Circuits with rucks on make you stronger

Circuits with rucks on make you stronger

Due to a hole in scheduling, YHC grabbed the reigns and took control before this thing went sideways.  Did that scare the Pax away? Was there a bribe to post elsewhere? Did some think it was going to be an easy day?? Who knows?  3 Pax showed up and attacked this fine morning with Rucks on.

Warm Up

1 lap around the track

The Thang

This workout was 100% stolen from the Pathfinder website.  We had done it once before and it was a smoker, here is how it went down

4 total circuits/ rounds

Circuit x7

10x Squats (alternate ruck front and rear facing)

10x Ruck Overhead press

10x Ruck swing

Lap around the track


Circuit x5

10x Bent over rows

10x Curls

10x Ruck thrusters

10x Ruck sit-ups

Lap around the track



Circuit x3

10x Ruck overhead walking lung

10x Ruck high pull

10x Overhead Ruck triceps extensions

10x Ruck Russian twists

Lap around the track



Circuit x1

10x Ruck burpees

20x Ruck skull crunches

30x (broken up into 15 and 15) Dolly with ruck press

Lap around the track

2 more laps



YHC for the takeout prayer



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Ye Old Mole Skinny

  • Thanks for the Pax for following my lead
  • Geraldo is a beast and can pound out sets
  • Wild Turkey added to the pain and took his time on the thrusters
  • Thrusters are exhausting
  • Wild Turkey has roots from OH…ask him anything music related
  • Geraldo thinks I am cheap for having the free Pandora playing
  • Geraldo knows a lot about today’s bands
  • Wild Turkey and I are doing a 45 min stair challenge tomorrow…yuck!
  • Green Giant himself- Hoover is on the schedule for next week
  • If this workout style seems interesting, hit myself or Geraldo up and we will have a pack for you to use. Try something different and get out of your same routine…SYITG

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2 years ago

Nice Q Cheese Curd, looks like I need to step up the weight in my ruck to increase the suck. $5 a month for no commercials are so worth it. Take the money you would’ve spent to replace your Bluetooth speaker and boom, there you go.

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