A Maintenance Man and his Tools

A Maintenance Man and his Tools

I must admit I have been very nervous and anxious at the same time in the coming days of my VQ. Ever since the day I was asked Told by Dancing Bear I would be Qing the butterflies have been dancing. The New site at New Town is still bring out great numbers for a Tuesday and I had the pleasure to pop my ole cherry with 22 men and one of those men just happened to be a FNG from the Great Large Lot Neighborhood of The Briars and the Crest ( Another Briarcrestian, Bammmmmm). Welcome Round-Up- a 15 year old.


I was a little nervous in front of the group for the first time especially going over my DICCS in front of them while half of them where still talking and getting caught up on the weeks events- But finally the troops settled in and started to listen to my DICSS

Cellphone, CPR, and do not sue me, the school, or F3 and modify as needed-

The Warm Up

Mosey in front of school down long road and circle back on sidewalk along New Town rd. and then circle up around flag pole.

12 SSH

12 imperial walkers

12 potato pickers

Calf Stretch

and we are off…..

The Thang

Mosey from flag pole area down long road until we are three light poles away from stop sign.

light pole one – 20 squats on your own

light pole two- 20 American hammers on your own

light pole three- 20 squats on your own

stop sign- 20 squats on your own

Run back to start for seemed like a good idea with the good old merkin air press – jack webb style – 1 merkin /4 air press– get to 10 merkins and 40 air presses– This turned out to be quite terrible and thanks to Zinfandel and a few others who helped with the counting.

Mosey to back of school and grab some wall

10- donkey kicks and 1 lap around track

10 – Mike Tysons 1 lap around track

10 – Hills to Heaven 1 lap around track

10- Flutters 1 lap around track

After a little warm up laps we went into 4 corners around track ( 2 times)

corner 1 – 10 big boy sit ups

corner 2- 20 squats

corner 3- 20 LBCS

corner 4- 10 Merkins

After a little track time it was time for more wall work

25 air presses and 25 cadence count air jabs ( 3 times) thanks for those counting as I was winded.. yikes!!

one more lap around the track before a little Mosey back to COT for 4 minutes of random exercises- heels to heaven, flutters, and Box Cutters


Today I wanted to push myself to finally Q while also keeping the PAX moving. I fee like everyone gave it their all and with the humidity pretty much sucking— it was like running in a chamber with no air.. I am ready for the fall cooler weather…

A few call outs from today. It appears Swimmers as taken the bait from DW, ZIN and Dana and now he has a vest- Nice work man . Gump ( aka little Swimmers was crushing it today). Zin and Dana brought out their vest so they would not be out done by Swimmers- nice work fellas. Deadwood still has one pace- Fast and Furious- nice work. Chipotle, Big Tuna and Ricky Bobby- hell of a push today. Thanks to Dancing Bear for making me do this today and also thanks to him for riding home with Zin so his white shirt did not saturate my car. Carb Load, Easy Button and Shake-n-Bake like the three amigos you fellows are always up front and helping pick up the 6 – thanks fellows.


Saturday- Spit shining down town Waxhaw after coffeeteria

FNG- Caden Losier AKA Round -up– awesome work young man- Puking in the bushes on first workout is AWESOME!!!

Thanks to Dancing Bear for taking us out

Five Stones is starting back up at 6:15- men’s forged group

DW and Rubbermaid- trail run at 5am Carolina tread trail

Prostate race 09/14-19- check groupme for sign up- it is free someone sponsoring it for F3

Chiseled- Legalized on Q

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