When I was a kid I used to go to school at 5 in the morning through 5 feet of snow and walked 5 miles uphill….BOTH WAYS.  Well, now the pax of F3Waxhax has a story to tell their grandkids when….


Mosey around the school  (I was told 4 mile min and more intense)  so the mosey started at a about a 830 Pace.  Circle up 15 MC’s, couple of runners stretches,  some merkins and some IW.  Mosey to the intersection.  Pause, some merkins,  mosey into CF 10 air squats at each light till the stop sign, END Warm up.


Decent hill on backside of CF (I’m naming Bratwurst Hill) 11’s Burpees at the top Merkin Shedders at the Bottoms,  Guessing its just over 1/8 mile end to end.  Finish that and head back home, a brief stop at a couple of lights for merkins and on the final stretch partner up for some Derkins 5 rotate partner every other light (to be fair I didn’t explain it all that well).  Mosey home,  couple jailbreaks to finish just on time!


Gents this workout was inspired by Brat, didn’t know he would be there today so it was ironic.  Hills will make you faster and stronger,  an extra dynamic that brings additional endurance to the table.  When I started Brat made a group of us do something similar and it was brutal.  I remember how bad it sucked so as I continue to see the Waxhaw pax improve physically this was a solid challenge for us all.  Furthermore, you can bust your kids or your grandkids chops someday and say… I used to get up a 4:45 in the morning and run up hills both ways and do burpees till I almost puked so quite whining😊.  Maybe, just maybe, if we keep this up and follow the leads of our Respects and instead of saying used to we get to say… This morning, I got up a 4:45….

Some stand out notes:  Cobbler has a no-quit attitude,  I love it!  Zin was busting my chops, “I could have found a treadmill”.  Wolverine is an animal. Period. Hootch is much, much faster than he used to be. Bottlecap thinks its summer. I think I still live in Wisconsin.   Had a great time, great crowd and saw a lot of heart, honored to lead this morning and glad to see such a solid pax that has improved themselves and continue looking to improve themselves! That is what male leadership is about!


Christ’s Closet folding tomorrow morning 8 is at UMC  almost corner of Cuthbertson and Newtown ( you will see a bunch of f3 stickers)

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