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I think I can taste my Gatorade

After weeks of pushing off this Q for various reasons, I felt the need to give the Pax something different.  So with an idea, now time to unload the garage and setup the extravaganza.  Eventually 10 Pax showed up at 5:30 we began.

Warm Up

Very simple as we ran around the pain stations for a quick tutorial and a rundown of the next 45 mins.  Unsure of the number of Pax, there was plenty for everyone and if you felt the need to skip any of the exercises (Covid protocols) I would not judge.  Yes, Clorox wipes and trash cans aplenty.



  • LBC
  • Fire hose (timer)
  • Wall sit
  • Fire hose
  • Battle rope
  • Sand tube- Squats
  • KB- Good mornings / Tri pulls
  • Water tube- curls or over-head press
  • Battle rope
  • KB- Swings
  • Abs- Dolly
  • Bench – Step up and/or incline merkins
  • Bench- Decline merkins and/or Dips

No one grabbed a rock, but various sandbags were borrowed incase you did not want to share any of the other items

Somewhere around the mid way point we took a brief break to run to the baseball field.  Perform 10 box cutters and 10 reverse box cutters and then head back for more circuts


YHC for the takeout prayer


  • A51, Wahaw & SOB’s board has decided to bring back a monthly newsletter. PLEASE be sure to go onto the A51 webpage and update your email or add and email. If you are a Site Q, it is your responsibility to capture a FNG’s info and add it.  Super easy

Ye Old Mole skinny

  • Thank you Thunder Road and Magoo for having me lead…sorry for a few cancelations
  • Thank you Pax for putting up with this Gear format today. I think this was the first gear workout at Base Camp
  • Was cool to see the early Pax walking around looking at the stations before we started….oh the anticipation
  • For anyone wondering, this is all kept in my garage and this was the first workout with it
  • This format spreads the Pax out pretty well, I only heard a few things, so feel free to sound off below. The title came from something I overheard
  • One Pax either Limey or No Show took off pulling the hose and the 4o lb sandbag and had the sand bag all AM…Seriously, you need to show up on Wed 0515 (same location) F3 SACS.  We carry stuff show up and we will get you set up.

This one was for the old F3 Pax- RIP Day Zero

Back in the day there was a workout called, Day Zero.  Much like the Stonehenge / Da Vinci weekly battles, The Rock and Day Zero would always go head to head to see who’s workout was harder.  In the end, it was determined that they both were hard and we combined the 2 AO’s to make one bad a$$ Sat workout…or at least that’s how it was told to me.  Either way, Day Zero has a few stupid ideas.  The one day I attended DZ, a now infamous workout, Alf was the q and we had 4 guys to grab 3 things (rock, 45# plate and something else) and we walked to Charlotte Catholic and back.  Since then and in the world of Covid, no coupons were shared, but we manage to pay tribute to that fine morning.  If you did not see the prebalst, you missed it.  It was sent on Thursday on the #SACS slack channel.  Why… Because every Wednesday at 5:15 at South Charlotte Middle we Shut Up and Carry $hit, I just felt it was appropriate to only put it there.  I mean if I preblasted it, would we have had more or less numbers this am??  Either way at 6:58 I stated to review the plan, 6:59 we had everyone (but Hoover) and like clockwork GPS stated 0700 we took off and Hoover rolled in after 6 miles (strong)


Warm Up

Easy jog to the rock pile.  Instructed to get a lifting rock…ok, I said we were not running, but nobody asked about a fast mosey.


The Thang

Once we secured the rock, we made the 1 mile journey to the original, Day Zero.  I am not sure how often this site is used by the The Rock Zero guys, but today we got to see it in its full beauty!  Head over to the basketball court were there was a white board sitting there with todays plan.

10 exercises, perform 10 reps total of each and take a full lap on the track.  Repto 10 times or until time is called


  • Hand release Merkins
  • LBC
  • Curls w/rock
  • Overhead press w/rock
  • Burpees
  • Bunny hop
  • Triceps w/rock
  • Squats w/rock
  • American hammer
  • Dry Dock

After the 3rd lap and the 4th round of exercises and the watch @7:40, the Pax started getting nervous about the trip home, so we ended short and made the 1 mile, long, uphill grind home.

Once back, discard rock where you found it.  Little bit of Mary while we wait for the 6 and then head back to launch.  3 more minutes of mary and


Announcements: Congratulations to Mighty Might who was able to convince Pax to donate over 40 pints of blood- T-claps!  And there is another blood drive in spring

YHC with the take out this AM


Ye Old Mole Skinny

  • Thank you Geraldo for the opportunity to lead
  • Thank you to the Pax for following my lead
  • Todays workout was not terribly hard physically, but was a mental grind…well done
  • Few comments from the cheap seats:
    • Stone Cold- We use to do this stuff all the time, now we just complain about it
    • Hoover- although late to launch follows the SACS channel, knew the plan and wisely grabbed his ruck….cheating
    • Possible that we broke Geraldo today-  Sorry brother, hope those shin splints go away quickly
    • Gummy and Stone Cold welcome back to Sat boot camp
      • Gummy not the best workout for your shoulder…way to power though
    • Hops thanks for offering up your rock switch, but I had to grind this one out
    • Floor Slapper was on time!
    • Sling Shot was in the lead most of the morning
    • Focker claimed his rock was work friendly as he had a few Sat jobs
    • O’T did you bring a rock..I think you had one for exercises…borrowed?  Strong work
    • Double E, great to see you again, strong work powering thru
    • Horse Head left Boondocks to fend for himself.  Boondocks has been there for years and is getting stronger.
    • Not sure who hid my rock (if you cant q it, don’t do it), unsuccessful!  Nice try
    • That lap was longer then I remember 1/3 of a mile
    • Yes, I am to cheap to pay for Pandora without commercials
    • Sorry, my phone failed to record and missing 1 pax…let me know and I will make this correction
  • Anyone who said Q’ing is hard, isn’t doing what you enjoy.  I was so nervous about this Q because I thought it was going to suck and it did.  But it was the first thing that popped into my head when I was asked, so go with it

Break in the rain but the fields were plenty wet

A few weeks back when Orange Whip asked me to Q Kevlar, I was really excited as I haven’t ventured out that in in a long time.  So like a good Q, I gassed up the family cruiser, got some snacks, book on tape and made the 13 min drive to Covenant Day.  The entire ride there I had 2 questions, “It’s raining, do I need to modify?  Will anyone show?”  To my surprise, I pulled in behind some OG F3 Pax and another followed me in.  With the rain slowing down, I threw the rain day modification out the window as these vets came to play.  Wait, there is one more pax taking his sweet time, lets take a brief run and pick him up.  The total number is not at 5, here is what we did.


Warm Up

Yes, YHC is getting old and my weekly PT bills are thru the roof, so as we took a lap around the building I added some dynamic stretching for my sake.  The pax followed and did not complain.  As we got back to some familiar haunts, we got the Arm Circles, SSH and Imperial walkers out of the way x10 each


The Thang

Deconstruction of the 8 count Burpee.  At each island we would take one part from an eight count burpee, perform x15 reps and then put them all together for x10 full 8 count burpees

Island 1- Squats / Island 2- bunny hops / Island 3- merkins / Island 4- plank jacks / Top of the hill 8 count burpees run back to start and repto x3


Add in a brief Ab interlude…6 inches, box cutters and flutters


Head over to the rock pile…slim pickings on the lifting rocks, but everyone found one.  Quick Mosey over to the very wet soccer field.


This is a favorite of YHC…

Divide the field in 1/4s and repto until the end

Overhead rock carry to the first point

Curls, Triceps, Overhead press and Squats x 15 each…overhead carry to the mid point of the field, set rock down and back peddal to the start (always back to the start).  Repto unitl you get to the end of the field.  One there, overhead carry all the way back to the starting point.


Once completed, we headed with the rock to the pavilion. Once there we did the following

Dips x15 w/ rock in your lap

Incline Merkins x15

Decliner Merkins x15

Step up/ jump ups …nope, forgot


Finish here with some more ab work (some with rock) American Hammer, LBC, Flutter presses


With minutes to spare, throw rocks where you got them and head to start.  Find a tree or pole and tree sit for 1 min or so




-Blood Drive

-There was something else, hit up the comments if you remember

Take Out prayer- Orange Whip

Keep Double Trouble in your thoughts and prayers as he lots his life to Covid.  He leaves behind a wife and high school age children


Ye Old Moleskinny

-Thanks to Orange Whip the opportunity to lead

-I only kid about the distance of this AO, sure it’s on the outside of my 3 mile workout bubble and it was really good coming to this AO.  Origional A51 AO for those that remember that

-Thank you to the Pax for following all the nonsense above, even getting your feet wet on the field today.  I considered the parking lot, but my feet were already wet and I hated to be the only one uncomfortable

-Great to see BLC in the gloom.  Been a long time brother…although you use to do more of the exercises.  Only kidding, as the Pax is all getting older, plenty of reason not to do certain things

-If you are a regular at Kevlar, you should always post.  That pavilion is sweet!  I am not saying that the Q will use it on a rain day, I am just saying some of us are getting soft (TWSS)

-Orange Whip is always in beast mode.  I slowed him done on the first set since our group was small so we waited for everyone to get back

-Geraldo I think this is the fist time in a long time I have seen you do a burpee…8 count at that…T-claps. You asked for a demonstration…smooth move vet!  Just trying to get the Q to do one more

-Lex Luther there was talk that you abused the Pax in the last rain storm at this site, yet I think you might have been the loudest about wet shoes

-Also, Lex this is a 0530 start…wait your still doing the 75 day challenge, posting 2x’s per day and drinking a gallon of water.  Oh, I am sure you had to stop to pee on your way to the AO…your good

-Glad the rain stopped and we were able to enjoy the full outdoors



Finding New Territory

Light numbers this AM, just a total of 3 Pax showed up and ready to get after it.  The plan was to get off school property and look for some new (or rarely used) territory- Rose Cliff hill.  To get warmed up the workout hit us in the face almost immediately as we took a right out of the parking lot

The Thang

Speed bumps (x3) Burpees x10 at each with ruck press vs jump

Light posts (x6) Bent over rows, curls, overhead press and triceps extension w/ ruck


Once at Rose Cliff Hill

Starting at the base…circle driveway

Lung walk to their next driveway, ruck the hill and perform the following at both the top and bottom of the hil

Top of Hill: Squats x15

1 min of overhead hold (each Pax slow counted to 60)

Bottom of Hill: Ruck swings

Complete 5 total rounds

While this component to longer then expected, it did save us having to do the Burpees/ row, curl, press on the way back


Once back in the parking lot:

Standing side crunches x12 per side

Ruck press flutters x20 in cadence



Announcements: Blood Drive

Take-out: Well, that did not happen, but I was able to share the story of my niece- Search slack for details.  Thanks for all the prayers

Ye’ Old Mole Skinny

  • Thank you for the opportunity to lead/ Thank you for following my lead without complaining
    • This core group along with the guys that pop in and out continue to push for 60 mins.
  • WT wanted to get off property, hope you enjoyed the hill
  • Geraldo claims he can’t do burpees- thanks for the modifications
  • Overhead presses are hard, hence the focus today.  My goal is to get better, so by the time we got to the 5th round I was done
  • Thank you to Wild Turkeys M who provided me a one of a kind, commissioned art piece.  Its perfect gift for a family member.  This was a unique request and his M did a great job.  I will have another to give to my M, something about the kids for mothers day
  • Speed Ruck tomorrow….get some!
  • Combat Carl creates a plan, Combat Carl sticks to the plan.



Best of 2020

So this is probably one of my latest BB that I have ever done.  2 full weeks and now 1 full additional workout Q overdue.  That said on this glorious day (at least prior to storming the capital), 5 pax pulled up and got at it.  The plan was simple, just rip off some of the hardest workouts that we have completed at SACS 2020, make them better 🙂 and claim all the credit.

Prior to even launching, I laid out all of the extra sandbags needed for this workout.  I have several in the 40, 30, 25 and 20 lb range.  I won’t disclose what everyone chose, but when WT grabbed a 40, I grabbed one too.

Head to the track for a warm up lap


The Thang

Thank to Geraldo (who ripped this off from someone else)

Point A and Point B 100 yards away (1 length of the track)

Point A- 15 squats with ruck and sand bag / swap with lunges x10 per side (drop extra weight)

Then fast mosey to point B to do one the following x15 each w/ruck

  1. Sunrise – closer to a thruster just without the squat
  2. Bent over row
  3. Get-ups
  4. Swings
  5. Curl

So YES, that is 20 total trips with fast mosey, tons of heavy weighted squats/ lunges and a bunch of ruck PT


On our way to the next pain station, we stopped at the stairs and performed 2 trips

Triceps extensions on the bottom x10 and overhead presses x10 at the stop of the stairs


Next pain station brought to you by Flipper

Shuttle trashcan run w/ruck

5 burpess at the baseline

2,4,6 at the trashcans spaced 20 yards from one another



Announcements: Blood Drive

Take out: YHC


Ye’ Old Mole Skinny

  • Thank you for the solid based of regulars that show up week after week.
    • If you are interested in this site, have questions, please reach out to Geraldo or myself.  We would love some new blood
  • Thank you to the Q’s that show up and provide 60mins of fun.  There are a ton of challenging workouts, but I hated both of these movements
  • Great job adding extra weight.  We did something similar with Hoover a few weeks later, get to add weight to the squats
  • This workout really drives the heartrate!  Thank god I had the support of the other Pax as I would not do this on my own…infact I wanted to stop midway thru
  • Sorry for the delay.  This has been on my mind and I wanted to get this out before I created my next BB for todays workout.
    • If you want others to follow, lead by example


We will stop at every house

Another year, another request for the Holiday Tour.  This might be the 5th year (4th for myself/ injury) of this silly tradition, which is to get guys to come by the neighborhood and look at Xmas lights.  When in all reality, I just bring a bunch of guys to my house to look at my lights.  Since I was asked, I am happy to help.  S0 at 0559, I began to give the “here is what we are doing today…stay socially distance…blah blah blah”.  Then off we went.

Not Much of a warm up today as we had ground to cover and lights to look at.


The plan was simple (in my head)

Holiday Decorations: 10 Monkey Humpers

Lights: 20 Merkins (standard, wide, diamond)

Inflatables: 5 Burpees


I changed up the route and knew guys would hate the first street…a festive bunch of neighbors on Summerlin Place.  Once we made the turn, the complaining stopped and then turned to mocking all the “Atheists” that live on the next 2 fairly dark streets.

However, all was restored as we continued doing Merkins and Monkey Humpers on the way to the most festive house (IMO).  Once at Xmas nirvana (between my neighbor and I) I unrolled the next thang.

We had a centralized meeting point and each group (more on that) were to go in separate directions and do the following exercises at the turn around point:

20 LBC

20 Squats

and one of the following (either): 20 CCD / 20 Shoulder Tap Merkins / 20 Dive bomb Merkins


Eventually we all gathered for some Mary and started our way home.  We stopped several times for some sort of Mary along the way.

Back at the school, we did 5 burpees followed by 5 burpees to make up for the ones we should have done that I forgot to enforce.


Lastly, some Mary to Debby Ryan’s version of Deck the Halls.  Hold protractor 45 degrees then when she sings Fa,la,la,la,la,la,la- Flutters. When she sings Deck the Halls a little boat/ canoe, then resume flutters



Brief prayer by YHC


  • Pudding has Hydra next week- 0700 start
  • Duct Work has the Q at Hydra 12/19
    • 2 Convergences up coming: Rock Zero and Davinci at Davinci on 12/26 and again Rock and Davinci on 1/2/21 at Rock Zero
  • Metro is hosting a 10yr celebration @ AG Middle School on 1/1/21 0700 look on slack or ask a friend for detail

Mole Skinny

  • Thanks Sling Shot and Jet Fuel for the shoulder tap today
  • I am glad some of you look forward to this, hope the new guys enjoyed it.  Looking at 2018/19 Pudding, Geraldo, Marge, Gummy, Clover and Queen are repeat offenders
  • Got 3 miles today
  • Hoover and Sling Shot for a 3 mile prerun
  • Hydra is still a chatty bunch
    • Not sure this group can could to 3, well Spackler refused and messed up the first round of counting, so there was that
    • When told to split up, the majority did not understand or choose to ignore, but most of the group did the 3 legged thing together …few others listened
    • Lots of “I will do what I want”…it’s your 45 mins, do what you need too
  • I chased +4 guys back to launch Marge, Gummy, Proehl …maybe others- Queen & Brandi?
  • Geraldo and Proehl were upfront most of the day.  Actually, Geraldo had to communicate my instructions to him as he kept pulling away
  • Sorry, to busy looking around for lights and decorations to see what was going on behind me, so feel free to comment.
  • In the holiday spirt of giving and receiving…I give you this back blast…I do not care to get spelling or grammatical corrections- Horse Head and Voodoo.. but thanks for hanging onto the end of this!

Have a safe and Merry Xmas!

Who is calling me at 5:18?

As I was still preparing for my Q last night, Brexit hit me up and asked if anyone preruns SACS…well we start at 0515 and anything before then is crazy, so no.  Upon my arrival today, 1 lonely car in the lot.  At 5:14 another car pulled in and I greeted Geraldo…however that was Dora.  Apparently his other family cruiser is the same as Geraldo.  So at 0516 no disclaimer was provided, but we sacked up (2 sandbag and a ruck) and headed into the darkness.


The warmup

Usually this involves a trip or 2 around the track, however 3/4 around the track my phone rang.  No it was not Fockers girl this time (another mid workout call to him during his Q), rather Geraldo was looking for us in the gloom.  After a bit of coordination we were eventually 4 strong.


The Thang

I honestly struggled to create this workout (mental block), but here are the details:

Perform 1 full round of exercises that started with 5 reps, some sort of “creative mosey” to mid track, 10 reps / creative mosey and then 15 reps…followed by 10 burpess and then advance to the other side of the track with yet another “creative mosey” (single arm, overhead, back, chest)

1st round

Bicep curl, front squat, Russian twist

2nd round

Tricep extension, back squat, LBC

3rd round

Shouldering (from ground put bag on left shoulder, then down / repto on right side), upright row, lung

4th round

Pull through, dolly / thruster

50 Cadence count LBC and walk back to the parking lot



Take out: Geraldo- thanks

Announcements: Dora on Q next week


Ye Olde Mole Skinny

  • Thank you to the crew that continue to support this site.  Would love to have more guys out so if you are curious about rucks or sandbags, we usually have a few extra.  Please let me know if you are coming and we will set you up
  • Not sure why the mental block for today, but always want to make sure we get good work in, hope you enjoyed
    • Calf is acting up so low mileage and less lower body today
  • I added music to the mix today, undecided if I liked it.  Broke up the silence, but since it was clipped to me, that’s all I heard
  • Today was a cold one…sorry for a few delays with my own gear.. pants, phone, music, gloves, key belt.  Just too much, looking forward to fall again
  • I’m not sure if anyone heard me complain, but I added #10lbs to my sandbag
    • Really hurt my ego when Brexit said he was still lifting #10 lbs more then me today and he preran…show off!
  • Brexit has Rucks and Sandbags…why is this his 2nd post?
    • He did agree to Q….
  • Geraldo is like clockwork, never early but never late…until today.  The only reason I answered my phone was because I did happen to have it on and we were just walking
    • Glad you found us
    • Always working hard…except for the burpees big fat nothing in that column
  • Not sure who had the van first, but Geraldo and Dora have the exact same van…color and all.  Dora usually arrives in a beastly truck…way to mix it up
    • Next time I will actually look who is exiting the van vs just shout hello to Geraldo
  • We know Dora is the king of SCLT rucking, but found out he has a few sandbags, will he break them out next week??
  • Like the name for the AO- SACS- Shut up and Carry Shit/ Stuff  everyone comes out week after week and gets it done!

That was a mouthful

At 0554 Billy Goat and I thought we might be the only ones today, but as usual, the crew trickled in to make 5.  Then Airwolf came in hot and we circled the lot to pick him up.  Like a true vet, he hopped out of the car and was ready to go.  Wait, wasn’t there supposed to be an FNG??  Apparently, Billy Goat did not tell FNG-Brian that we start promptly at 0600.  Seeing a red convertible going from lot to lot, BG told use to go ahead and he would wait.  Nope, we will just wait for him to pull in, back in, watch him search for something in his car, then trunk…ok, now he is ready.   Prior to this point YHC had asked every one to grab 2 water bottles and now at 7, water in hand, off we went!

Warm up

Jog over to the lot with a pond (yep, could not be more specific).  The one by the gas station, near the rock pile…yeah, that one.  Once at the parking lot, we went into the basic warm up, water in hands when appropriate.  Oh, the disclaimer was delivered to FNG on the run.

In cadence…

Seal Jack x20

Arm circles (frontwards and backward) x15 each

Imperial Walker x20

Merkins x10

Mountain climber x15

Then a bunch of ab work…Rest position was 10″ -Box cutters x20, Reverse Box  cutters x20, American Hammer x20, Boat Canoe until i heard someone say, “no one is doing these, we are just watching you”. That’s when you know you need to move.


The Thang

Instructions were to set your waters down and head to the rock pile and find a lifting rock.  More on the rock choice below.  Once the proper rock was secured, we made 3 stops as we did everything x 20: Curls, Tri’s and Presses.  When traveling, hold rock above head.


At this point it was time for some sort of inspirational speech….Blah, Blah, Blah….Burden of life, distractions, finding peace, taking time to breath…think I covered it.  Not sure anyone understood or cared, but everyone was wondering why we had the water…here we go.

As a side note, this was a Ruck quarantine workout (credit Cadre DS of GoRuck fame). Originally performed with a #20 ruck, we did not have Rucks, but we did have rocks.

Instructions: Empty one bottle (take a sip, pour it on your head, pour it out for a homie- just empty the contents).  Before each round, fill your mouth with water (more on that), do not swallow or spit the contents and perform the following:  Burpees x10 / Squats x20 (10 per leg) w/rock.  Once completed, empty the water from you mouth into the empty bottle.  The timer was set for 2 min per round.  Hopefully you had a few seconds left to breath and repto.  We completed 10 rounds.  100 burpees, 200 lunges.


Once that fun ended, we headed over to the pond with the Rock in hand


At the pond we had 3 stations and performed the following: Split Merkins (on rock) x10, Dips x20 (w/rock in lap), Squats (with rock) x30.  Repto 2 more times, 2nd round had Diamond Merkins on rock.


Running out of time….put Rocks back, throw trash away and all you got back to the parking lot




Announcements: Lex Luther promoting Tweet and Meat on Wednesday…yeah total brownie points!  Seriously, come out.  Phroel on Q this Wednesday, promises a Ruck beat down @ South Clt 0515

Thank you Cul-de-Sac for the prayer take out


Ye Old Mole Skin

  • As always, thank you to the site Q’s for the invite.  I have not been to this site much given that my FiA wife and I can now workout at the same time 0700.  Glad to be back with the Pax.
  • Cul-de-Sac is a solid site Q.  He kept me on task all AM: Did I disclaim, 4,3,2 mins left, Prayer (which I almost forgot)
  • Since I had my phone, I was nice enough to illuminate the rock pile for the Pax to choose a rock and look out for snakes.  No snakes found, but I did find a small army of ants that were pissed I moved their home.  So glad I had the light, that rock was about to go on my shoulder. Promove- Always turn the rock over to see if there is anything under it.
  • Thank you to the Pax for humoring me (you did not have much of a choice) on the workout today.  Pretty standard meat and potato with the non-sense in the middle
  • Few Highlights from above:
    • In seriousness, 2020 has been a challenge: At home, at work, society in general.  The intent of today’s workout was to get you to take on something challenging and figure out how to keep breathing in the face of discomfort.  Was it successful??
    • So only a few guys lots their water early and spit it out.  I believe someone made a joke and that got a few guys and the others, well doing burpees and lunges with a large mouth of water is uncomfortable and it happens.  Overall, very little was spilled
    • Lex Luther told me today he was listening to a Podcast prior to the workout on breathing through you nose…timing is everything
    • YHC should have blown his nose prior to this workout.  You would think that knowing the plan…#snotbubbles
    • After round 3, Billy Goat needed tunes…kicked my phone to level (as loud as it gets) and we rocked out to AC/DC on Pandora.  Yep, if you could hear the music, you heard a commercial…#cheapskate
  • Air Wolf is a beast and always had the Rock over his head while walking
  • FNG – Brian….Billy Goats sort of neighbor now new member of the Pax.  Code Name- Cocktoasten.  For any 80’s movie buffs, that is from the Chevy Chase movie, Flech.  Apparently he drives a convertible in the movie and so did our FNG.  He actually had a real nice ride.  Welcome….next time we start prompt at 0600.  And if you hate your name, I still like Miata.
    • Keep coming out, every workout is different
    • Great effort today…probably too many burpees for your first post, but you hung in there
  • Billy Goat with a 2 mile prerun..solid!
  • Frehleys always drops ass…consistently (I was next to him but up wind).  Glad to see you away from the bells….oh wait, planning to Double down today..STRONG!
  • Besides teachers pet, Lex Luther was getting after it.  Come see him Q Tweet and Meat on 9/16
    • Yeah, I still hear you complaining that I made you drag your ruck in the grass.
  • I realize I pay very little attention to the Pax when I Q.  It’s not being selfish, I am tryng to remember what is next…if I forgot something, add it to the comments
  • OH one more thing…We had more then DaVinci….BOOM!




Sandbags and a Ruck

Off from a short hiatus, Tweet and Meat is back!  What is different? Well 4 guys came out into the gloom to find out.  Gathering in the parking of SCLT Middle at 05:15, a little latter for Cotton Mouth, but eventually he joined us.


Warm Up- 1 trip around the lot…that should do it!


The Thang

Good Mornings x15

Merkins on the sandbag and offset (left and right) hand  x10

Squats x15


Head to the Pavilion to grab a running rock


3 sets of the following with one full lap of the track in between

High pull x15

Sand bag burpees x10

Alt lunges x15 / x15/ x10 per leg


1st lap with sandbag / 2 lap with rock / 3rd lap with sandbag


Head to the field (freshly mowed  field)- start at the back of the end zone

LBC with sandbag press x10

Bear crawl drag / Side drag left arm / Side drag right arm then backwards drag to mid-field – 10-15 yards per movement

LBC with sandbag press x15

Bear crawl drag / Side drag left arm / Side drag right arm then backwards drag to end zone – 10-15 yards per movement

LBC with a sandbag press x15


Mosey to the stairs from the track


Triple Nickle

Power cleans at the bottom / Thrusters at the top


Russian twists to run the clock out….DONE


Ye Olde Moleskin 

– Thanks to the Pax who came out, looking to do something different

– Trying to make this a weekly thing, so if you missed it or have some interest.  We each had an extra bag, plus a ruck available, just reach out

– This is still in trial phase, hoping to make it a regular thing, so right now it sits on Wed 0515 at SCLT.  Depending on the group or interest we could look at moving it.  Still shopping for a permanent location as well.  SCLT has been quite since the “Death at Death Valley”.  However, still a good campus

– I forget how dark this location is, which is one of the reason I love it.  Just the gloom!  I also forgot that it was a CMS maintained school property.  Apparently they have not cut the grass on the field since the beginning of Covid and we gathered a lot of the clippings on the field work today- yuck!

– Geraldo is an old pro moving heavy things.  Today he brought out a #40 lb sandbag and was killing it, leading most of the AM

– Cotton Mouth rocked #50ish lbs and was hating the pavilion work with the extra 10lbs.  Good work

– Lex Luthor had #40lb in a ruck which seemed to work well.  He actually bought the sand when he could have just brought it from the beach.  Either way proved that this workout works for both rucks and sandbags

-YHC was also rocking #40lb sandbag today

– Flipper HC’d but bailed this AM…however he agreed to Q next week, so we are good.  He always brings it come out!

– This BB is dedicated to the boys in Waxhaw that seem to be dominating the BB page on the interwebs.  Nice job men!

Hey Sprockets…where are you going??

An even 20 for this weeks addition of Hawks Nest (remote edition).  After 12 days being out of touch in the woods of northern WI, I emerged more rested and slighlty out of shape, as I did nothing but consume beverages and snacks.  Enough about me, lets find out what happened to Sprockets….more on that.  GPS hit 5:30, no FNG’s, weak disclaimer and we were off.


Warm Up

Head out the parking lot, around the DD back to the far lot for a short bit of ladder work


The Thang

Of Course we hit the appetizer- SSH x15 / IW x15 …what can I say, love the oldies, but then hit main course

Ladder beginning at 10 reps down to one

6 count Burpee / Monkey humpers / LBC  / Merkins


Mosey to the Church with the rocks…near DD

Some ab work to have the group catch up


Rock work

Grab a lifting rock and line up at the first light.

Curls, Triceps ext, Squats all x15 and then hold rock over head to the next light and drop rock. Back peddle to first light and back to rock //Repto 4 lights in total

Some ab work in between

Mosey to the Harris Teeter fountain


Fountain work

Incline merkins x10 / Decline merkins x10 / Bulgarian split squats x10 each leg / Dips x20  after each round run around nearest bush and  repto 2 more times


Finish up with some AB’s to kill the clock and head back to launch….well, Sprockets did an all out, but too where???


Announcements: None

Take Out: Thank you Snow Flake


Ye Old Moleskin:

– Thanks for Hopper and Hops for putting me on the Hawks Nest schedule- would be great to actually see Hops, but whatever, his better half was there

-So glad I had the Q today, I am sure I would have fartsacked this morning away otherwise

-For the ladder work, some refused the Burpees in the beginning….hell, some of you may have refused them the whole time.  I was to busy counting and trying not to F’it up. You be the judge and comment…if not, I did an awesome job.  Much better then the last time I did this in SOB land

-Thanks Duct Work (also not in the Pax this AM), but apparently he really liked the Rock work from 2 weeks ago which he recycled from my DMZ q 2 weeks ago.  I guess some of you that showed up at Rock Zero over the weekend already saw this.  Sorry, no BB, so I don’t believe you..and we did it again

– Lastly, yes Geraldo…technically the fountain work was 4 exercises, but rather then listening to, “you called for 20 Bulgarian split squats, is that 20 per leg?” I said it was 3 – 10 per leg

-We only covered 1.7 miles, but that felt longer today with the humidity

-Did you think I forgot about the Energizer Bunny..Sprockets??  So I hit him up mid day today to check on him.  You see when I said, “lets go back to home”, he shot off like a rocket and before we knew it, he rounded the corner at the HT and was never seen again.  But where did he go and why?  Well, early speculation was he had a code Brown and based on the speed, plausable!  Some quietly thought he lost his mind and went to the wrong “home”- Hydra/ OP- but who would do that?  Honestly, I was behind him and yelled his name 2-3 times, but like a hunting dog chasing his prey, Sprockets heard none of that and headed back to OP.  Based on the text message, he was at Hydra doing pull ups waiting for us.  Seriously dude, you are not that fast.  Also, who calls an all out from HT back to OP @6:14…kinda a long run.  Either way, eventually he figured out that today was Tuesday and ended up coming back to HT to pick up his boys to run home.  PLEASE NEVER LET HIM FORGET THIS!  Honestly this was so funny on so many levels.

-Always a good morning to be out in the gloom.  Have a great week!