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Off Campur Tour

DATE: 2023-01-09 AO: _Area-51 Q: Cheese Curd PAX: thunder_road, Emoji, Mr. Magoo, Snuka, Hops, jet_fuel, Limey FNGs: None COUNT: 8 WARMUP: jog to preschool- IW, SSH x10 / burpees breakdown 10 per Squats, bunny hood, merkins and jump squats
THE THANG: run to the creepy mall 5 Dive Bomb Merkins, 5 Carolina Dry Docks / 4 DBM 4 CCD / 3 DBM 3CCD / 2 / 1 etc
Bear crawl up stairs, 10 decline merkins, 20 Monkey humpers 10 incline merkins, break crawl down x 2
MARY: Vups, flutters between rounds
Run to hill: back pedal up hill, more Mary and Dive Bomb Merkins. Mixed up length of runs
Mumble Chatter:3 voted, 2 showed up, so off campus we went. No easy way to get to the creepy mall and back, so thank you for gutting out the longe runs. Total miles at 2.43. Hood effort by all the Pax today. My counting was rough in spots, but so was the Pax (@emoji). Also, not sure who dusted the crowd multiple time, but even hood has to retreat. Thanks for the invite to Q. Great morning!!

Throwing sand in the rain

DATE: 2023-01-04 AO: Sacs Q: Cheese Curd PAX: sledge, lex_luthor, wildturkey, Emoji, fire_hazard, radar-uc FNGs: None COUNT: 7 WARMUP: SSH x20 THE THANG: 10 exercises / 10 reps each 1) Man makers w/ SB press 2) ruck on/ SB curls 3) ruck swings 4) ruck on / bear hug SB squats 5) ruck on / high pull w/ SB 6) ruck on / snatch squat w/ SB 7) kneel press out with ruck or SB 8) ruck on/ single leg deadlift w/SB 9) ruck on/ shoulder to should press w/ SB 10) ruck on / tricep ext w/ SB
MARY: Each round concluded with: Glute Bridge, Russian Twist, V-up and flutter press.  All with Sandbag
ANNOUNCEMENTS: new ruck and sandbag workout in Weddington and upcoming blood drive see @radar
COT: 1st SACS and we had 7!!  Lots of new sand bags and even a ruck out there today.  Even posting this a day later, I am feeling it.  Too much vacation.  @emoji is on Q next week.

Stairs, Bears and Ramps

11 Pax eventually showed up, shovel flag was planted and an on-the-go disclaimer was given (rather poorly). Nothing but salty vets and a pregnant woman…wait, that was Rousey.

Brief jog to the parking deck. The normal Centurion crew reminded me that there is a side walk with a pedestrian light. Sorry boys, I almost refused it twice, safety first! Busy busy today!

Warm Up
SSH and IW …now we are warm!

The Thang
Deconstructed Burpees on the deck. Each level we did one part of a burpee and then did a few at the top:
20 Squats
20 Bunny hops
20 Merkins
20 Jump squats
10 Full burpees

Head down stairs back to the deck again for some 2,4,8
Run a ramp and perform Merkins, Squats, LBC. Back pedal down 1 ramp and Monkey Humpers the run up to the next ramp…to the top. Start with 2,4,8 and end with 10,20,30.. I promise it made sense
2,4,6,8,10 Merkins
4,8,12,16,20 Squats
8,16,24,32,40 LBC
10 monkey humpers

Decline plank to wait for the 6 (even Semi Gloss did them). Head down the stairs, meet in-between 2 set of stairs

Run up the stairs and 5 burpees- run back down
Bunny hop each stair to the top and 5 burpees- run back down
Dbl stair hop to the top and 5 burpees – run back down

Regroup with some abs to get a breather

Back to Stairs
Bear crawl to the the top
Crawl bear or bear crawl down

More abs to enjoy the mumble chatter after that. Run to benches

20 Dips
10 Incline merkins
10 Decline merkins

Run back to the parking lot (tons of traffic) Used the lights, but took the longer way home. Completed another 4 MOM (minutes of marry) and DONE!

-Free Beer tonight 4-6 – 6025 New Town Rd. Some labor may be required
– Metro is hosting a Trail run. I will find details if you can, hit me up
-Blood donation see Mighty Mite
-Q’s wanted- Sign up or someone may sign you up

Ye Olde Mole Skinny
– Thank you for the opportunity to lead- Snow Flake and Preschool.  Besides the issue with Hoover, I would say you both rebounded nicely.  Keep asking me, I do love this site
– Not the biggest parking deck, but tons of options
– Sorry to Sable- no Centurion mile. I did consider, but didn’t want to smoke myself before the Q
– We divided the stair work to give everyone some space. So 5-6 guys were separated for some of the workout. Not sure if the chatter was lively like it was in our group
-I gave you the option to do Crawl bear or backwards bear crawl. As I said, this is perfect for 4 levels. Up was easy, down sucked.

-I always recycle parts of my workouts because I like them.  However, always tweaking parts and this seemed to work.  I bailed on IPC this week, but feel like I made up for it today.  A little bit.

-speaking of you almost had cinderblocks today, I just did not want to pull them out…next time

-why did we do 2,4,8’s this AM and not 2,4,6?  I never even thought of it until I wrote this BB.  Strange, but your Abs will thank you

-Everyone knew where Rousey was. He was the pregnant lady for the morning. I complain a lot and have been known to make noises while running, but I think you took it up a level. I checked in at the end
-Merkin and Burpee heavy today, sorry. Just when I complained about IPC, we probably had close to as many Merkins and burpees.
-I honestly did not hear much mumble chatter, feel free to add comments. Too much in my head thinking about the next thing
– Good catching up with many guys I don’t normally see, but when OG Semi Gloss rolled up, I was smitten. Bad boy hair hair flowing, skipping IW…its just an attitude!
-Talking to Preschool, Sabel and Waffle House about rucking and stuff. If anyone has interest, just hit me up and we will get you set up for a donut ruck or SACS workout. We can adjust the weight to get you comfortable.

There is a *ick over there with my name on it

Week after week the training is getting tougher, the weight gets heavier and this week was no different.  As I prepared for today, I wanted to build on last weeks Geraldo Q, which was about team building and staying together.  Also, he built on Hoovers, Shut Up and Carry Shit (SACS) the week before.  Either way the 80lb sandbag made it out last week which sucked.  THere was talk of the 120# bags,  so today is the day I finally got to use mine.

So 5 veterans of the gloom all rolled in (some later then others..Focker) and were greeted with SACS.  First, everyone was given an extra 10lb before we even got moving.  This was to give the Pax time to adjust to the weight of the water that we are required to carry for the GrowRuck event.  Once we got adjusted, we grabbed Geraldo’s and YHC 60#sandbags x2, another 30 sandbag, Hoover’s 40# sandbag (previously 80#) and at that point Wild Turkey surprised us with his newly acquired “sandbag” the all famous Whale Dick.  Yep…thank you Fire Hazard, this thing lives on.  If you haven’t seen it your lucky.  I am not sure which mad scientist made it, but it is long, black, curved, soft and has a good weight (50 0r 60??) to it…there it is. Thanks for that.

We gathered up our Rucks and extra items and got moving.  We did not get to far and I had mentioned that I was waiting for my FNG.  Well, I had the Pax walk right by “him” .  In my house if I can’t think of someone’s name he is automatically, Steve.  So welcome FNG-Steve.  Steve is a 120lb sandbag and he had a ruck with another 20lb in it.  Thankfully Steve fell under the 150 lb and was only required to carry the minimum.  That said, the Pax were overjoyed to meet FNG-Steve and we partner carried Steve and his ruck all morning.  The total combined/ shared weight was 360lb plus what each man carried on their back (30-50 lb including the extra 10lb)

The Warm Up- Nope…The Thang

The goal was really to walk while carrying crazy heavy things today.  Mission accomplished!  I had the course set up like the old Death Valley- Gopher, which involves the track and the baseball diamond.  We stayed together as a group and traded coupons frequently.

Track- 15 ruck swings / 15 Shoulder to shoulder press / 15 curls

Pavilion- 5 ruck burpees/ 30 reps of some Ab exercise / 1 min of holding the ruck above your head

Baseball field- 20 dips (w/ruck) / 20 step ups and 20 squats (with ruck and sandbag)

That’s is it.  We managed to do this circuit 2x’s for a staggering 1.4 miles


Announcements: None asked for / none given

Take out: Thank you Geraldo …even if we were delayed (my bad)


Ye’ Old Mole Skin

  • Well if the title didn’t grab you this morning (assuming most of your are sleeping and you will read this on the crapper in the AM) then maybe you just needed something to read, so thanks.
  • Regarding the title.  At some point we all would just pick up random equipment (more than enough to go around).  At one point Wild Turkey said, “There is a dick over there with my name on it”.  At this point nobody wanted to carry anything else of for much longer, so a comment like that will totally lift the mood and we all had a good laugh,  as he slung that big thing on his back.
  • Seriously, I am not sure if that whale dong makes me happy or sad…..I am sure we will see it again
  • Everyone pushed real hard today.  It took a team to move all that weight for 1 full hour today.  It wasn’t pleasant or fun and neither Geraldo or Focker are signed up for GrowRuck.  Thanks for humoring me!!
  • I will say it week after week until we break him, but Geraldo likes heavy crap and won’t complain.  He was the first to take the 120 + ruck back to the pavilion himself (including the stairs).  Strong brother
  • Not to be out done, Focker also grabed the 120 and his ruck and carried it from the pavilion to the cars.  This guy is barley F3, but he is all SACS! I think this is the only workout he does. Love it!  Feel free to look at the website…just not other workouts on Wednesdays.
  • Wild Turkey is like a crackhead on speed when you give him added weight.  He just wants to be done so he moves extra fast and won’t stop.  He also has a will that won’t be broken.
  • Hoover is Hoover.  I am not sure anything phases this guy either.  He was even ready to go with his own extra water, therefore did not need the extra weight. Another who likes to carry heavy and awkward crap.
  • I was very pleased with the workout today.  I will say it again, if you Q a workout you want to do, then it is fun and no pressure. Thank you for the Pax for putting up with this one.
  • I am really looking forward to the event.  If you read this backblast or the last few…we have fun (like other AO’s)  I know rucking is not for everyone, but no one suffers alone.  Great group today!
  • At one point I had to go back and recover my phone and Hoover pointed out that 4 or the 5 guys present do not like me…well, make that 5 for 5, cuz I did not like myself much this AM.
  • Disregard spelling and grammar (you know who you are).  It’s after midnight an I just wanted to get this out before tomorrow morning.
  • Wild Turkey has the Q next week.  I may be out of town, but please join us and get some!

3 legged dog

As we get closer to GrowRuck- 21, the little AO that could, continues to see some new faces and some regular ones.  We were a strong 5 until our newest FNG- Scratch and Win came in HOT, exited his vehicle and off we went.

The Warm Up

YHC grabbed all his sandbags and offered various weights to the different Pax.  Considering the regulars were expecting to ruck with additional weight, most came prepared.  Now with rucks and extra weight, we headed to the bottom of Rising Meadow and Round Run for  simple 3 legged dog.

The Thang

3 Paths: Rising Meadow,  Rounding Run both East and West. as we rucked to the hill peak.

Rising Meadow: Merkins x15 / Swings x15 / Curls x15

Rounding Run (E): Overhead press (shoulder to shoulder) x15 / Tricep extensions x15 / Good Morning x15

Rounding Run (W): High pull x15 / Lunges x15 (each leg)  / Bent Over row x15


Intersection of all 3 w/ each trip

5 Burpees w/ ruck

Squats w/ ruck and sandbag

30 of some abs- Dolly, Russian Twist, Big Boy sit ups w/ruck


Together we tackled all 3 locations x2 trips up each.  Once it was time, we grabbed ruck and sandbag and headed home…few guys wanted to hit 2 miles, so some wandering around at base and DONE

Thank you Scratch and Win for the prayer


  • 2nd F beer stop…look for it on Slack or reach out to Hoover
  • Snowflake has the Q next week.

Mole Skinny:

  • executed Plan B today.  Similar to Plan A, ruck with extra weight, Plan A was shared coupons and with YHC under the weather…we opted to keep one item and work in some PT in-between.
  • Welcome Site FNG’s- Prohibition and Scratch and Win.  I believe this was their first time under ruck and extra weight.  Solid work
  • Scratch and Win hit me up the night before and asked a few questions about the AO, the workout and what was needed- that’s some preparation
  • Pro just showed up unannounced and an open mind
  • Both killed this workout…too easy or to polite to complain
  • Missing was Midrift  and Udder.  Middrift was a SC with kid issues.  Udder was unannounced but has issues, so there is that
  • Geraldo was killing this as usual.  Besides having a steel mental trap, he was always in the lead…makes it look easy (may need to amp up the weight)
  • Wild Turkey was silently killing it as well.  Not pushing the pace, but hitting every rep with proper form…well done
  • Snow Flake is a beast, although he overslept to make the walk from his house ( 3 miles), he warmed up on the track with ruck and sandbag
  • Prohibition mentioned that he really enjoyed the format and promised to be back, maybe a regular…would love to have more guys check this site out.  We always have extra stuff
  • Scratch and Win is the newest Pax to sign up for the GrowRuck in Aug.  Still time, sign up.  Over 100 Pax so far
  • Not sure about you all, but that way home crushed my soul.  Between uphill walks and the extra weight, if it was not for WT, Geraldo and Pro in-front of me for motivation, I may have set that sandbag down and come back for it.

Will anyone do a headstand?

I took the Q at Centurion last minute from Mermaid, who seemed hopeless and desperately needed a Q this am.  With a plan already in mind, I said I would take it.  He said, “I am waiting to see if anyone else is interested.”  As the hours went on, he finally agreed to handover the keys to his pristine site and then continued to answered countless questions on the locations of rocks and such.  I am sure he is now regretting the approval.  However, the wonderful host provided me with a google map (sign of a strong Site Q) of the rock pile.  The thing is, I knew within minutes of accepting, we were doing parking deck and the centurion mile. #nexttime

Fast forward, I arrived early, like a child on Christmas Day.  It was great to meet many Pax that I have not seen lately.  5:29:30, eventually 15 Pax showed up, sloppy disclaimer provided and we were off.


The Warm Up

From the lot we headed straight for the parking deck.  Lots of traffic crossing the road, but eventually we made it up the ramp to the top deck.  Man, there is nothing finer then starting your morning at the top of a parking deck. From there we did the following:

IW x 15

5 each of the following (so we could skip the demo after)

  • Normal, wide, diamond, hand release merkins (supposed to be CCD, but I blanked on the exercise)

SSH x15

Again, 5 each of the following (so we could skip the demo after)

  • Narrow & wide arm merkins, monkey humpers and jump squats

The Thang

Finished with that, I asked if any Pax knew what the Centurion Mile was?  Mild response.  Of those that replied, do you know how fast you ran it? Crickets.  Haver you ever done it backward (in reverse)? Nope.  Ok, shady directions provide and with that, we took off…well I did.


Upon arrival at the normal starting point, there was construction blocking the normal cut through.  Sorry boys, another 1/4 mile to the parking decks.


At the middle, the plan was to hit each stairwell with the following workout.  Since there are only 3 stairs, we had to repeat the middle one.

Stairway 1 and 3

Level 1: merkin x 15 / Level 2: wide arm merkin x 15 / Level 3: diamond merkin x15 / Level 4: Hand release merkin x 15…then 5 burpees (well, these could be done when and where ever)

Stairway 2 and 4

Level 1: Narrow Squat x20 / Level 2: wide squat x 20 / Level 3: monkey humper x20 / Level 4: jump squat x20…then 5 burpees at some point


Once we completed that, we meet at the top for some extended marry.  Headed back down the stairs to the benches

20 dips and 10 step ups per leg…. then repto

More Mary…head back to launch


Introduced a new exercise…more on that…more Mary and DONE


Take Out prayer- Mermaid


  • Base Camp is celebrating Memorial Day at 0700
  • YHC droned on and on about GrowRuck in CLT on 8/6
  • Mermaid was begging for Q’s (more on that)

Not mentioned..Flippers run on Mondays at 5:30/ Calvary and the Functional Strength Challange…sign up and see High Tide

Ye Old Mole Skinny:

  • Thank you for Mermaid and Preschool (not in attendance) for the opportunity to lead when NO one else wanted too
  • Grave Dancer steped up when Mermaid said he was looking for Q’s next week. Seriously, Centurion is an awesome site- love a parking deck, much like a domed stadium…no rain outs. Reach out to Mermaid and find a day
  • I always say, Q a workout you want to do and if you are happy, most of the Pax will be happy too
  • I seriously expected more complaints from the Centurion Mile. Maybe most were not aware of it nor trying to set any segment records (does one exist for the reverse?)
  • Sable and Run Stopper let me win the CM, but smoked me the rest of the workout. I tried to slow Sable down and tell him he forgot Burpees…he told me he didn’t…dam his is fast.  Run Stopper was in the lead but hung with him the rest of the circuit
  • On the CM, I was caught totally off guard by Mermaid and someone else standing there greeting me on our way in. I missed my turn even
  • So, 2 minor problems that took away from a flawless Q: 1) My form was suspect on the tower runs (not sure who said it, but I heard you) …. Mermaid?! 2) Headstands were not a hit. This was a throwaway that totally failed and I almost forgot to mention. My 12 yr old daughter challenged me to a headstand competition.  I kicked her a$$ because I have a strong core.  I tried to get the Pax to do this with a short demo…not even sure 1 tried. Oh well
  • There was mumble chatter today, but I am pretty focused on not screwing up (failed) and thinking about the next thing. If you weren’t right by me, I did not see or hear…comment below.
  • Run Stopper did try to dominate me on the warm up run to the Parking Deck…punk!
  • Sorry Snow Flake, you didn’t even get out of your car and I made and old person joke. I am just jealous of your abilities always strong work…cuz I am always injured
  • I mocked several of you for the way you dress in the gloom. I believe Mildew was the most overdressed….is that how he got his name?

Bataan Memorial WOD- Arm and Neck circles?

As YHC pulled into SCMS this am, 3 strong and eager pax were getting ready to go.  Well…except for one member who has sent his ruck in to get repaired and needed to borrow one.  Wild Turkey needed both ruck and sandbag this AM and I was happy to provide.  Once I picked up the contents of my trunk that fell out of when I opened it.  I grabbed a few things and quickly reassembled my trunk, grabbed my phone and speaker we got started.

This was a Q’less workout, as we have a very detailed WOD.  Pretty straight forward, see the details below:

9 Rounds

  • 10 Burpees Over Sandbag
  • 11 Sandbag Deadlifts (80/60 lb)
  • 12 Thrusters with Ruck (30/20 lb)
  • 13 Twists with Ruck (30/20 lb)
  • 14 Standing Arm Circles (30/20 lb)
  • 15 Neck Circles (Feet elevated position)
  • 16 Sit-Ups with Ruck (30/20 lb)
  • 170 meter March (30/20 lb)

DONE- 63 minutes of fun

Thanks Geraldo for taking us out


Ye old moleskin

Background: This workout was designed to commemorate the eight days of the Bataan Death March.  The Bataan Death March was the forcible transfer of 60,000–80,000 American and Filipino prisoners of war (POW) from April 9-17, 1942. This workout will honor these POWs with a Bataan Memorial workout consisting of 9 rounds of 8 different movements.

The tribute was designed by GoRuck @goruck as a part of their Sandbag & Ruck Training programming (aka SRT) for April 2021.

  • SACS is a great place for any WOD (Workout of the Day)
  • Thanks to Lex Luther for being flexible since we pushed his Q to get this workout in during the week of remembrance
  • Listened to Rage Against the Machine channel on Pandora.  Heard mostly Nirvana, Rage, Beastie Boys and some Jonny cash.  Few others filtered in…but I enjoyed the music selection
  • Apparently Dora is a big music buff as well.  I could not make out much of the conversation, but he has seen and been around a few random bands over the years
  • Wild Turkey will set get excited if anyone knows of an OH band or he hears on one playing…such random facts.
  • Everyone was putting in the work today.  The first half of the round was legit a solid push…not sure where the Arm circles and neck circles came from.
  • Funny to have TR and his band of misfits roll in during the the arm circles, that had to look silly
  • I forgot to mention the additional cars in the lot this AM. I thought we had new guys, nope.  Just the vampire running crew of TR, Hair Ball and few others
    • Yes, HB we have enough rucks and sandbags for you to join us
  • Geraldo could get renamed to Rain Man.  He has a unique ability to remember exercises and count.  Today he kept track of our rounds based on time…perfect, so I stopped counting.
  • WT will only count the number of burpees left to do
  • This is a great core of guys, that show up week by week and put in the time.
  • Again this was Q’less workout…but when Geraldo says, “you got the BB, right?”  I got it.
  • Flipper is on the schedule for next week…he only wants to Q 45….I will remind him we go 60mins.

New Phone, Who Dis

Got a text on Monday from a strange number that said I had SACS this week…then the texter announced himself as Cheese Curd on a new personal cell. I’m glad he clarified otherwise my reply could have been quite embarrassing.
Three weirdos still got together in the dark and headed to the SCMS track for some SACS fun. Here’s how it went…
The Work
1/2 Mile Ruck
2 Rounds
  • 15 x Deep Goblet (Ruck) Squats
  • 15 x Ruck Overhead Lunges
  • 15 x Ruck Swings
1/2 Mile Ruck
2 Rounds
  • 25 x 4 ct. Ruck Mountain Climbers
  • 15 x Ruck Push-ups
  • 15 x Ruck Upright Rows
1/2 Mile Ruck
2 Rounds
  • 15 x Single-Arm Lawnmower Ruck Rows (left)
  • 25 x 4 ct. Flutter Kicks
  • 15 x Single-Arm Lawnmower Ruck Rows (right)
1/2 Mile Ruck
2 min. AMRAP Ruck Press Sit-ups
This workout is a PATHFINDER Ruck Training “Ruck+” workout and are my favorite go-to’s for the SACS crew. Although it was only an intrepid trio this morning we still put in the miles and the reps and the sweat and the work.
The ruck overhead lunges were pretty much awful…so awful that I told the guys to get their minds right because they might show up again later in the workout if we had time to start the sequence over from the top. Fortunately we smoked ourselves with those awful lunges and slowed ourselves down and didn’t have to repeat.
I know Curd’s ruck is pretty damn heavy — I heard that ominous iron thick *clunk* every time he set the bag on the deck — respect be on him for gutting those lunges out with that weight.
Geraldo Larry-Birded every single set we did…even when he got a little light-headed on the last lawnmower ruck sets and lost count — he still finished up first with a few extra reps in there. Strong work, brother.
SACS is my fave AO now. It’s the perfect place for any pax to try out some rucking and ruck PT. You don’t even need your own ruck or weight. We have plenty to share. Come join us sometime. We’re good company.
Dora out.

Speed Bumps

It was a bit on the chilly side as I rolled into the AO this AM.  Not sure when Wild Turkey sleeps, but he looked like he was catching up on his reading when Happy Meal and I drove in.  Eventually, settled up with 10 strong dudes looking to get warm.  We put aside the time to discuss our feelings. 5:30 YHC dropped a weak disclaimer and we started our warm up run to St Matthews.

Warm Up

We managed to get to St. Matts in one piece, grabbed a lifting rock and completed the F3 requirements SSH and IMW.


The Thang

With 10 speedbumps in our future, rather than explaining the movement, the thought was to get through the first few and then take off the training wheels and you’re on your own the until you finish.

4 exercises: squats, curls, triceps extension and presses x10 per at each speed bump.  Then overhead carry to the next bump, backpedal to the last bump, 1 burpee (add one for each bump) and then run back to your rock.


Once back at the start: LBCx30 and flutter press x20


Drop rock and mosey back behind Target where there are more speedbumps


3 exercises at each speed bump: Carolina Dry Dock, LBC and jump squats =5x10x15x10x5 at each speed bump


Mosey back to start and done


Announcements:  Check out the “new” newsletter for the latest and greatest.  We did review on April 24 the workout of all feuding workouts…DaVinci to Stonehenge and back to DaVinci.  Approximately 9 miles plus bootcamp


Prayer: Cooter


Ye Old Mole Skinny

  • Thank you to Circuit City for the opportunity to lead.  I continued to have conflicts with my Q’s here since last year.  Glad to get this one in
  • Thank you to the Pax for following along today
  • Why did we do 16 SSH?? Just lost track of time
  • Some of you may have seen versions of this workout.  I remember doing something like this at St Matts YEARS ago, so it’s not original, but I did put my spin on it.
  • Yes, many have seen variations of this workout…many of the Pax don’t overlap,  so I think this was still fresh for many
  • My original idea had us unloading all the weight out of my car and taking the contents to St Matt.  I opted not too as that is a decent run with weight and wasn’t sure on timing.
  • Why do I like sandbags and rucks…because I know the weight that I want to work out with. Picking some random rock can often leave you wanting more or less.  Today I needed more
  • Rousey and Tagalong on the other hand picked up boulders.  At one point, due to traffic, we needed to move rocks.  I accidently picked the wrong rock and then purposefully set one of those boulders back down.  Strong work men…you absolutely got your moneys worth
  • Some Pax don’t believe me when I saying running or lifting rock…I am sorry (I lied a little at Rock Zero few weeks ago)
  • Wild Turkey and Circuit City were pushing the pace today.  Both kept a strong lead all morning!  Kudos for WT for sweeping once we finished
  • Wild Turkey is getting sneaky strong…what’s his secret (KB, rucks, running and boot camps), well balanced diet- get out of your comfort zone and mix it up.
  • Strong middle pax today.  Never too far behind, just on the heels of the leaders.  My guess is that your form was solid.
    • Very strong conversation among this group, please chime in with any comments
  • Mr. Magoo is all over the place…he may be one or 2 years older than some, but leading the pax
  • Wing Man, true to his name, was hanging with our newest member, Right Turn.  Dude is a runner and trying to build up his boot camp game.  Seeing your name out there so for only a few days in, you’re killing it.  As they say, it never gets easier you get stronger
  • Happy Meal glad to rescue you from the grips of Metro…A51 will welcome you too.  Happy to join you at any AO…DMZ is neutral territory on Mondays
  • This would have been up sooner today, but the website was acting funky.  Must be all the newsletter traffic.  If you did not get the email, make sure you go on the website under FNG and update your info.

Circuits with rucks on make you stronger

Due to a hole in scheduling, YHC grabbed the reigns and took control before this thing went sideways.  Did that scare the Pax away? Was there a bribe to post elsewhere? Did some think it was going to be an easy day?? Who knows?  3 Pax showed up and attacked this fine morning with Rucks on.

Warm Up

1 lap around the track

The Thang

This workout was 100% stolen from the Pathfinder website.  We had done it once before and it was a smoker, here is how it went down

4 total circuits/ rounds

Circuit x7

10x Squats (alternate ruck front and rear facing)

10x Ruck Overhead press

10x Ruck swing

Lap around the track


Circuit x5

10x Bent over rows

10x Curls

10x Ruck thrusters

10x Ruck sit-ups

Lap around the track



Circuit x3

10x Ruck overhead walking lung

10x Ruck high pull

10x Overhead Ruck triceps extensions

10x Ruck Russian twists

Lap around the track



Circuit x1

10x Ruck burpees

20x Ruck skull crunches

30x (broken up into 15 and 15) Dolly with ruck press

Lap around the track

2 more laps



YHC for the takeout prayer



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Ye Old Mole Skinny

  • Thanks for the Pax for following my lead
  • Geraldo is a beast and can pound out sets
  • Wild Turkey added to the pain and took his time on the thrusters
  • Thrusters are exhausting
  • Wild Turkey has roots from OH…ask him anything music related
  • Geraldo thinks I am cheap for having the free Pandora playing
  • Geraldo knows a lot about today’s bands
  • Wild Turkey and I are doing a 45 min stair challenge tomorrow…yuck!
  • Green Giant himself- Hoover is on the schedule for next week
  • If this workout style seems interesting, hit myself or Geraldo up and we will have a pack for you to use. Try something different and get out of your same routine…SYITG