Twas the gloom before Christmas….

Twas the gloom before Christmas….

Great stuff this morning men.  Cobains here as I could only remember 24 of the 26 pax that posted.  Not bad for not recording, and a convergence to boot.  Speaking of convergence – a great mix of Area51 and SOB pax – roughly 50/50.  Area51 hopes to return the favor at Bagpipe on NYE.

After YHC planted the SF, and Hopper reminded everyone they couldn’t sue anyone or anything, off we went.

The remainder of this backblast will be very little Thang and more Moleskinny.

Hopper had us pair up after COP and we ran some stairs, did a myriad of merkins.  One thing to note during the stair work – Wingman was defying gravity and wisdom by jumping down 4 or 5 stairs at a time.  Don’t tell his M.  YHC partnered with Jazz Hands – great nickname.

Must insert here that despite Kirby’s HC on Slack yesterday – he was a fartsacker.  Hope he shows on NYE.  Cooter2 was there and pushing hard.  Other random comments – didn’t see Frehley’s workout hanky?  By the way, he’s got some Clemson tix to sell you if you feel like a trip to Arizona to watch Ohio State and the Tiggers.  Can they both lose?  If not, then better that Ohio State loses – no offense Hopper…actually, hope I did offend.

We did some circuit work, and YHC partnered with Spackler.  The guy runs hard & well…just doesn’t do much of anything else.  He may be better served at Fast Twitch.

Some other sundry observations:

Mighty Mite was wearing St. Nick’s lid…bet that smells tasty at this point.  Geraldo was wearing a Santa Clause coat/t-shirt.  You guys should’ve gotten a picture together and sent it as a Xmas present to all your fellow rucktards.

Jet Fuel was there – and that was noteworthy as he doesn’t post Tuesday’s very often…neither does Lorax and he was chatty and not hearing YHC’s instructions.

Snowflake and Snuka….I mean seriously.  Do any of you think you’ll still be posting at F3 when you’re 58.  We should open a book on that.  Market Timer can run it.

Tagalong’s beard will still be posting in 20+ years when he’s 58….the beard will be 37.

Puddin’ Pop cleared some folks out….I think…during COP.  Par. For. The. Course.

We did some other stuff for YHC’s portion of the Q including some box jump, double-squat burpees, Wallthar N’Djaiye’s, Burpees, People’s Chair variations, blah, blah, blah.

Cheddar – thankful for you brother.  God’s continued grace to you and your M. and 2.0 in Chicago.  We’ll miss you.  Come back and see us.

Gotta run and grab a beer with Spackler at the Lodge, so I’ll end there….actually one more thing:

I can’t end a Christmas Eve backblast without saying the following:  I am grateful for all of my F3 brothers.  I pray for you guys often.  My most consistent prayer is that all of you and your loved ones, if you haven’t already –> find hope, not just at this time of year, but always.  Hope in that which is true, trustworthy and lasting forever.  Most of you know I’ve found that hope in this holiday’s namesake.  It’s not a religion or a bunch of do’s/don’ts.  It’s a faith, moreover a trust, in this dude named Jesus.  Do you know Him?  I’d love to grab coffee, lunch or a beer with anyone who wants to talk about this hope.

Merry Christmas, men.  Emmanuel.

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4 years ago

Great stuff Hops and crew – miss you but could practically smell the workout from the Backblast!

4 years ago

Enjoyed the workout Hops. I would also like to echo how grateful I’m for F3 this year and the past. Enjoyed the hope piece , will try to remember it !

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