Chiseled: Classic Rock til You Drop

Chiseled: Classic Rock til You Drop

If you didn’t know Mt. Chisled before, you probably wanted to grab one of my extra sledgehammers after this workout to knock it down to size.  At least there was some hard-driving classic rock to get us all pumped along the way.

DiCCS given and away we go on the Sledge-O-Matic VQ

The Warm-Up:

Mosey up to the Five Stones entrance and return to Mt. Chiseled grabbing a lifting rock on the way back if coupon-less.  Circle up for some warm-up exercises all in 1-2-3 cadence: Sidestraddle Hop x 20, Moroccan Night Club x10, Potato Pickers x10, Imperial Walkers x10.

The Thang:

While one partner functions as the timer (run 1/2 around Mt. Chiseled the long way then up/over and back), the other partner begins the exercises.  Each exercise is done “as many as you can” style one at a time til the timing partner returns triumphantly over Mt. Chiseled.  The exercises (song: Duane Allman’s guitar gets us started – bring on The Whipping Post!): 1. Merkens, 2. LBCs, 3. Curls (21s w/ coupon) (song: The Who challenge us to find The Real Me), 4. Low Slow Squats (w/ coupon), 5. Diamond Merkens (song: at Chiseled…we “Ain’t Talkin ‘Bout Love”), 6. American Hammers, 7. Overhead Tricep Extensions (w/ coupon) (song: you’ve been Thunderstruck), 8. Monkey Humpers, 9. Carolina Dry Docks (song: Creedence reminds us that the next exercise is always just Up Around The Bend), 10. Flutters, 11. Curls (slow w/ coupon) (song: Springsteen’s got us thinking at this point that Roulette – – russian style – – might be a good option about now), 12. Shoulder Press (w/ coupon), 13. Off-Set Merkens (w/ coupon) (song: Pearl Jam’s got us looking in our Rearview Mirror to see to see who’s got the lead on exercises), 14. Big Boy Sit Ups, 15. Bobby Hurleys (song: Little Steven Van Zandt’s got got us scrambling for Guns, Drugs, And Gasoline to blow up Mt. Chiseled).  Certainly some made it to the Bobby Hurleys (I know Bottlecap got there), but not all – – IMPRESSIVE!

The Beastie Boys Sabotage us and we’re off on a couple minutes of sprints!  The lifting rocks are returned while other PAX plank up and we all line up at the edge of the parking lot and sprint All You Got to the COT area then sprint back only to the next parking lot island and back to COT again.  In a pure rookie move, yours truly prematurely calls a Have A Nice Day with 3 minutes to spare…Fuse Box and Posse graciously call out the error and Sledge-O-Matic audibles Burpees to close us out the last 2 minutes.

Whew, my VQ is nearly complete!  I tried to strike a happy medium for the runners and boot camp-ers…my mileage was 1.99 miles, so for certain many others ran more than that.

Announcements & a Triple Respect FNG!

Turnbuckle and Rudy will be organizing a follow-up Blood Drive capitalizing on the hard work and success of the one headed by Fuse Box last week…more to follow.  Bottlecap reminded us all about  3rd F opportunities (Open Door) to grow spiritually no matter your faith on Saturday mornings via Zoom and Sundays at Five Stones – check the News Channel for specifics.  Ricky Bobby introduced us to a triple respect FNG, a former NHL player, now known to F3 Nation as Penalty Box.  Penalty Box shared some sage words of wisdom about the importance of faith and fellowship…well done!

Take us Out

I am no preacher and I’m not the best practicing Catholic, but I was very glad to take us out this morning.  The welcoming and supportive attitude of all F3 PAX I’ve met has inspired an awakening in me physically and spiritually.  I said some days are diamonds and some days are rocks and that’s true as a matter of fact, but also as a matter of fiction.  We all have the ability to cultivate diamonds from rocks with the right tools and attitude…the fellowship and faith prongs of F3 speak to me and I am grateful.  Rave on men, Sledge-O-Matic.

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