, SC August 1780 where 900 Killed or wounded & 1,000 captured Patriots we did 12 burpees and 33 cockroach flutters, then run up and around the world in honor of the Shot Heard Around the World (different battle) and then did another 12 burpees and 33 cockroach flutters (24 and 66 in all).  The run is the multiplying factor of 10 and our defeat in the battle as the Patriots ran off the field.

In honor of the Battle of Sullivan’s Island, SC June 1776 where there were 12 killed and 25 wounded Patriots we did 12 burpees and 25 Four Count Peter Parkers (there was a Peter Parker in charge of the loyalists – really, look it up). Note, this is also where the Palmetto on the flag comes from because it was the fort built from sand and Palmetto trees that was able to absorb the pounding blow of the British Navy. Huge victory for the patriots and a punch in the nose to the world’s strongest navy at that time.

Then we moseyed to the practice fields where our esteemed Marine Core Hero Mad Dog lead us the Crossing of the Delaware using the football sleds in honor of General Washington and the heroic men who served with him on that cold and snowy day.  Some relived their glory days of high school football as they yelled out, “even the sled, right side push harder…”  Others remembered why they joined the marching band (me). But in the end, I think we all got a good workout on this one.

Moseyed to the benches where we honored the Battle of Kings Mountain October 1780 where 28 Killed 61 wounded in a great Patriot victory. We did 28 Dirkins and 61 dips.

Moseyed to the rocks and in honor of the Battle of the Waxhaws May 1780 – 113 Killed and 150 wounded. In honor of our 263 slaughtered and injured neighbors. We did 50 curls 50 presses, 50 triceps, 50 squats, then three sets of 20 rows with a single burpee in between for a total of 263. I warned the PAX to get a repetition lifting rock and that we weren’t going to rotate. Just like in a real battle, some people don’t listen to orders and they pay for it with their lives.

And finally, the Battle of the Cowpens – 20 Killed and 60 wounded (heavily debated numbers). Cherokee County, SC January 1781. This is where the hated Banastre Tarleton (Waxhaw Massacre Fame) was finally and soundly defeated and his army left in shambles. In honor of our heroic Carolinians we did 20 Merkins and 60 LBCs.

With the time left we gave honor to all who served and who gave us our freedom with 1 minute of silence (hardest exercise of the day). Then rallied around the flag for our Pledge of Allegiance, count off and prayer.

Happy 4th of July.

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