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Swaddling is the art of snugly wrapping a baby in a blanket for warmth and security. It can keep your baby from being disturbed by her own startle reflex, and it can help her stay warm and toasty for the first few days of life until her internal thermostat kicks in. It may even help to calm your baby

7 Men came for the McGee Remix and found no security in the confines of the stairwell. You can skip an exercise or flub a burpee, but you cannot cheat the stairs.  McGee was MIA…….something about a baby girl

Run to the parking deck up the stairs to the top with a winded disclaimer and instructions as follows.
Down the stairs
10 Mountain Climbers – add 10 more for each round 10, 20, 30, 40, etc
Up the stairs
1 Burpee
Across the parking deck
20 Core exercises of your choosing
Run back to stairs
1 Burpee
Stop the madness at 6:00
Misc Mary (hammy stretching, burpees, merkins, jump squats, hills2heaven, a merkin with a high leg bounce thingy)
Back to the COT with a few rounds of planks
Squid took us out

Moleskinned Knee
I’ve been away for a minute, Taco Stand feels that we got gypped daylight savings, Alf had to remind us that those stumps were removed, and OT had to tell the story again, Rachel was quiet, Squid kept us honest, and Purell said the mountain climber idea was weak.

Rock n Run

Overnight rain and fog was not enough to keep down 20 of Union Counties finest. Since I tend to get in trouble for not telling what all we did I will oblige the site Q’s and give the run down.

The Thang:
No FNG’s or site FNG’s in sight I started to give the disclaimer but started to mosey instead. Yog over by a light poll and circle up for the disclaimer.
SSH x 20
Leg Scissors x 15
SSH x 25
Windmills x 15
Dolly Futter x 10
Slow Air Squats x 10

Main Event:
Rock n’ Run
Partner up based on slow/fast or injured/fast. P1 chooses a “running rock” from the pile.
P1 and P2 stand back to back all in a line. P1 with rock facing counter clock wise and P2 without rock clock wise. When I say “say when” each person heads in their direction around the entire main high school parking lot. Find your partner and knock out 20 partner hand slap merkins do this 3 rounds. Plank at start when done.
Plank Fail
Form 2 lines facing your partner everyone down elbow plank. First man out starts LBC’s then the next and the next and the next and so on. Winners were Transporter, Dasher, Goodfella, and Dasher.
50 Paces
Form 2 lines at top of hill. Face partner and then stand back to back again. P1 & P2 start walking 50 paces one of the partner is carrying the rock. At the end of 50 paces stop and knock out 15 burpees. Run back and trade rock.
Plank Fail round 2
Same deal as above but this time first man out starts doing burpees with a 20 count minimum.
Rock n’ Run same deal as above with 20 squats and return.
Back to back Russian twists with rock then switch. And one last 50 paces and returns rocks and head home for some Mary.
Leg Scissors x 15
Hold 6 inches while Transporter talks up Debbie’s House Project

Ol’ Skinned Knee:
YHC has been trying to make another effort to post more, run more, and start Qing more. Get on a good eating plan and drop some weight then find something to get excited about. Life (work) can be brutal and can happen to many of us. It’s easy to say “to hell with it” and give up. I have done this many times because the pressure is too much. Yesterday at Swift I got a cramp in my calf and it felt like a gargantuan monkey fist. I spent most of Tuesday rehabbing it just to lead. I did not want to bow out for that reason. Today was lots of fun plenty of mumble chatter, lots of questions. But we came together and pulled off another post.
If for any reason you are reading this and need some help, just know that any F3 brother is here to help you. If you cannot post then get involved with a Third F study. Get involved with Interrupting Hope  Go out and post, even if you cannot do all the exercises just do what you can or stand around like TR or Spackler at least they look good doing so.
Note Worthy: Strawberry ran 2.4 mile pre-run.
Ernon took us out in prayer. As always it was an honor to lead.


Project being managed by local F3Union County, for a family in need. Debbie’s house project and opportunity to assist. Donations, and talent needed for the weekend  Feb 18-19.

Dromedary Q sign-up





ICYMI: Devils Turn

4 pax for some Devils Turn. Bunker and Hairball went for The Village. YHC and Holy Hitman headed for the track. A bit humid but each got what they came for some 2nd F and miles. HH took us out with the prayer.

Good luck to all my BRR running brothers!!


Dromedary Mayhem

22 men woke up and decided Dromedary was the place to post.

Disclaimer was given for the FNG (apparently the other AO did not have any creative juices going so they waited until he posted someplace else for a name)

Warm up:

SSH x 25
Windmills x 10
IW x 10
MC x 10

That Thang:

There was so much damn mumble chatter coming from one of the pax that YHC forgot what all we did!! That’s right…Bananas nicknamed a new idea YHC had called “Plank Off” and the pax seemed to enjoy it so that means it will come back in rotation. Pax forms 2 rows facing your partner. Each in an elbow plank and hold it until 5 pax fail. Those who fail start doing burpees. Then the group takes off running. Rocks were involved in the mix, and yet I still here that mumble chatter questioning this and that!! We did some SEAL situps and round robin Mary.   

Bratwurst are bad for your health.  Bananas are a healthier choice.  FNG 2nd post named Cowabunga.  Doc McStuffins is the brave one always excited to do something new as long as it involves a beat down,  Land Shark these 2.0’s remind us how much fun hard work is,  Good to see Long Haul out at a Bootcamp after his return to F3, looks like his running is come full circle.  Flipper another 2.0,  Nice to see Shampoodle and Turtle getting after those rocks plus I noticed Turtle keeping the language PG with the 2.0’s present,  More food facts Soft Pretzel OG Grease Monkey was representing along with a rehab knee and getting on my case about being in the six.  Bananas liked to call out the expressions from Joy when Bratwurst called OYO Burpees at the end, I cannot help but think of this Rockwell when I think it’s this Rockwell,  Shop Dawg in my opinion is the hardest working pax I have ever seen because he never complains. He just does the work and modifies when needed Respect!, Hollywood no Doc I guess, Hoops 2.0’s on a week day this early?  After listening to the recording is sounds like either Gator Club or Gator Cub and still I’m not sure.  Wildcat 2.0 again with the younguns, Short Circuit named the FNG,  Enron asked me if we needed gloves. I needed them because I could only find one this morning and after only posting running events my hands hurt, Old McDonald looks nothing like his name sake. Bratwurst took us out. YHC always enjoys the challenge of leading and coming up with Q-fails!

Sound off if I missed anything!


Devils Turn – Run, Pax. Run!

The story goes like this Honey Bee tweets out for someone to #herdcats which seems like an easy task. YHC takes the Q, then VooDoo throws out a challenge to “run down or converge” as much as I like a challenge/hate kb’s. Running there from here was out (some DT regulars could do it) but I was not Q’ing that run.

The Thang: Run to Piper Glen Hills route and then run intervals on Piper Glen Drive from Links Drive to Old Course 2nd entrance. Rinse and repeat until 6:05

*Purple Haze ran in. Not much in the way of mumble chatter today. Did see some iron sharpening for those pax who paired up. Haggis has an issue with seeing YHC walking claims if next time he sees YHC doing this. He is going to put me in a Scottish choke hold whatever that is. Then in a calm voice say “Stumpy move your arse”! Purple Haze ran in from over by Trader Joes. Nice group of guys this morning. Some nursing injuries and a few returning. I did not get to officially meet Swiper other than his drive by “nightlight” comment on the run home. JRR Tolkien took us out.  It was a pleasure to lead these men.

Purple (who ran in today from over by RFYL) Haze mentioned the Quarry Crusher Run on April 16th 2016. He and others ran this last year and said it was a blast check it out here Quarry Crusher Run

March Madness sign up fast

Preblast: Devils Turn – Hill Repeats *New Segment

Blah blah blah…run a lap around the apartment complex to shake off the cobwebs then head down Rea Rd toward Old Course Drive, hang a left and run to Piper Glen Drive hold it and wait for the Six YHC to arrive. Run an added warm-up as a group and then instructions

Back in February  Honey Bee wanted to run hill repeats said something about it being good for you and making you better. It was terrible and so much so “let’s do it again” better yet I’ll create a Strava Segment called Piper Hill  and we’ll run it until 0605. Then head back to the launch.



True North

Dromedary pax is always a strong bunch just like any other post in this fine land we call F3Nation. As always we have one in the pax who challenges us to go harder or push our limits. Today was no different and when you are tired and ready for it to be over. More on that later…

Virtual Shovel Flag Planted

The Thang:

Jog over to high school entrance where the concrete is dry – disclaimer
SSH x 25
Windmills x 15
Mountain Climbers x 20
Monkey Squats 10 Civilian count

Partner up:
P1 runs around island parking lot while P2 does
Merkins – Flap Jack
LBC’s – Flap Jack
Ramp rail sliders/ bear crawl to start – flap jack
Rinse and repeato – crowd favorite
All pax runs island parking ends with ramp rail sliders bear crawls are greeted with Popeye (slap arse) as the faster guys crawled under.
Varies planks and 10 counts thrown in between sets for good measure.

Take a trip around the world. 10 Merkins at light poles to wait on the six. At North South East West stop and do 5 Burpees or modify with squats. (Define true north)

Slow mosey back to cars for pax choice Mary. Done:

The Moleskin:
Never pay attention to the twitter talk about weather. There was a bit of a drizzle but no real rain so the plan was simply to have fun. By now most of the Dromedary crew knows that when I lead we run. Mumble chatter started on the run up to the high school. We circle round to pick up Bratwurst only to have birthday boy roll in late. Followed by  who by the way needs to get on twitter.
After demonstrating the Monkey Squat,  Bratwurst added a twist and called it “Monkey Squat Humpers” which will debut the next time he Q’s.  As I mentioned above there is one in the pax who always questions theory. In the past I always ignored it, but lately I get caught thinking about it as do other pax.  Last week it was temperature and falling stars. Today it was true north.  As we approached the world on the far entrance at the school I instruct the pax to run around the world and do said # of burpees at North – South – East – West. Bratwurst asks “how do we know where true north is”? Oh boy here we go again. I would say Bratwurst was talking about this “True North”, but then I thought…. nope he is probably talking about this “True North”. Once you read all of that you realize how the site Q’s get the pax motivated to go stronger. You learn something while you are running or lifting rocks. Thank you for the opportunity to lead.
Bratwurst took us out with a meaningful prayer.


  • F3 Family hike at Anne Springs Greenway : Sunday, Feb 21th at Noon
  • New workout F3 di Vinci Saturday’s at Blakeney at 7am
  • Local race March 5th at Southpark GoJenGo – Read her story here great cause to support
  • Please sign up to Q at F3 Dromedary –  go to > Schedule > tab 1st F Info > click sign up link under Dromedary.
  • F3 Commitment is Saturday at Weddington High School 6:30 – 7:30 2nd F Coffeeteria at Chik-fil-A  Wesley Chapel.
  • There are 3rd F (Faith) around town if you get a chance please attend.
    Tuesdays: Timekeeper, 0630, Einstein Bagels, Ballantyne
    Wednesdays: Aftermath, 0630, Piper Glen Starbucks
    Fridays: Compass, 0630, Chik-fil-A Arboretum
    Fridays: The Stand, 0630, Panera Carmel Village
    Saturdays: The Grindstone, McDonald’s, Sun Valley Commons, Indian Trail, 0830-0900



Dromedary: Assault on the hump

Preblast was sent out Tuesday giving full detail of the plan. We had one HC that bailed in the wee hours something about being up all night with a puppy. 13 pax posted with one FNG and followed YHC into the gloom.

Mosey over the high school entrance circle up with Disclaimer.

Dips – IC

The Thang:

Partner up and run suicides along row of trees down middle of high school parking lot going up hill. Touch start and do said exercises.
Round 1 – just run to get the hang of it.
Round 2 – run add a one  release merkin at start line at each return. (what could appear as a Q-Jack or a bad suggestion came from Bratwurst who wanted to add escalating hand release merkins)
Round 3 – One Burpee (escalating burpees)
Round 4 – One LBC
LBC’s and planks to wait on the six
P1 runs to top of hill while P2 does air squats – Flap Jack
P1 runs to top of hill while P2 does merkins – Flap Jack

Mosey back to start for Pax choice Mary: Dasher: Jack Planks on elbows – IC, Legal Zoom: Mountain Climbers – IC, Doc McStiuffins: Dolly – IC, Enron: Wood Peckers – IC, Soft Pretzel: Flutter – IC, Bratwurst: Feddie Merc – IC.

As always it’s a pleasure to lead such a fine group of men. We covered 2 miles of running today. Lots of regulars in the crowd and group pushing each other. Goonie brought out FNG who was named Tony Robbins who was feeling a bit under the weather and pushed through it. I find out today that Meatheads have a soft spot for toy dogs and holding handkerchiefs. Bratwurst took us out with a great prayer.

Big event to support Commitment this Saturday 12/19 -at Weddington High School 0630 to 0730. Great time to bring out and FNG.  Outhouse vs Commitment in a Challenge it’s going to be a good one.

Sign up for Joe Davis run and preview the route for those planning to post at Devil’s Turn

New site Cuthbertson Middle School this Friday #F3Impromptu – Check Twitter for details or follow Doc McStuffins and Dasher


Dromedary PreBlast: Leave it all on the hump

The plan is simple, but the repetition will prove to be painful. The parking lot planner at Marvin Ridge  had a great idea by planting those trees down the center of the parking lot.  In hind sight and I assume they meant for us to run suicides with the trees as markers. Good call!

There is a 515 prerun (ebenezer scrooge pace) for those interested.

We’ll need to do said exercises to keep it nostalgic and some warming up to get the blood flowing. Then partner up because it’s just better to share in the pain and not leave pax in the dust (you know who you are).

P1 & P2 (run suicides along the 9 trees)
Round 1 – just run to get the hang of it.
Round 2 – run add a 1 hand release merkin at start line at each return.
Round 3 – One Burpee
Round 4 – One LBC

AMRAP until 0614

Moe from the Three Stooges put it “We are getting nowhere fast!”

#Devil’s Turn – Talk Turkey

Talk turkey definition: “To talk serious business; to talk frankly. We’ve got to sit down and talk turkey—get this thing wrapped up. It’s time to talk turkey and quit messing around.”

Main Event:

5 show up – 3 for 6 plus miles and 2 for 4 miles on the route known as Piper Glen Old Course (aka The Hills Have Eyes)


Today’s run was not planned since I needed to be back to the crib early. Thought I would tweet it out and see who would meet.  Haggis says “I want hills and I want them fast” and who can argue with a legend. Teddy just smiles and then eyes roll to Frasier to see what his plans are. Frasier a very humble man who makes this look easy just smiles and replies that he will run whatever the group wants. Discussion focuses on the six, this six has learned a few things. 1) Running alone builds character. 2) Chasing the fastest makes you work harder. 3) Someone is always chasing someone else regardless of pace.

Plans were simple for me because Mall Cop had inquired the night before about the route. We decided SCMS. Haggis was convincing and YHC has not posted at DT since September. Mall Cop was not thrilled, but easily convinced of the plan. Plus it was great to run with MC his iron sharpening got me over those nasty hills.

YCH could not see Teddy, Haggis, or Frasier because the hills are so tall. Haggis was happy with his 7.12 pace.

Haggis closed us out with a great prayer about being thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving!!