It’s My Q and I’ll Do Abs If I Want To

It’s My Q and I’ll Do Abs If I Want To

The beauty of being the Q is that if there is something you want to work on you get to call it.  Need to get that vo2 Max up then make the workout running heavy.  Need to swole up those soccer arms?  Call lots of rock curls.  This week YHC felt the need to pay special focus on the abs and core and noted as such on Slack the night before.  16 total Pax apparently agreed and here is what transpired.


Da Thing

Mosey to the HT parking lot for a warmup.  Mosey over to Firebirds/Tipsy Taco and partner up.  Round 1: P1 runs the 1st parking lot island loop while P2 does derkins, then flapjack.  Round 2: P1 runs the 2nd parking lot island loop while P2 does incline merkins, then flapjack.  Round 3: P1 runs the 3rd parking island loop while P2 does standard merkins, then flapjack.

Mosey to the Stonecrest fountains by Chipotle.  Partner back up.  P1 runs the loop around both buildings while P2 does step-ups then flapjack. Continue until your group gets 100 step ups.  As we were finishing this round the early morning cleaning crew that do real work that early in the morning were coming through to blow out the area.  Time to audible to the next stage of the workout.  No worries, just more time for the ab work that I promised.

Mosey to Chick Fil A.  Find your partner for the last song of this square dance.  Round 1: P1 does LBC’s while P2 runs around the CFA, flapjack until your group gets 200.  Round 2: 150 J-Lo’s.  Round 3: 150 Chippy Crosses.

Head back to launch for about 3 minutes of Heels to Heaven, Flutter and plank.


Da Moleskin

Great crew out there this morning.  We kept it moving and put some work in.  As Rousey noted on Slack it was a nothing fancy old school circuit.  Sometimes those are needed especially to concentrate on a specific area.  It actually worked out that the grounds crew had us leave the leg portion early because if not we would not have been able to get the whole ab section in and that was the main focal point for YHC. Thanks Circuit City for tapping me to lead.



  • Happy Hour last Thursday 8/5 at Duckworth’s at Rea Farms.  It was a good time.
  • A51 bike drive organized by Stone Cold.  Used bikes larger than 26″ needed.  Please drop off any to donate at Rock Zero, which is at Calvary, Saturday August 14th 7:00.
  • F3 10 Year Anniversary at Cape Fear October 8-10.  Make your plans now.

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