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Is the Q being sneaky?

16 men posted to get their weekly fix of Death Valley.  Some members earlier than others, choosing to do the KB’s @0500.  However, 0530 was called and off we went.



Quick warm up run around the parking lot to grab the one or two of the pax, around the street light (thanks gummy) and to the football field we went. But first we stopped at YHC’s ride and we each picked up a 10lb plate from a old weight machine (thanks Salt Lick). After some butt kickers, high knees we circled up at the 50


On the field (chest to the plate-no short arms today)

15 diamond merkens

20x SSH

15 wide arm merkens


15 merkens

20  bunny hop/ ski jumps over the plate

15 burpees

One arm circles with plate x10 each

Grab your weight over head and move back to the parking lot


Why did I want the plates- Hair Burners


Partner up- hair burner and 5 burpee chaser around the 2 parking lot islands


5 min of marry with weight plate-cadence count

LBC x20

Dolly- lost count as someone lost their ass

Mason or Russian Twist x20

Work our way to the flag pole in between the island


Around the flag pole

Plank and move left until YHC says stop

On your feet and various speed curb toe taps 45 sec

Back to plank, move right until back to beginning position

Calf raises- 45 sec

Grab weight above head and run back to field


Football field run sideline to sideline (each exercise x2 with plate)

Partner 1 run / Partner 2 exercise

Round 1-Lateral raise

Round 2- Squats

Round 3- Shoulder roll

Round 4- Front raise

Round 5- Chest

Plate to the sky and run to concession stand


1 min wall sit with weight on lap


And done


Naked Moleskin

– Thanks Salt Lick for the freebie weights, hope you all enjoyed them today.  Not the heaviest things around, but we could have done 200 Dive Bomb Merkens (last lead at DV).

– I really had plans for more hair burners, but I think my legs were tired from Spartan, so only one lap today

– According to Alf, it’s ALWAYS a race.  Be warned if he’s on your 6…dude means business

– Not sure who fired that Ass missile (?Bug?), but the collateral damage was mind blowing…BOOM!

– Stage Coach, I have NO idea about the shoes in that bag.  My neighbor gave me a full plastic kitchen bag of shoes and it was in my possession for less than 10hrs

– Any one still reading this to figure out if I was being sneaky this AM….possibly.  I had plans to drop the weights as a surprise, but audibled and decided it would be more fun to carry an extra 10lb around.  I did however go off property to review my winkie before the workout.  I didn’t want to get sucked into a pre KB prior to Q’ing

-I really don’t Q enough, but as always, fun to lead this group of men.

– Thanks Sussido for the closing prayer again this week- what, no mention of anyone’s husband…



– Shoe drive still on ( Bug really wants them at Hydra tomorrow)

– Threshold today…Bojangles




Prision workout- Hydra Style

Jail house workout

Exactly 20 men of Area 51 were released for good behavior and made the decision to post for a prison style beat down.

The Thang

Light jog around the track, mostly forward then a little back peddle, before got into the yard, where the real action was.

Warm up was brief.. cadence count- SSH, Merkens, IW, LBC x15 each. Is it a sanctioned workout missing the staples??


Mosey to the play ground

YHC had planed for 5 stations/25 guys, but the numbers worked out right, so we settled on 4 stations with 5 exercises each station.  Depending what station you started with, you should have had the opportunity to do everything once.  Here were the stations:

1) Monkey Bars

Pull up / supine, Calf Raises, Incline Merken, Calf Raises, Decline Merken

2) Pipe Worm

Dips, Incline Merken, LBC, Dip, Decline Merken

3) Parallel bars

2 hand KB high pull (to chin), 10lb Medicine ball toss squat, LBC (on parallel bar), Deep Chest Merken (on parallel bar), Balls to Fence

4) Angled Bar

Jump up, Wall Sit, Pull up/ supine, Rope, 2 hand KB Tri extension


We moved through the first 2 complete stations doing each exercise for 80 seconds per. YHC audibled and thought a lap around baseball fields was needed. After that, YHC also modified the time to 60 seconds per exercise.

After the last 2 stations, another lap and a quick time check, we needed to get back to the parking lot for a few mins of Mary

CC: LBC’s (#?) and Bicycles x30 (forward and backward) finished off the morning



– Plently of mumble chatter this am as we got started. However, that settled down quickly.

– The plan was simple (always simple if you MAKE it) and I hope that the paper at each station helped each group stay somewhat organized.

– Why 80 seconds per rep?  As explained, my PT is always timed at 60 sec.  I just new you could do more, so I added 20 sec.  An aggressive start that I might reconsider that next time.  Hence the 3rd set, I thought everyone (YHC included) would prefer us to just do 60sec per

– This was not the typical boot camp that we are all used to.  The goal was 0.0, but I needed the break. Sorry Brown, I hear we did  0.87 miles today.

– Few runners and bikers on the way in.  Not sure who traveled the furthest (sound off in comments), but I think SC may have received the Gold Star today. Close to +5 miles total (guessing)

– Besides AO-Hydra having a great facility for this type of workout, I hope you enjoyed my new rope and my medicine ball that’s been collecting dust.  I however missed the rope, as I couldn’t follow my own workout

– Always a good time to lead a workout!  Sorry for no burpees, mtn climbers, lunges, etc, Consider yourself added to my Dr list of no-no’s for today!



READ THE WEBSITE and/or FOLLOW TWITTER- Lots of convergences/ workout changes for the 4th and on Sat.  Don’t be the sad clown when your the only one to post to a workout that has moved for the day

– Mud Run sign up- deadline soon

– Hydra Q call out, contact Bug Eater if your intrested

– 4th of July convergence at the Rock, I believe all other south workouts are shut down

– Olympus and Assent to converge on Sat at OP.


Why is Everyone Looking at ME?!

Posted on behalf of Puddin’ Pop- Virgo Q…great job brother!


22 of Area 51’s finest decided to smell the fresh air and watch me try to mess up a perfectly good workout.

Start with a short mosey to the field behind OP for a little warm up.



  • SSH x 25
  • IW x 25
  • Slow Squat (sort of) x 25
  • Mountain Climbers x 25


Enough of that noise, let’s go do a little grocery shopping.  Line up single file to Indian Run from OP to Harris Teeter (.75 miles +/-).  While at the store we decided to pick up some shoulders and abs/oblique’s in the form of:


  • CDD x 50
  • Bicycles x 30 (each leg)


Indian run back to OP, mosey behind school, concession stand, and baseball fields to find the trail that takes us to back part of OP neighborhood for a little hill work…split up into two groups.


  • Plankorama while we wait on last of PAX
  • Group 1 (bottom of hill) does LBC x 30, sprint to top of hill (75 yards +/-)
  • Group 2 (top of hill) does Wide Arm Merkins, sprint to bottom of hill
  • Repeato (think most people completed 4 rounds)
  • Plankorama


Mosey back through trail to concession stand where we completed one circuit of:

  • Dips x 30
  • Jump ups x 20
  • Derkins x 10


Mosey back to parking lot for six minutes of Mary:

  • Dolly x 25
  • Rosalita x 25 (en espanol)
  • Russian Twist x 15
  • Plank for 1 solid minute
  • Protractor – members of PAX yell out new angle when called upon


  • Upon entering the pleasant May Day gloom in my virgin Q, YHC thought that the PAX would be looking at me as a T-Bone and they were rabid dogs (or Jack in The Shining).  I quickly found out that this group of gladiators were only rabid dogs ready to tear up this workout, and they did.
  • 22 dudes in a single file line makes for a looooong sprint during the Indian Run, but all seemed to enjoy a little running.
  • Chelms and Gummy crushed the hill work as YHC was probably lapped entering round 2, nice work fellas.  Greyhound continues to impress; at 74, he probably covered 2.5 miles today…unbelievable stuff my man #shockandawe.
  • Skywalker thought YHC may have been going into labor as my legs looked like they were in stirrups during Dollys, always good to laugh while attempting to work some core.  One side of the circle got crop dusted by something fierce during the minute plank, please speak up if you can claim that masterpiece.
  • Flutie Flakes – thanks for the headlamp on the trail.
  • Semi-Gloss – get that back better brother, thanks for coming out and the support
  • Cheese Curd – thanks for “shaming” me into my first Q, totally worth it.
  • Bugeater- thanks for letting me take over the mighty Hydra this week, looking forward to the anniversary beatdown next week.
  • Chelms – thanks for taking us out in a strong word of prayer.



F3 Golf – sign up by next week for 5/29 event

Gopher sighted at Hydra

18 men of Area 51 came (mostly at 05:29 or later) to take on the gloom. YHC had 2 workouts planned and thought at 05:28 the workout was going to be a “playground” morning. At 05:29:30 and increased numbers, YHC autibled and decided to introduce the infamous Gopher from DV to the Hydra Beasts.

I can’t imagine there will ever be a per workout here with these sleepy heads.  That said, everyone was ready to go and off we went.


The Thang 

Mosey thru the parking lot to scoop up the stragglers and head to the field, one more joined late



SSHx25 , merkensx20, LBCx30, IWx30,  bicycle x15 forward x15 reverse

Introduce the Gopher (Does Hydra- Gopher need a new name, sound off below)- mosey to playground and find a partner.

For those new to the Gopher, sorry for the very brief overview, but we did take a run to see the path that you should travel.

Partner 1 Run= Playground to the entrance of OP, to the track for a loop, then back to the playground

Partner 2 Exercise= Playground to concession stand bleachers. Durkensx20, Incline Merkensx20,  step-ups or jump upsx20 & Dipsx20

Meet back at playground and between partners complete LBCx40 and Dollyx20

We started at 0538 and ended at 0613



Protractor of varying degrees until everyone is back


Mosey to the lot 06:15:30 (latecomers got their monies worth)



– Not a ton of chatter this AM, just a few, “again, another lap?”  Yep, That’s the gopher!

– Few jack rabbits out there.  This workout promotes pushing each other.  Once Cole Slaw and I connected after the second lap, I felt better.  Sorry man, I looked all over for you after my first lap, but thought you left me.  Good timing today!

– Speaking of timing, this was new to Hydra, so I wasn’t sure if 1 & 2 would get back at the same time.  I think it worked.

– Sorry for any lack of clarity giving verbal instructions.  I did ask if you were familiar with the Gopher, however I failed to listen if anyone said NO. To busy thinking….glad everyone caught on

–YHC has been off for over a week due to travel and vacation.  I needed a reason to get in the gloom, so I was happy to be leading.  For those who have not lead (Pudding Pop), you are ready!  When else today will you be able to say, “follow me” and mindlessly 17 other will follow.  Always grateful for the opportunity!

– Good to see Cole Slaw, Briquette and Pulled pork standing side by side in the circle (see PAX list).  Anyone else hungry?

-Happy b-day Gullah, great to keep that one under your hat until after the workout…46 burpees, you would have had some haters this AM!

– No announcements, keep an eye on twitter


Dive Bomb Merkens and a few other things

The preblast on Twitter made mention of Dive Bombers this AM.  I am not sure all 21 pax got the memo, but everyone got after it and away we went!


Warm up run- Ran by car to pick up any stragglers and proceeded to the baseball outfield.


COP (?)

Count down from 12- Tribute to site Q-Stage Coach

After spotlighting (thank BD) and a quick demo of a dive bomber, (more on that below) we got to it

12 Dive Bomber (DB) then 20 Deep Squats

11 DB then 20 LBC

10 DB then 20 shoulder taps

9 DM then 20 Crab Merken (tricep dip in carb walk position)

8 DB then 20 Deep Squats

DB then 20 LBC

DB then 20 shoulder taps

DM then 20 Crab Merken (tricep dip in carb walk position)

4 DM then 20 Deep Squats

DB then 20 LBC

DB then 20 shoulder taps

DM then 20 Crab Merken (tricep dip in carb walk position)


Jog around baseball outfield to find a way out eventually made it to the hill



Called 10 trips up the hill with seal jacks and dive bombers- mid ladder adjusted it to 7

Always 10 dive bombers at the top of the hill, but 1, 2,3…etc seal jacks


Jog to track


3 corner from the 50

Start with 10 DB

First corner20 Carolina Dry Docks

back to center 10 DB

Second corner- 20 Jump Squats

back to center 10 DB

Third Corner- 20 LBC

back to center 10 DB


Run 1 lap around track with Pax….and stops to do more dive bombers

4 stops / 2 db x10 per and 2 LBC x20 per


Gather Pax and perform 10 LBC and 10 DB (and 10 girl push ups…not exactly, but I will take the abuse)

Run back to lot….and stops for Dive bombers

DB x10 at top platform and DB x10 once we circled up


Protractor circle

Everyone calls out a degree until we get around the circle- some waited longer then others.  Also, first time I have done at 180 degree, nice DK

Oh, we also stopped at the Mid point to do another dive bombers x10 and finished with another DB x10

Finished with a variety of LBC, bicycle and Flutter…of course with another dive bombers x30 total


Moleskin- where to begin

– First, thank you for allowing me to lead, being complete wise asses and doing everything I ask.  If you have not lead a workout, do it, it’s fun!

– I did the demo of the Dive Bomber, hope I demo’d proper form

– In the warm-up, I did NOT call any cadence and this was pointed out!  Planned!  I hadn’t worked out in 1 1/2 weeks and new mid ladder that I would struggle, glad you were all able to count to 20 on your own

– DK has grown up before our vary eyes!  Damn Ruckers (Good Luck to all this weekend)! Dude was crabbing on the hill work, “Just do what you want”, “any originality to this work out” and “I call bullshit”.  Also, later on, I was accused of “coming up with only 4 exercises and just stopped think of more” …yep

– I never have called a workout with a theme, like this one.  It completely smoked me, I hope you all enjoyed it.  The goal was 300 dive bomb merkens.  I believe we came up short at 288…sorry!

– Thanks Header for taking us out, I could have gave you a heads up, but you always deliver!



-Taco Mac tonight

– Support the Go Ruckers on Friday.  Please go and support them once the location becomes available tonight…shhhh if you already know the location, it’s a secret!


Covering some new ground

The virtual flag was flying high and we had 17 pax for this pleasant, Feb morning.  Several pax arrived with tires squealing and brakes smoking, but everyone was able to take off and away we went.

The Thang

Split into pairs- size does not matter

From the lot run towards Walgreens

P#1 – back peddle until caught

P#2 – 3 merkens catch-up w/ partner 1

At the corner before the turn to Walgreens, YHC audibled and broke the partner carry due to traffic and space, so complete mosey to lot


COT (is it a workout w/out)…..

SSHx 20 , Merkens x 15, IW x 12   and moving on!


Retaining wall and Curb  / 90 sec intervals (all cadence OYO)

1) P#1 Finger tip pull-ups to fail, then hang to fail and/or Wall sit w/jack web       /     P#2 Curb calf raises (Inside, outside and standard)

2) P#1 Balls to wall (shift L&R and/ or push ups)   / P#2 Curb toe taps

3) P#1 Deep squat to jump ups      /  P#2 Curb Mtn Climbers

4) P#1 Wall Sit/ Jack web  /  P#2 Curb step ups

5) P#1 Finger tip pull-ups to fail then hang to fail or Wall sit w/jack web /  P#2  Curb jump ups


Curb Merkens and LBC

20 Incline, 20 decline and 40 LBC


Mosey back to the way we came, repeato on the partner back pedal / 3 merken catch up.  Arrive at the rock pile


Now find 3 ttl pax and one of you go get a “Rock that you would be proud of”

Relay Race- non stop for 12mins

P#1 SSH    /  P#2  run with rock to / P#3  LBC , swap rock and run to P#1 and repeato .

We also did,

p1 Mason Twist/ p#2 run w/ rock / p3 Merken

p1 Flutter/ p#2 run w/ rock  / p3 Seal Jack


3 man Plank Merken- few audibles regarding method, but settled on the original 3 person

-Similar to Indian run formation, but legs on shoulders of fellow man.

-Do 3 push ups and move from back to front

Mosey back to the parking lot


1 MOM- getting your moneys worth

Boat / Canoe


Naked Moleskin

– This was my first Q at Centurion, sorry if my head was in the clouds this AM.  This head and chest cold w/ addition to some good meds from the DR and no hops, it’s not the flu (I was tested), I just felt slightly out of it.  Either way, thanks for allowing me to lead, I always have fun putting a workout together.

– I can’t even tell you who arrived at exactly 0530 (maybe later).  Nice Job boys.  I intended to run and pick you up with the rest of the Pax, but I realized when I said run to 51, they took the shorter route- well played.

–  I heard some mumble chatter for using a new wall at Walgreens, hope you liked it.  It looked good on my recon trip so I wanted to spend sometime there.

– Ok, YHC took a lot of crap about his F3 handle, many of you seem to be cheese coinsures:)  I think I also overheard comments about finger tip pull ups on the wall.  The wall was textured making them harder, but I found if you were creative with you position, it wasn’t so bad.

-Apparently a few pax had concern on my form on occasion and was also counting my pull ups (Mic Check) I said, head cold, just tying to remember what was next.

– I was proud that at least one team picked a “boulder” for the relay race.  Please sound off if someone took a small one.

– Since numbers did not workout, I got to partner with our solo rucker- Udder and we made the best out of swapping the ruck v rock.  Sorry Udder, I had a party foul and set the Ruck down (several times)- my bad!



– F3 has a discount for the Spartan Race on March 23, I am doing all 3 this year and would like to have more Area 51 guys out there.

– GoRuck there is STILL time to get in, but please hurry. Go to webpage for details

– BRR this will close out soon…see our website

True Snow day- Snow and playground equipment

Planting the virtual flag, YHC was not knowing what kinds of #’s (if any) to expect this AM.  Pleasantly surprised to see one car in the parking lot, perhaps after having some morning “donuts” and the remainder of the pax came in by foot.  Eventually, we settled on 5 total, with Bug Eater needing a few more minutes and joining us on the warm up run

The Thang:

Warm up run around the fields, just trying to see what conditions were.  If I had to describe it, it was like running in the surf or the sand.  With each step, you sunk through the ice layer so running was a bit different today.

SHH…Snow angles x 80
IW x 20
Seal Jack drops- each member calls drop x 2 rounds
Fast feet/ high knee drops- each member calls drop x 2 rounds


Mosey to playground equipment

2 rounds total / 80 second’s 5 stations

Station 1– Parallel Bars

1) Hang and/ or traverse upside down add pull up

2) Merkin on top of bars (deep chest impact)

Station 2– Balance Beam

1) Diamond Incline Merkin

2) Diamond Derkin

Station 3- Angle Bar

1) Jump and touch bar

2) Alternate deep leg squat

Station 4- Monkey bars

1) Traverse (but really slippery) so more of a wide lateral hang

2) Pull ups- modified underhand on shorter pull up bar

Station 5– Fence

1) Wall sit

2) Peter Parkers (to slippery) turned into modified balls to fence


Mosey aroung Baseball field


3 rounds of Dips and decline merkins (civilian count)

1) 30 dips / 20 merkins

2) 25 dips / 15 merkins

3) 20 dips / 10 merkins


Mosey around the school


6 MOM (count is fuzzy)

LBC-80 (civilian count)

J-lo x 10

Flutter x 25

Russian twists x 25 (?)

Flutter x 25

Dolly (YHC did Rosalita) x 20


Light mumble chatter out there today, I think the playground equipment worked well, but I was not planning on an ice storm to make it good icy, but we made it work.  Overall a very nice morning, not too cold and it was a twist on running in the icy-snow mix.  I know there were plenty of local fartsackers this AM, no offense taken for missing this one.  If I was not Q’ing, I may have been one of them.

On a personal note, my dad would have been 80 today (lost him 5 years ago), hence most of the references to 80 this AM.  He was a workout guy until the very end, he always pushed me to workout and I know he would be proud of what we did today!  Much like others who have lost a parent, it was great that I could keep him on my mind during this workout.

Pleasure leading this group always!


Keep and eye on the website and twitter





Peter parker mission impossible burpee…say it’s not so!

All modes of transportation were used today. Several on foot, a couple clown cars and another solo pax with his 4 legged friend (more on that friend later). Either way, 17 Pax arrived for what was advertised as an arm and shoulder beat down. Hopefully YHC delivered.

Warm UP
1 lap 3/4 around school, while taking a small detour around the playground and baseball diamond for some foreshadowing.

The Thang
SSH x 25
Diamond Merken x 20
IW x 20
Wide Merken x 15

Mosey to the playground

Familiar territory
Count off by 4’s and do the following:
#1 / #2 / #3 / #4
1) Diamond Merken x20 / LBCx30 / Wide Arm pull ups x 10 / Baseball field 1 lap run
2) Wide Merken x20 / bicycle x30 / Normal grip (knuckles out) x10 / Baseball field 1 lap run
3) Merken x20 / Mason Twist x15per /NG (knuckles in) x10 / Baseball field 1 lap run

run to snack bar
1) Dips x20 / Decline Merken x20 / Jump-ups x20 / Baseball field 1 lap run
2) Dips x20 / Incline Merken x20 / Sitting Squats x20 / Baseball field 1 lap run

Mosey to mini-track

3 elements to a Peter Parker Mission Impossible Burpee
Round 1
Position 1- inch worms x15
Position 2- Peter Parker Mission impossible x15
Position 3- Jump squats x 15
put them together and you have…
Position 4- Peter parker mission impossible burpee x 10 or after much thought, pehaps a spider man burpee…maybe?

Round 2
Same group of exercises, just 5 less of everything

Mosey to parking lot

5 Min of Mary
Protractor hip raise?? (10 degrees then 45 degrees then full hip raiser, back to 45, 10) repeat
Finish w/protractor- stuck on 10 and 45 degrees

– Thanks for Bugeater reaching out to have me Q. I understand he was under the weather (fancy for fartsack, wasn’t he sighted at HDHH) and Champagne is out on IR (get well)
– Regarding the 4 legged friend. NEVER ASK TO PET PHILMONTS DOG. Say Hi from behind the glass, anything but letting that dog out of the car. Apparently (according to dogs owner) this dog gives lots of hugs! Oh never mind the humping thing, he’s just happy…..all the time!
– Sorry for some of the lack of instructions today. You can plan a workout but not plan on the struggle getting the proper words out when your 02 deprived
– SC you get half credit for the run in, as I believe I saw you get a ride home
– Pudding pop told me that he’d rather do burpees then those “things” again. Glad I could make you want to do a burpee!
– I love grabbing an idea from one workout and punishing more with it. Thanks to an unnamed sole at DMZ, I love the 3 stages to a burpee. Also, Purple Haze, although I questioned your Peter parker mission impossible yesterday, I oddly liked it…with a twist

Christmas party- Tell Baracus what you’re bringing…there can only be one deviled-egg appetizer.
Turkey Day convergence at the Rock 0700 start Hops and Crabcake on Q
methods occurred this am when eventually 17 arrived men came either by foot, clown car, car with humping dog inside (leave him there)

Careful what you post on Twitter

Although, YHC had accidentally tweeted the nation about “filling in” an open Q spot, to my surprise I got the nod immediately and here we go. The virtual shovel was planted and 13 men welcomed a beat down on a great fall morning.
Create a plan, work the plan…lets get to it!

Warm up jog
Leave the lot and head toward the baseball diamonds. This was the course that the Pax would soon become familiar with. Complete 1 loop around the first field on the left then head back for warm up

SSH x 20
IW x 18
Merken x 10

Head to the track for some partner work. YHC favorite…wheel barrows

Mini track
1) Space out on the track. With your partner, wheel barrow and complete 1 full lap, switch when needed
-If you pass a group, the other team, man in wheelbarrow, must perform 5 merken penalty
2)Partner carry 1 lap around track, swap when needed…no penalty this lap

Mosey to Play ground / Baseball field

Partner work
1) Partner 1 takes a lap around the entire outside of the baseball field
Partner 2 10 pull ups, 25 merkens, LBC until partner comes back x2

Head to backstop area
2) Partner 1 take a lap around the now familiar course/ baseball field
Partner 2 10 jump ups or step ups, 25 dips and Bicycle until partner returns x2

Mosey back to the mini track

3 movements of a burpee (according to YHC)- corner work on a round track
1) Inch worms x 10
2) Merkins x 10
3) Jump Squats x 10
4) 5 burpees
x3 loops

Head back to parking lot

Roman twists x 20
Protractor and 3D protractor
LBC – 1 min

– Strong work by the Pax today! Thank you for allowing me to take over Hydra this AM! I have not been out here in awhile, so it was great to be back!
– Sorry for the lengthy wheel barrow upfront, I guess the track is longer then I remember
– My partner and I were able to delivered a set of 2 penalty merkens to other teams, sorry I did not stop to see who it was. I hope others were able to hand out added pain
– If I can lead so can you…just reach out to the QIC and try to get your chance. Again, careful if you do this on twitter 🙂

This Sunday
1st F- Convergence on Sunday 0700 at Myers Park see website for details
2nd F -Fox and Hounds- Ballantyne at 3pm to watch some football and drink some beer

Return of the Cheese…and no Burpees

26 men entered into the cool, crisp darkness to take on a pre USMC mud run, partner themed beat down.

Tiny jog, then stumble and flawless recovery (by yours truly), to find an area with light, find a partner and to get the blood flowing

-Arm Circles x…well 10 in one direction, perhaps 6 in the other then too much mumble chatter had to move

Jog down to the stairway for the Q’s favorite exercise

-Partner Wheelbarrow up the stairs
-15 squats
then flapjack x4 round trips

Mosey to Football field

-Partner Drag to the 50 yrd line, flap jack
-Run 200 yrds

– Over / Under x15 then flap jack
– Run 200 yards

– Partner Carry to the 50 yrd line, flap jack
-Run 200 yards

Mosey to track for partner corner run

First Corner
– Partner One Runs to corner of the oval and back to the start line
– Partner two performs diamond merkins until partner returns, then flap jack

Second Corner
– Partner 1 runs / Partner 2 -Rosalita , then flap jack

Third Corner
– Partner 1 runs / Partner 2- Wide arm merkins, then flap Jack

Due to time, skip corner 4 and mosey to mid field

– Partner Stand up x15 (arms or no arm lock)
– Partner LBC x30 per person (feet up and touch)
– Partner Plank merkin x 10, then flap jack
– Time running out, do another set of Partner Plank merkin x10, then flap jack

Run 3/4 around track and back to parking lot

– After skipping much of the summer due to injury, I had never intended to Q just a few weeks back. That said, thank you SC and the rest of the Pax for your patience while I dusted off my Q skills. Well, all except for Bulldog who was relentless during warm-up. Besides the coalminers head lamp, that he so politely shined on me so the other Pax could see my form. I would tell you what he was saying, but who really understands him anyway 🙂
– Actually, I should have got bashed for my warm-up! Man, I can remember all of the exercises, but all that mumbo-jumbo before…well, not my strong suit
– Shout out to my partner, Lazy Boy, thanks for making me work and Q out there.
– To any Pax that I rushed, sorry, I had a winkie and darn if I wasn’t going to fit it all in
-Lastly, if I can lead, so can you. Please reach out to a site Q and get in the rotation, sure the old guys may rattle your cage, but it really is worth it

– Mud run shuttle leaves at 0500 on Sat, try to be there by 0450
-Best of luck to all the mud runners, have a safe and fun time
– Convergence on Sat at the Rock. All other workouts, Besides Stonehenge are canceled