Will anyone do a headstand?

Will anyone do a headstand?

I took the Q at Centurion last minute from Mermaid, who seemed hopeless and desperately needed a Q this am.  With a plan already in mind, I said I would take it.  He said, “I am waiting to see if anyone else is interested.”  As the hours went on, he finally agreed to handover the keys to his pristine site and then continued to answered countless questions on the locations of rocks and such.  I am sure he is now regretting the approval.  However, the wonderful host provided me with a google map (sign of a strong Site Q) of the rock pile.  The thing is, I knew within minutes of accepting, we were doing parking deck and the centurion mile. #nexttime

Fast forward, I arrived early, like a child on Christmas Day.  It was great to meet many Pax that I have not seen lately.  5:29:30, eventually 15 Pax showed up, sloppy disclaimer provided and we were off.


The Warm Up

From the lot we headed straight for the parking deck.  Lots of traffic crossing the road, but eventually we made it up the ramp to the top deck.  Man, there is nothing finer then starting your morning at the top of a parking deck. From there we did the following:

IW x 15

5 each of the following (so we could skip the demo after)

  • Normal, wide, diamond, hand release merkins (supposed to be CCD, but I blanked on the exercise)

SSH x15

Again, 5 each of the following (so we could skip the demo after)

  • Narrow & wide arm merkins, monkey humpers and jump squats

The Thang

Finished with that, I asked if any Pax knew what the Centurion Mile was?  Mild response.  Of those that replied, do you know how fast you ran it? Crickets.  Haver you ever done it backward (in reverse)? Nope.  Ok, shady directions provide and with that, we took off…well I did.


Upon arrival at the normal starting point, there was construction blocking the normal cut through.  Sorry boys, another 1/4 mile to the parking decks.


At the middle, the plan was to hit each stairwell with the following workout.  Since there are only 3 stairs, we had to repeat the middle one.

Stairway 1 and 3

Level 1: merkin x 15 / Level 2: wide arm merkin x 15 / Level 3: diamond merkin x15 / Level 4: Hand release merkin x 15…then 5 burpees (well, these could be done when and where ever)

Stairway 2 and 4

Level 1: Narrow Squat x20 / Level 2: wide squat x 20 / Level 3: monkey humper x20 / Level 4: jump squat x20…then 5 burpees at some point


Once we completed that, we meet at the top for some extended marry.  Headed back down the stairs to the benches

20 dips and 10 step ups per leg…. then repto

More Mary…head back to launch


Introduced a new exercise…more on that…more Mary and DONE


Take Out prayer- Mermaid


  • Base Camp is celebrating Memorial Day at 0700
  • YHC droned on and on about GrowRuck in CLT on 8/6
  • Mermaid was begging for Q’s (more on that)

Not mentioned..Flippers run on Mondays at 5:30/ Calvary and the Functional Strength Challange…sign up and see High Tide

Ye Old Mole Skinny:

  • Thank you for Mermaid and Preschool (not in attendance) for the opportunity to lead when NO one else wanted too
  • Grave Dancer steped up when Mermaid said he was looking for Q’s next week. Seriously, Centurion is an awesome site- love a parking deck, much like a domed stadium…no rain outs. Reach out to Mermaid and find a day
  • I always say, Q a workout you want to do and if you are happy, most of the Pax will be happy too
  • I seriously expected more complaints from the Centurion Mile. Maybe most were not aware of it nor trying to set any segment records (does one exist for the reverse?)
  • Sable and Run Stopper let me win the CM, but smoked me the rest of the workout. I tried to slow Sable down and tell him he forgot Burpees…he told me he didn’t…dam his is fast.  Run Stopper was in the lead but hung with him the rest of the circuit
  • On the CM, I was caught totally off guard by Mermaid and someone else standing there greeting me on our way in. I missed my turn even
  • So, 2 minor problems that took away from a flawless Q: 1) My form was suspect on the tower runs (not sure who said it, but I heard you) …. Mermaid?! 2) Headstands were not a hit. This was a throwaway that totally failed and I almost forgot to mention. My 12 yr old daughter challenged me to a headstand competition.  I kicked her a$$ because I have a strong core.  I tried to get the Pax to do this with a short demo…not even sure 1 tried. Oh well
  • There was mumble chatter today, but I am pretty focused on not screwing up (failed) and thinking about the next thing. If you weren’t right by me, I did not see or hear…comment below.
  • Run Stopper did try to dominate me on the warm up run to the Parking Deck…punk!
  • Sorry Snow Flake, you didn’t even get out of your car and I made and old person joke. I am just jealous of your abilities always strong work…cuz I am always injured
  • I mocked several of you for the way you dress in the gloom. I believe Mildew was the most overdressed….is that how he got his name?

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