There is a *ick over there with my name on it

There is a *ick over there with my name on it

Week after week the training is getting tougher, the weight gets heavier and this week was no different.  As I prepared for today, I wanted to build on last weeks Geraldo Q, which was about team building and staying together.  Also, he built on Hoovers, Shut Up and Carry Shit (SACS) the week before.  Either way the 80lb sandbag made it out last week which sucked.  THere was talk of the 120# bags,  so today is the day I finally got to use mine.

So 5 veterans of the gloom all rolled in (some later then others..Focker) and were greeted with SACS.  First, everyone was given an extra 10lb before we even got moving.  This was to give the Pax time to adjust to the weight of the water that we are required to carry for the GrowRuck event.  Once we got adjusted, we grabbed Geraldo’s and YHC 60#sandbags x2, another 30 sandbag, Hoover’s 40# sandbag (previously 80#) and at that point Wild Turkey surprised us with his newly acquired “sandbag” the all famous Whale Dick.  Yep…thank you Fire Hazard, this thing lives on.  If you haven’t seen it your lucky.  I am not sure which mad scientist made it, but it is long, black, curved, soft and has a good weight (50 0r 60??) to it…there it is. Thanks for that.

We gathered up our Rucks and extra items and got moving.  We did not get to far and I had mentioned that I was waiting for my FNG.  Well, I had the Pax walk right by “him” .  In my house if I can’t think of someone’s name he is automatically, Steve.  So welcome FNG-Steve.  Steve is a 120lb sandbag and he had a ruck with another 20lb in it.  Thankfully Steve fell under the 150 lb and was only required to carry the minimum.  That said, the Pax were overjoyed to meet FNG-Steve and we partner carried Steve and his ruck all morning.  The total combined/ shared weight was 360lb plus what each man carried on their back (30-50 lb including the extra 10lb)

The Warm Up- Nope…The Thang

The goal was really to walk while carrying crazy heavy things today.  Mission accomplished!  I had the course set up like the old Death Valley- Gopher, which involves the track and the baseball diamond.  We stayed together as a group and traded coupons frequently.

Track- 15 ruck swings / 15 Shoulder to shoulder press / 15 curls

Pavilion- 5 ruck burpees/ 30 reps of some Ab exercise / 1 min of holding the ruck above your head

Baseball field- 20 dips (w/ruck) / 20 step ups and 20 squats (with ruck and sandbag)

That’s is it.  We managed to do this circuit 2x’s for a staggering 1.4 miles


Announcements: None asked for / none given

Take out: Thank you Geraldo …even if we were delayed (my bad)


Ye’ Old Mole Skin

  • Well if the title didn’t grab you this morning (assuming most of your are sleeping and you will read this on the crapper in the AM) then maybe you just needed something to read, so thanks.
  • Regarding the title.  At some point we all would just pick up random equipment (more than enough to go around).  At one point Wild Turkey said, “There is a dick over there with my name on it”.  At this point nobody wanted to carry anything else of for much longer, so a comment like that will totally lift the mood and we all had a good laugh,  as he slung that big thing on his back.
  • Seriously, I am not sure if that whale dong makes me happy or sad…..I am sure we will see it again
  • Everyone pushed real hard today.  It took a team to move all that weight for 1 full hour today.  It wasn’t pleasant or fun and neither Geraldo or Focker are signed up for GrowRuck.  Thanks for humoring me!!
  • I will say it week after week until we break him, but Geraldo likes heavy crap and won’t complain.  He was the first to take the 120 + ruck back to the pavilion himself (including the stairs).  Strong brother
  • Not to be out done, Focker also grabed the 120 and his ruck and carried it from the pavilion to the cars.  This guy is barley F3, but he is all SACS! I think this is the only workout he does. Love it!  Feel free to look at the website…just not other workouts on Wednesdays.
  • Wild Turkey is like a crackhead on speed when you give him added weight.  He just wants to be done so he moves extra fast and won’t stop.  He also has a will that won’t be broken.
  • Hoover is Hoover.  I am not sure anything phases this guy either.  He was even ready to go with his own extra water, therefore did not need the extra weight. Another who likes to carry heavy and awkward crap.
  • I was very pleased with the workout today.  I will say it again, if you Q a workout you want to do, then it is fun and no pressure. Thank you for the Pax for putting up with this one.
  • I am really looking forward to the event.  If you read this backblast or the last few…we have fun (like other AO’s)  I know rucking is not for everyone, but no one suffers alone.  Great group today!
  • At one point I had to go back and recover my phone and Hoover pointed out that 4 or the 5 guys present do not like me…well, make that 5 for 5, cuz I did not like myself much this AM.
  • Disregard spelling and grammar (you know who you are).  It’s after midnight an I just wanted to get this out before tomorrow morning.
  • Wild Turkey has the Q next week.  I may be out of town, but please join us and get some!

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