There’s No Place Like Home!

There’s No Place Like Home!

For my 33rd Q and 4th this week I’m back to the site that made me but not before it broke me. I hated the site because it was brutal. Too much running, too many reps and too much intensity. I told myself I hated it because of the traffic/danger/etc but it was the freaking hills and that guy Moneyball that I disliked.

Eventually I was asked to be Site Q and the rest is history. I love the 87th worst site in WUC more than you all know. It’s got a lot to hate and I wanted to make sure we visited the classic spots.

I was struggling with my costume ideas but luckily my crossdressing brother Deadwood has a full wardrobe of ideas to choose from. He showed me that Dorothy costume and boom….”THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE HOME!!” Weinke ready…

We pulled up to the parking lot and who do I see but Foundation dressed at DW and Deflated dressed as me, Zinfandel. I immediately asked Banjo to turn off the child safety window lock so I could stick my pigtails out the window and yell, “you all look ridiculous!”

Dorothy’s DiCCS given. Bottlecap’s Candy Corn lipstick flavor quickly discussed. Let’s roll…


Mosey to the front of the shopping center. Circle up for….

1. 20 x SSH IC

2. 20 x Moroccan Night Clubs IC

3. 10 x Merkins IC

4. Jimmy Dugan

5. Calf Stretch

Mosey to Bad Idea. 10 x Bobby Hurley’s at the top and 20 Carolina Dry Docks at the bottom. 2.5 times aka stop at the top.

Mosey to graveyard. Big Gas Webb. 1 Big Boy Sit Up. 4 Gas Pumps. 4 Hand release Merkins. 5 rounds completed.

Mosey to Waxhaw Elementary. Break into groups of 3. Take turns elbow planking while each PAX jail breaks to one side of the lot and back. Repeat with Speedskaters and Mike Tysons.

7 minutes to get from Waxhaw Elementary. Let’s roll. We arrived at 6:17am. Hooched it.


Great work by everyone today. Bad Idea is an awful place to start and I attempted to get my Strava title back on the first round but then a damn car came down the hill and we had to stop. 1:01 took me but Kid Rock owns 1st place at 47 seconds currently. I’m coming back soon.

Overall we kept the intensity up while cruising across 3.5 miles with a smattering of pain mixed in. Great push by everyone and love to see Carb Load and Smithers jailbreak the last 50ish yards to COT. Those guys don’t hold back the whole workout and make sure that tank is empty by the end.

Sadly no one has continued to follow me for all 4 of my Qs so far. Fear of rain and/or work travel must have been the issue. I know several of the guys are on their 4th day of the week and will make it 5 by tomorrow. Pushing your body to these limits is a motivator to post everyday for me. Find a brother to chase during a workout or someone to hold you accountable to posting on days you know you should. Personal accountability is important.


• Q School and Site Q School this weekend. See Posse for more details.

• We are gathering lightly used clothes and toys leading up to the holidays for Christ’s Closet. See Deadwood or BC for any questions or donations.

• Holiday Party is coming up on Nov 16th. Room is booked, hors d’oeuvres are ordered and all that’s left is you to RSVP. We are almost up over 60 people already! Please ping me at a workout or on GroupMe and send over your Ms name if she is attending as well.

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