3rd Annual Area 51 Christmas Party Extravaganza – UPDATE

  • When:12/06/14
  • QIC: Prohibition and Committee of Awesomeness
  • The PAX: All Area 51 Pax and significant others.

3rd Annual Area 51 Christmas Party Extravaganza – UPDATE

What: 3rd Annual Area 51 Christmas Party

When: Saturday, December 6th from 6pm-9pm

Where: Sugar Creek Brewery |  215 Southside Dr. Charlotte, NC 28217  | http://sugarcreekbrewing.com/ | 704.521.3333

Cost: $25 per single.  $45 per couple.  Cost covers food, space, and laughs.  You will be responsible for purchasing your own beverages.

Registration is now CLOSED.  Thank you to everyone who did register as we have over 100 people coming!!!  If you did not register and would like to just stop by for a beer, you are welcome to, but please do not partake in the food.  We will be having a preparty in the Tap Room from 5-6pm and you are encouraged to come hang out then.  

Charity Update:

In true F3 form, we want to make sure this event is fun, but also more than about us.  We are asking you to bring canned goods to donate to the Calvary Food Bank & Feeding Outreach at Calvary Church.  Here is a list of their needs: canned tuna, canned veggies (not corn or green beans – already fully stocked), canned fruits, canned or boxed potatoes, boxes of cereal, boxes of individual packs of oatmeal. They have a huge Saturday morning homeless feeding program, hence the need for breakfast items.  We want to make a big impact for Calvary Food Bank since they provide such a great space for multiple Area 51 AOs.

Raffle Tickets:

Raffle tickets will be sold at the door for $2 per ticket or $10 for 6 tickets.  Please bring cash to purchase your tickets.  We will have multiple drawings for the raffle throughout the evening and you must be present to win.  You will receive 1 free raffle ticket with your canned goods donation. 

Prizes include a golf bag, movie passes to Cinebarre, a $30 gift card to Try Sports, free entry to the Joe Davis Memorial Resolution Run, and a free team entry to the April Ultimate Challenge Mud Run at The Leatherneck!

Additional Info:

  • We have reserved the private room at Sugar Creek Brewery, which will be exclusive to only the A51 Christmas party.
  • Food will be provided by Leroy Fox
  • There will be a private bar serving beer, wine, and non alcoholic drinks (NOTE: Automatic 20% gratuity put on all credit card charges – no need for additional tip.  Tip jars available for those paying with cash)
  • Free Brewery Tours will be scheduled throughout the evening
  • Join us in the main tap room starting at 5pm for some additional 2nd F.

Special Thanks:

Special Thanks to Haggis and The Stone Man company for helping us putting this event on.  If you are planning an outdoor living or hardscapes project or know of someone who is, reach out to The Stone Man at 704-616-7948 or http://www.stonemanrocks.com/.

Special Thanks to all those who have donated prizes for our raffle:

Ultimate Challenge Mud Run – Free Team Entry to April Mud Run (http://www.ultimatechallengemudrun.org/)

Joe Davis Memorial Resolution Run – Free Entry to 5k/10k/Double Down (https://joedavisrun.racesonline.com/)

Try Sports Blakeney – Free Gift Card (http://www.trysports.com/)

Cinebarre at the Arboretum – Free Movie Passes (http://www.cinebarre.com/)

So there it is, folks!  We have a great Christmas party planned for Area 51 at Sugar Creek Brewery.  Put on your best bunny suit that Aunt Clara made you last year and head on down to celebrate the holidays and enjoy some great 2nd F.  You might just see an electric leg lamp or an RV parked out front.  You are welcome to bring the M or a significant other, just leave cousin Eddie in the driveway.  You won’t find a better time on December 6th that with us that evening.  I triple dog dare you!

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8 years ago

Let em roll…

Eddie: “You surprised to see us Clark?”
Clark: “Oh Eddie…If I woke up tomorrow with my head sewn to the carpet, I wouldn’t be more surprised than I am now.”

Reply to  Bugeater
8 years ago

Merry Christmas!! S***er’s full!!

8 years ago

M and I are in and will be there at 5 for the pre- party festivities. Looking forward to it. Champagne


8 years ago

M and I are in and paid. I hope to make the pre-party as well, but that’s still subject to M sign-off. Thanks for organizing, Prohibition and the CoA.

Reply to  Voodoo
8 years ago

Congrats voodoo on completing the goruck!

Drop Thrill
8 years ago

In and paid.

Dear Abby
8 years ago

Can’t wait! The M and I are in. I’m still getting to know folks after moving down from Metro to the Southlands, so I’m definitely looking forward to some second F.

8 years ago

M. Hops & I will be there. Feliz Navidad.

Drop Thrill
Reply to  Hops
8 years ago

It’s too early for that song! Go and do penalty burpees! 🙂

8 years ago

Mudder and udder are in. Prob can make pre festivities.

Stump Hugger
8 years ago

M and I are in and paid.

8 years ago

M + Hairball in/paid.

High Tide
High Tide
8 years ago

M & I are in and paid. Looking forward to it.

8 years ago

M and I are paid.

8 years ago

M and I are in and paid. Babysitter locked and loaded. Looking forward to it.

Drop Thrill
Reply to  Hannibal
8 years ago

Just as long as you’re not “Having an old friend for dinner”.

Run Stopper
Run Stopper
8 years ago

Run Stopper and M are in. Paypal done.

Turkey Leg
8 years ago

TL and M are in and Paypaled

Madame Tussauds
8 years ago

M and I are in. Looking forward to it brothers. We will be there around 5 with Champagne.

Drop Thrill
Reply to  Madame Tussauds
8 years ago

The person or the drink? XD

8 years ago

Sorry for the late sign up. I have no excuse other than procrastination. Looking forward to it.

Strange Brew
8 years ago

Brew and M are in and paid, should be great.

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