8.11.2021 not just your average wednesday

8.11.2021 not just your average wednesday

DICCS were given

Warm up consisted of running from COT to the front entrance and back to parking kot just shy of COT. Circled up for 8 windmills IC, then 11 SSH IC, follwed by quick runner’s stretch, then 20 Merkins and lastly 21 moracan night clubs IC. If those numbers are a little odd it is just the date if the wirkout since the Q was searching for a way to switch it up.

The thang


Mosey to the far end of the lot closet to the cupon pile and partner up. The task of 223 ( 8.11.2021 being the 223rd day of the year)  bench presses, 142 ( days left in the year) curls, and 32 ( the week of the year we are in) blockies. One partner did the workout and the other partner ran to the middle island.

Next we rifle carried stopping at the first island to do 8 of some workout ( cant remember) then 11 squats with the block at the next island, 20 bigboys at the next island, and 21 of another thing I cant remember DANG. Oh well I do remember and Indian run in two groups around mount chiseled. Then rifle carry to the end of the Lot closest to mt chiseled. Now we are groups of four with 2 runners and 2 doing the same reps and exercises we started with. Last we headed back 2 COT with rifle carries and stops at islands on the way to do 21 LBCs, 20 heels to heaven, 11 seconds of holding the coupon at COT and 8 v ups to finish.



A lot of hard work and sweet by the whole group and a lot of being cused at by 069 which I took as a compliment!!!!! If you get a chance to partner up with this guy the workout goes by fast with his commentary!!! Loved every minut of it.



Trial cleanup Saturday at cupertson

Christ closet Saturday a house full of furniture to load, meet at christ closet then go to the house in waxhaw, ask Shop for details.

Clothes need by some local youth boys/men for interviews and such.

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