A Fijian Tribute to Da Vinci’s 4 year Anniversary!

A Fijian Tribute to Da Vinci’s 4 year Anniversary!

24 Pax showed to pay tribute and honor Da Vinci’s 4 year anniversary this chilly morning!


I am not a professional, you cannot sue me, f3, or Chick-fil-A!

Started the crisp morning with a mosey across street into Blakeney towards 131 Parking lot.


Ready position, in Cadence on my count!! Exercise!

  • 15 Imperial Walkers in Cadence
  • 15Low Slow Squats in Cadence
  • 20 Mountain Climbers in Cadence
  • Calf stretch followed by upward and downward dog!
  • Few Pax got a little excited as they thought Fiji was gonna lead them through a study of the Kama Sutra!

The Thang:

Mosey over to the Target lot. Final 4 Weekend, Dean Smith ( Respect to the legend) 4 Corners

100 Merkin 4 Corners

Start with 10 Merkins, Run to corner 2. 10 Merkins. Run to corner 3. 10 Merkins. Run to 4. Repeat Twice and finish with 20 Merkins. Did LBC’s and Heels to Heaven as Mary till the six came in!

Repeat with Bobby Hurley’s(not a favorite of UNC fans) (100)

Repeat with Monkey Humpers as a show of respect to the Dookies (100)


Mosey through Blakeney to the staircases at the Little Gym and Unlightened Yoga

Tribute to #59 Luke Kuechly

Start with 5 Burpees! Run up stairs to middle of building. 9 Jump Squat. Run down opposite stairwell and back to launch. 5 Burpees. 8 times for his 8 seasons! American Hammers as Mary!


UNC getting TKO’d this year as chances of not being involved in the Madness of March is becoming a reality with each passing day!

Mosey to fountain area by Brixx. Partner 1 runs to the fountain by Banana Republic and does 5 Mike Tyson’s against wall while partner 2 starts the 1-2-3-4 exercises. Rotate upon finishing each Tyson combo.


100 Derkins as a team

100 Step Ups as a team

100 Dips as a team

100 Heels to Heaven

Mosey across AK Road to BB&T parking lot, circled around for the Fijian Ring of Fire. Quick-feet followed with a merkin on the down call by each Pax till the final 2 minutes ran out!

Mosey back to CFA lot and wrapped up!

Great work today gents, everyone pushed it hard and got a great workout in!

Followed by the great news on Chopper’s test results! All clear!

Taco Stand led us out with a great prayer!

Thanks to Bucky and Mighty Mite for giving me the opportunity to lead!!


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