“Stay Together” – Rev. Al Green

“Stay Together” – Rev. Al Green

Today’s Q was lightly modeled after the great Reverend Al Green’s song “Lets Stay Together”. I highly recommend playing that in the background as you read this…not because any of this backblast is timed (like Far side of the moon and wizard of oz), but mainly because I find that if you play this loud enough for the M to hear, things tends to work out well. (Oh, you didn’t know white boys can have a little soul too?!)

So I put out on GroupMe that today I would attempt to allow the Gazelles enough room to roam for 3 miles while also giving the Clydesdale’s enough pain stations to tune the muscles up. I “think” both were achieved though I never heard a final mileage count from a Gazelle.


Gazelles run long way around the school. Clydesdale run short way around school. When a Gazelle tags a Clydesdale, 180 around and run back to the 6. This seemed to work out pretty well as most everyone converged as the 6 was entering the Kensington parking lot. Circle up in the middle.

Deconstructed Burpee Ladder. Staring with 10 and working down to 1. Squats, Merkins, In/Outs, and Bobby Hurleys. Somewhere as we were going around the circle having different pax lead counts, the Bobby Hurley counts became “on my touch”. That greatly concerned and stressed out Recalculating (which made me smile internally). Any time we can get the grouch/grumpy old man to come out of Recalculating, it warms my heart a little much like the Grinch.


Run a 5k in under 30 minutes – take long way around the school towards the bus lot, around the school and back to the bus lot. Run a 5k in 30-40 minutes, hot lap around the parking lot then to the bus lot. 5k in over 40 minutes – head straight to the bus lot. Last person to reach causes that group 20 jump squats. Q Fail, Pax Fail, Everyone Fail. T claps to the few that did this right (Posse and a couple gazelles, Turnbuckle, Radar, and myself. The rest of the clydesdales went straight to the bus lot and half the gazelles did half lap around the school. Normally I would blame you and say you can’t follow directions…but Popeye approached me afterwards and confirmed that the directions were a little confusing….ok we can all share the blame. Since we all failed – we all did 20 jump squats.

Partner up with opposite abilities (gazelles & clydesdales). P1 does 15 merkins and supermans until tagged out. P2 runs to pull up bars for 10 jumping pull ups. 3 sets.

P1 does 5 big boy sit ups and 10 gas pumpers. P2 runs to pull up bars for 10 jumping pull ups. 3 sets.

P1 does inch worm dry docks towards the pull up bars. P2 runs to pull up bars for 10 jumping pull ups. 3 sets.

90 jumping pull ups. Asked every pax to finish 10 full pull ups to complete the 100. Yes, every pax. That includes our new FNG 2.0 Velvetta J16 as well as Turnbuckle. Velvetta J16 got help from pax getting his 10. Turnbuckle attemped to slide out of the pull ups saying he couldn’t do them….oh no…..everyone is getting 10 in. 4 pax come over to help turnbuckle knock his 10 out. He later said it was the first time he had done pull ups since he was his sons age. Awesome job.

Progressive Corners with Deconstructed Burpees. Race the Q Challenge. Ran out of time so skipped it.

Meet at the rock pile circling back for 6 along the way. Turnbuckle digging down deep to keep the pace a mosey and not a walk.

Partner with someone your same size and grab 1 lifting rock per team. (Damn it Popeye, rock not boulder). P1 Curls. P2: Gazelles run to the last (2nd) neighborhood road and back. Clydesales run to the 1st neighborhood road and back. 2 sets.

P1 Tricep overhead extension. P2 Run. Ran out of time. Skip it.

P1. Overhead Press. P2 Run. Ran out of time. Skip it.

P1. Row. P2 Run. 20 Tricep Dips as the timer. Go until time runs out (roughly 3 sets).

Put rocks up. Jailbreak to start, 1 burpee, come back for the 6. Repeat jailbreak burpees until 6 is in. Time.


Great turn out today. Even better once I realized there were 4-5 guys who ran the trail on their own and another 4 guys who went to scout a new location at Weddington Middle. I “think” that puts us at a final count of 27? (19 at Commitment. 4? Trail Runners – Deadwood, Hazmat, Deadwood’s brother? – didn’t catch his name. 4 at Weddington).

Rubbermaid found us halfway through the pull ups after running 4 miles on the trail.

The fact that my back sweat stain resembled mickey mouse ears was a hot topic today and noticed by two different pax.

The pull ups took longer than I had hoped causing me to remove the progressive 5 corners I had planned (and where some significant mileage was supposed to come in at). Maybe next time. We probably did enough deconstructed burpees during the warm up. I doubt the pax felt they were cheated.

Turnbuckle brought his 2.0 out. Named Velvetta because he likes Mac and Cheese J16 from his gaming name. Good work today from that young man (6 years old). Solid work running and several pull ups in today.

Posse, the ever present 6 whisperer was out pushing men to get better today and leading by example with the 2.0. Several times correcting form and taking the time to show the fng 2.0 the proper way. As a Q trying to remember the workout in his head, keep the group together, and do my own workout, it really helps to have other men step up and help the 2.0’s. Thanks Posse.

Great job by Turnbuckle turn the walking into moseying today. I told him not to be mad at me for pushing him, but that he could walk on his own and that while he is with us, he should push to run when possible. He stepped up to that challenge today.

That’s all I got. Hopefully you are not still reading this and the Reverend has your wife asking you to put down the phone. If not, play it on loop until she does. Have a good day gentlemen. I’m off to have a boys morning with my 3 year old and cheer the Pack on.

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