Speed Bumps

Speed Bumps

It was a bit on the chilly side as I rolled into the AO this AM.  Not sure when Wild Turkey sleeps, but he looked like he was catching up on his reading when Happy Meal and I drove in.  Eventually, settled up with 10 strong dudes looking to get warm.  We put aside the time to discuss our feelings. 5:30 YHC dropped a weak disclaimer and we started our warm up run to St Matthews.

Warm Up

We managed to get to St. Matts in one piece, grabbed a lifting rock and completed the F3 requirements SSH and IMW.


The Thang

With 10 speedbumps in our future, rather than explaining the movement, the thought was to get through the first few and then take off the training wheels and you’re on your own the until you finish.

4 exercises: squats, curls, triceps extension and presses x10 per at each speed bump.  Then overhead carry to the next bump, backpedal to the last bump, 1 burpee (add one for each bump) and then run back to your rock.


Once back at the start: LBCx30 and flutter press x20


Drop rock and mosey back behind Target where there are more speedbumps


3 exercises at each speed bump: Carolina Dry Dock, LBC and jump squats =5x10x15x10x5 at each speed bump


Mosey back to start and done


Announcements:  Check out the “new” newsletter for the latest and greatest.  We did review on April 24 the workout of all feuding workouts…DaVinci to Stonehenge and back to DaVinci.  Approximately 9 miles plus bootcamp


Prayer: Cooter


Ye Old Mole Skinny

  • Thank you to Circuit City for the opportunity to lead.  I continued to have conflicts with my Q’s here since last year.  Glad to get this one in
  • Thank you to the Pax for following along today
  • Why did we do 16 SSH?? Just lost track of time
  • Some of you may have seen versions of this workout.  I remember doing something like this at St Matts YEARS ago, so it’s not original, but I did put my spin on it.
  • Yes, many have seen variations of this workout…many of the Pax don’t overlap,  so I think this was still fresh for many
  • My original idea had us unloading all the weight out of my car and taking the contents to St Matt.  I opted not too as that is a decent run with weight and wasn’t sure on timing.
  • Why do I like sandbags and rucks…because I know the weight that I want to work out with. Picking some random rock can often leave you wanting more or less.  Today I needed more
  • Rousey and Tagalong on the other hand picked up boulders.  At one point, due to traffic, we needed to move rocks.  I accidently picked the wrong rock and then purposefully set one of those boulders back down.  Strong work men…you absolutely got your moneys worth
  • Some Pax don’t believe me when I saying running or lifting rock…I am sorry (I lied a little at Rock Zero few weeks ago)
  • Wild Turkey and Circuit City were pushing the pace today.  Both kept a strong lead all morning!  Kudos for WT for sweeping once we finished
  • Wild Turkey is getting sneaky strong…what’s his secret (KB, rucks, running and boot camps), well balanced diet- get out of your comfort zone and mix it up.
  • Strong middle pax today.  Never too far behind, just on the heels of the leaders.  My guess is that your form was solid.
    • Very strong conversation among this group, please chime in with any comments
  • Mr. Magoo is all over the place…he may be one or 2 years older than some, but leading the pax
  • Wing Man, true to his name, was hanging with our newest member, Right Turn.  Dude is a runner and trying to build up his boot camp game.  Seeing your name out there so for only a few days in, you’re killing it.  As they say, it never gets easier you get stronger
  • Happy Meal glad to rescue you from the grips of Metro…A51 will welcome you too.  Happy to join you at any AO…DMZ is neutral territory on Mondays
  • This would have been up sooner today, but the website was acting funky.  Must be all the newsletter traffic.  If you did not get the email, make sure you go on the website under FNG and update your info.

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