Bataan Memorial WOD- Arm and Neck circles?

Bataan Memorial WOD- Arm and Neck circles?

As YHC pulled into SCMS this am, 3 strong and eager pax were getting ready to go.  Well…except for one member who has sent his ruck in to get repaired and needed to borrow one.  Wild Turkey needed both ruck and sandbag this AM and I was happy to provide.  Once I picked up the contents of my trunk that fell out of when I opened it.  I grabbed a few things and quickly reassembled my trunk, grabbed my phone and speaker we got started.

This was a Q’less workout, as we have a very detailed WOD.  Pretty straight forward, see the details below:

9 Rounds

  • 10 Burpees Over Sandbag
  • 11 Sandbag Deadlifts (80/60 lb)
  • 12 Thrusters with Ruck (30/20 lb)
  • 13 Twists with Ruck (30/20 lb)
  • 14 Standing Arm Circles (30/20 lb)
  • 15 Neck Circles (Feet elevated position)
  • 16 Sit-Ups with Ruck (30/20 lb)
  • 170 meter March (30/20 lb)

DONE- 63 minutes of fun

Thanks Geraldo for taking us out


Ye old moleskin

Background: This workout was designed to commemorate the eight days of the Bataan Death March.  The Bataan Death March was the forcible transfer of 60,000–80,000 American and Filipino prisoners of war (POW) from April 9-17, 1942. This workout will honor these POWs with a Bataan Memorial workout consisting of 9 rounds of 8 different movements.

The tribute was designed by GoRuck @goruck as a part of their Sandbag & Ruck Training programming (aka SRT) for April 2021.

  • SACS is a great place for any WOD (Workout of the Day)
  • Thanks to Lex Luther for being flexible since we pushed his Q to get this workout in during the week of remembrance
  • Listened to Rage Against the Machine channel on Pandora.  Heard mostly Nirvana, Rage, Beastie Boys and some Jonny cash.  Few others filtered in…but I enjoyed the music selection
  • Apparently Dora is a big music buff as well.  I could not make out much of the conversation, but he has seen and been around a few random bands over the years
  • Wild Turkey will set get excited if anyone knows of an OH band or he hears on one playing…such random facts.
  • Everyone was putting in the work today.  The first half of the round was legit a solid push…not sure where the Arm circles and neck circles came from.
  • Funny to have TR and his band of misfits roll in during the the arm circles, that had to look silly
  • I forgot to mention the additional cars in the lot this AM. I thought we had new guys, nope.  Just the vampire running crew of TR, Hair Ball and few others
    • Yes, HB we have enough rucks and sandbags for you to join us
  • Geraldo could get renamed to Rain Man.  He has a unique ability to remember exercises and count.  Today he kept track of our rounds based on time…perfect, so I stopped counting.
  • WT will only count the number of burpees left to do
  • This is a great core of guys, that show up week by week and put in the time.
  • Again this was Q’less workout…but when Geraldo says, “you got the BB, right?”  I got it.
  • Flipper is on the schedule for next week…he only wants to Q 45….I will remind him we go 60mins.

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2 years ago

did you break your phone? I don’t think the workout counts if your phone wasn’t broken.

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