Stairs, Bears and Ramps

Stairs, Bears and Ramps

11 Pax eventually showed up, shovel flag was planted and an on-the-go disclaimer was given (rather poorly). Nothing but salty vets and a pregnant woman…wait, that was Rousey.

Brief jog to the parking deck. The normal Centurion crew reminded me that there is a side walk with a pedestrian light. Sorry boys, I almost refused it twice, safety first! Busy busy today!

Warm Up
SSH and IW …now we are warm!

The Thang
Deconstructed Burpees on the deck. Each level we did one part of a burpee and then did a few at the top:
20 Squats
20 Bunny hops
20 Merkins
20 Jump squats
10 Full burpees

Head down stairs back to the deck again for some 2,4,8
Run a ramp and perform Merkins, Squats, LBC. Back pedal down 1 ramp and Monkey Humpers the run up to the next ramp…to the top. Start with 2,4,8 and end with 10,20,30.. I promise it made sense
2,4,6,8,10 Merkins
4,8,12,16,20 Squats
8,16,24,32,40 LBC
10 monkey humpers

Decline plank to wait for the 6 (even Semi Gloss did them). Head down the stairs, meet in-between 2 set of stairs

Run up the stairs and 5 burpees- run back down
Bunny hop each stair to the top and 5 burpees- run back down
Dbl stair hop to the top and 5 burpees – run back down

Regroup with some abs to get a breather

Back to Stairs
Bear crawl to the the top
Crawl bear or bear crawl down

More abs to enjoy the mumble chatter after that. Run to benches

20 Dips
10 Incline merkins
10 Decline merkins

Run back to the parking lot (tons of traffic) Used the lights, but took the longer way home. Completed another 4 MOM (minutes of marry) and DONE!

-Free Beer tonight 4-6 – 6025 New Town Rd. Some labor may be required
– Metro is hosting a Trail run. I will find details if you can, hit me up
-Blood donation see Mighty Mite
-Q’s wanted- Sign up or someone may sign you up

Ye Olde Mole Skinny
– Thank you for the opportunity to lead- Snow Flake and Preschool.  Besides the issue with Hoover, I would say you both rebounded nicely.  Keep asking me, I do love this site
– Not the biggest parking deck, but tons of options
– Sorry to Sable- no Centurion mile. I did consider, but didn’t want to smoke myself before the Q
– We divided the stair work to give everyone some space. So 5-6 guys were separated for some of the workout. Not sure if the chatter was lively like it was in our group
-I gave you the option to do Crawl bear or backwards bear crawl. As I said, this is perfect for 4 levels. Up was easy, down sucked.

-I always recycle parts of my workouts because I like them.  However, always tweaking parts and this seemed to work.  I bailed on IPC this week, but feel like I made up for it today.  A little bit.

-speaking of you almost had cinderblocks today, I just did not want to pull them out…next time

-why did we do 2,4,8’s this AM and not 2,4,6?  I never even thought of it until I wrote this BB.  Strange, but your Abs will thank you

-Everyone knew where Rousey was. He was the pregnant lady for the morning. I complain a lot and have been known to make noises while running, but I think you took it up a level. I checked in at the end
-Merkin and Burpee heavy today, sorry. Just when I complained about IPC, we probably had close to as many Merkins and burpees.
-I honestly did not hear much mumble chatter, feel free to add comments. Too much in my head thinking about the next thing
– Good catching up with many guys I don’t normally see, but when OG Semi Gloss rolled up, I was smitten. Bad boy hair hair flowing, skipping IW…its just an attitude!
-Talking to Preschool, Sabel and Waffle House about rucking and stuff. If anyone has interest, just hit me up and we will get you set up for a donut ruck or SACS workout. We can adjust the weight to get you comfortable.

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