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Stinko de Mayo at Base Camp

15 pax made the good decision to start the week with a post.

Parking lot circle sweeper run.

Circle up for 10 times each exercise: SSH, IW, HB, PP, PP, LIP, MT. In between 2 burpees OYO.

1/2 speed to park, 4 stops on way to do DM, WAM, M, HRM

To Soccer field for some foggy field work: Plank while get instructions for the Pyramid Ladder: same 4 exercises at each sideline. Start the other side. HTH, OSSU, JS, CDD 5,10,15,20,15,10,5 – MC when done

Run back, four stops: DM, WAM, M, HRM

Plank while wait


Prayer Take out Thunder

As Boss Hogg said it best, birthdays and every day we get is better than the alternative. Amen brother!

Thanks for chance to lead jello and thunder. Have a great week gentlemen.

Workout title originates from a pain station on way to park. No one claimed the foul odor so we will go with dead animal in the bushes. My money is on spackler.

Basecamp 3-miler

Nine pax opted to start their week in the wet Basecamp gloom.

Jog around lot (straggler sweep)

IW, CDD, PP, Lunge x 15 plus disclaimer given

Half tempo run to Davie Park (3 stops CDD, DM, WAM x 10)

Davie Parking Lot Loop (10 jump squats @ each of five lights on left) x 2

Mosey to soccer fields and partner up at mid-field:

Run opposite sidelines and back to partner, 10 hand slap merkins x 5

Four corners core (HTH, Dolly, Flutter, FM x 20) x 2

Half tempo run from Davie Park back to SCMS (3 stops CDD, DM, WAM x 10)

Ten jump squats at each basketball goal (4)

COT: 9 pax count (Mailman 27 war baby, BOG 54 War Daddy)

Thanks gentlemen for listening to my prayer send off.

Moleskin: Charlotte just hosted the NBA All Star game this past weekend so I considered a basketball themed workout. Clover was anticipating a big Presidents Day theme but I decided the day off of work was celebration enough. Instead we ran and hit the soccer fields. We logged a deceptive 3+ miles today, plenty of movement and some boot camp thrown in. Insomniac had a recent birthday, cheers to 47. Thanks for the opportunity to lead Jello and Thunder Road! BOG, always great to see you out there. Magoo has been on a tear recently posting several times a week since BOG brought him out over a month ago. Great way to start the week.

Hydra Good Times

14 pax were enticed by the Twitter promise of a good time. Turkey Leg and Sprockets each brought guests and what went down was something like this:


It was time to make the donuts so Half speed tempo half-mile to Dunkin Donuts at Colony Place to circle up (Plank-o-Rama while we wait):

mason twistx15


Partner Loops: partner A said exercise, partner B full speed around Fountain and Back. (HTH, JS, FM, CDD)

Behind Business Building next to Colony Place:

Zig Zags. Run the lines, touch ground at each turn. There.

Circle Up on six for Mary. Flutter x 20, Dolly x 15

Zig Zags. Run the lines, touch ground at each turn. Back.

Circle Up on six for Protractor of varying degrees called out by select pax.

Pyramids (Said exercise Start 5. each island plus 5, on way back minus 5)

  1. Merkins 5, 10, 15, 10, 5
  2. LBC 5, 10, 15, 10, 5

Half speed tempo half-mile back to OP. Plank while wait.

OP wall for easy sit air presses x 30

Back to start to do five burpees and run out the clock

Count-o-Rama 1,2,3..14


Announcements: None, just watch out for brothers-in-law who wear matching tights.

Great prayer takeout by Sprockets: Great words as we close out 2018 and “look to God our Heavenly Father to give us strength and courage to go out into the world and be good stewards, fathers, husbands, brothers, sons, neighbors – and to those not with us and need encouragement too.”

Moleskin: Thanks Marge and Queen for the opportunity to lead. You both have been carrying this Hydra Site Leaders baton for awhile now and the pax appreciate it. Thank you big time!!! war baby Marge (34), war daddy One Eye (47) . Great effort by some solid dudes. Iron sharpened and good time appeared to be had by all. We had some fun with our guests in from Minnesota and Wisconsin. We landed on Buddy Love for brother-in-law and FNG brought out by Sprockets. Make it a great and safe New Years holiday, enjoy the college bowl games this weekend, set some goals and be awesome in 2019!

Frost Advisory Ignored at DMZ

19 pax happily ignored the Frost Advisory and showed up at DMZ. There was interest in getting a move on and the workout went something like this.


Mosey to church to circle up:

  • IWx15
  • Burpeesx2
  • MCx15
  • Burpeesx4
  • PParkerx15
  • Burpeesx6
  • Lungex10
  • Burpeesx8
  • mason twistx15
  • Burpeesx10

Half speed tempo half-mile to Carmel Middle School (jump squatsx10 each speed bump)

Jump Squats x 10 each basketball goal (4) to Back of school


The Ladder: Behind School 50-yard There and Back Pyramid Ladder (HTH, JS, FM, CDD), same 4 exercises each side. There 5, Back 10, there 15, Back 20…15, 10, 5

Plank-o-Rama while we wait

The Lifting: Mosey to Rock Pile – lifting rock for sit ups, bicep curls, tricep extension x 20 – 2 sets

Partner Up: Partner A full speed tempo run around school, Partner B Hand release merkins – flip flop

Plank-o-Rama while we wait

Half speed tempo half-mile back to Carmel Park (jump squatsx10 each speed bump)

To Church – find short wall for dips, Derkins, Stepups x 10 – 2 sets

back to start to do protractor and run out the clock

count-o-Rama 1,2,3..19


Announcements –  a little workout occurs same place (Carmel Park) on Wednesdays called Governator – come on out

Great prayer takeout – thank you (prayers for Flinn family and Liam , and Hamlet who has been sidelined for a bit) – let’s focus on the positives in life!


Thanks Aquafresh for the opportunity to lead.  HIPAA extra credit earned on burpees over hand release merkins on partner loop.  Sloppy seconds war baby, The Tantrum war daddy. Good effort by some good dudes. Iron sharpened. Make it an awesome week and go do some good. MLB World Series (Red Sox-Dodgers) first pitch is Tuesday night in pitchers duel of Sale v Kershaw.

Anvil There And Back

22 pax happily stepped into the Anvil gloom a day after the day we won’t ever forget, to remember we’re all in this together, America is a great country, the unit is always stronger than any one part, and as Runstopper put it today everyone strives to feel how Stone Cold looks. Time to sharpen the iron..

Mosey to circle up:











The THANG begins:

Mosey to Avenue of Trees for There and Back 50-yard Pyramid Ladder OYO: Same 4 exercises each side (HRM, CDD, FM, HTH) There 5, Back 10, There 15, Back 20…15,10,5

50-yard There and Back 10 Jump Squats at each tree

50-yard There and Back 10 Regular Squats at each tree

Mosey to Picnic Tables for some He Hate Me (dips, Derkins, step ups x 10) – 5 minutes (QB audible to half the time – hot box was hot today)

Mosey to Rock Pile – lifting rock for sit ups, bicep curls, tricep extension x 20 – 1 set

count-o-Rama 1,2,3…22

name-o-Rama (snooka war daddy I think, respect)

prayer takeout by Run Stopper. Great words and send off!


Thanks Lorax for this opportunity to lead the fine pax of Anvil of A51. There was a bit of mumble chatter out there. Always a good sign. Goal was a workout that hit the main body parts. A full body if you will. Good to see some BRR and Go Ruck buddies out there today. Welcome back to Anvil Baracus! Didn’t you start this Anvil thing when Death Valley got too big? You did look kind of like a fish out of water with this boot camp thing.  49er and stone cold got early pre-run on so get some bonus points. 49er left early so bonus points retracted. Good to have Leprechaun back as he has been sidelined for a few weeks. How he got injured while vacationing at the beach is still beyond me. Vacation = R&R. Scratch had the name game going strong for our FNG of the day Sergio, brought out by Slum Dog.  We landed on Coco after he claimed a strong interest in dancing, specifically the Salsa. But after referencing the F3 A51 names directory see Coco is already taken. That said a rename back to original call out of Waggles after Sergio Garcia. As scratch explained Tiger Woods can’t even stand watching Sergio prepare to hit the golf ball as he takes too long and does his waggling. So Waggles it is. Kind of a dance move too I guess, if you are Thunder Road doing Saturday Night Fever dance floor action.

Hopefully this leaves a mark on your week and you are better and stronger for it. Stay clear of Hurricane Florence and well wishes for safety to all in path.

All in all, Iron sharpened. Read More

Hydra At 98 Percent

20 pax. 70 degrees awesome. Fog brought low visibility. 98% humidity. 2.7 miles covered.

A lot of A51 pax circa 2013 rejoined the gloom at today’s workout that went something like this:

“It’s been 3 years since I’ve led a Hydra workout” – Bugeater

“we don’t care.” – Spackler

That’s a wrap on dude sentimentality for the morning. Hey this is the gloom. We had stuff to do.

disclaimer was said, be careful, modify as needed, don’t sue anyone over this workout.

Track for warmup lap with assortment of high knees and buttkickers

circle up at field for SSH x 15, IW x 15, HB x 15, RH x 10

Next is 20 yard merkin ladder (1…10…1) for those counting that’s 100 merkins and ~400 yards

Mosey to Windyrush & Rea (plank)

Indian Run to Foxworth (R) past Bedfordshire

The Bedfordshire-Queensberry Partner Half Pipe: start in valley, partners go opposite direction, to stops signs and back. whenever meet partner 10 squats and turnaround and go back the way you came – continue until 5 partner meet ups

Indian Run to Windyrush (L) back to Rea (plank)

mosey to church rock pile – grab lifting rock:

curls, presses, squat thrusters x 10

mosey back to launch point

on six for six minutes of Mary (heels to heaven, American hammer, flutter, dolly, Freddy mercury)

burpees x 10 in cadence


count off 1..20, name off


1. some brewery crawl/run (ask Gummy)

2. sign up deadline is End of August for Crane Relays at the end of October

Great take out prayer by Mad, thanks brother!


Thanks for the pax that came out today. I reached out to several pax as I was game planning last weekend. Many BRR, go ruck, mud run teammates.  Donkey Kong appropriately named this workout Hydra as he called us the three headed monster as 49er, Kong, and I launched the first Thursday in May of 2013.  I carried the torch to Pudding Pop in April 2015. Now Marge and Queen have this place running like a boss, 260+ Hydra workouts later. Thanks for the opportunity to lead. It was humid wet out and the 1/2 mile Indian Run to and from the half pipe brought some mumble chatter. High Tide came strolling in with a 22 lb weight vest to demonstrate his usual Thursday preference is Meathead were they lug weights around and make caveman sounds. Seriously kudos there High Tide!  Hannibal ran farthest to post at 2.2. Nice work! Also great to see Hairball at 5:10 coming down Rea during my pre-run. He had early start so no time to fit in a boot camp. For the workout most everyone did most everything. Refuseniks on some stuff by those choosing to modify and spare their hurting parts. Great to be back in the gloom as a regular. Keep posting fellas and getting guys back out. This early morning workout thing is good livin.

Just remember Spackler, anybody can be cool…but awesome takes practice.

Some Q rust at Base Camp

18 pax came out to Base Camp today. A workout happened. Disclaimer, then something like:

SSH x 25

IW x 20

BK x 23

MC x 15

LBC x 25

Merkin x 15

Squats x 25

Lunges x 20

To track to start the Thang:

Lap 1: 10-20 Merkins per turn (plank wait)

Lap 2: 10-20 squats per turn  (plank wait)

To sideline for there and back pyramids:

5 x HTH, Merkin, CDD, Dolly

10 x HTH, Merkin, CDD, Dolly

15 x HTH, Merkin, CDD, Dolly

10 x HTH, Merkin, CDD, Dolly

5 x HTH, Merkin, CDD, Dolly

Crab Walk/Bear Crawl or lunge Walk across

Back to track: 1/2 Lap to starting line (plank)

Lap 3: 15 flutters each turn (plank wait)

Lap 4: 2 burpees each turn + 2 burpees Finish

Mosey to Rock Pile, find lifting rock:

bicep curl x 15

tricep extension x 10

Thrusters OYO x 15

Put rocks back, head to wall:

wall sit + air press x 30

Mosey to circle up, all done.

count-a-Rama 1,2,3…18


Great prayer sendoff by Hops (thank you)


Thanks Goonie for giving me the opportunity to lead this group of dudes. It had been multiple years since I have had Q reigns. My favorite show of rust defies all natural logic as we stood in a circle, “partner up with person on your right.” That was a good one.  Form was also called out as form police were out there (Fireman Ed, Mall Cop) and I even think Geraldo got in in the action which is ironic as those squats on the track were more like “look down at your toes”. Lewinsky ran like a man possessed on the track, and if that was 70-80 percent dude has rockets. We thought he may be running to check his phone each lap as their first baby is due today. Good luck and thoughts and prayers to you and your family! To get a workout pass on the day of is a near miracle in and of itself. I think I recall Spackler some years back actually posting the day his baby was born? Anyway, Great workout by all, good to see Stage Coach back out and great support from Wessex Square pax, appreciated!

Hops had a great prayer send off and reminded us life is precious. So let’s enjoy it fellas.

Also Prayers of healing for Jennings Palmer (about time 2.0) who continues to recover from cancer treatment and Anthony Archdeacon (F3 name Bolt) and 2.0 of Mic Check who suffered a terrible head injury playing Rugby last weekend but is looking to make a full recovery thank you lord. I posted with Bolt several weeks ago and boy has amazing strength so certain that helped him sustain and heal.

Remember to be awesome.

Take it to the gridiron at Ascent Olympus

7 dudes got up Saturday morning to work out at Olde Providence Elementary. In the heart of football season, with the sun up and the football fields all marked, it seemed appropriate to spend some quality time on the gridiron. It went something like this.

Start Time: 7:00:00 – Warmup lap

Mosey to other side lot and Circle up:
SSH x 15
Imperial walkers x 20
Arm Circles x 20 (YHC tried to get away with calling these windmills)
Windmills x 20 YHC had planned to call these toe touches)
Mountain climbers x 15
Rosalita x 20
Groiners x 15

Mosey to rocks across the street at the Church:

Curls x 15 (two sets)
Overhead press x 15 (two sets)
Overhead Tricep curls x 15 (one set)

Merkin suicide pyramid on the football field:
5 yards x 5 merkins
10 yards x 10 merkins
15 yards x 15 merkins
20 yards x 20 merkins
15 yards x 15 merkins
10 yards x 10 merkins
5 yards x 5 merkins
Finish x 20 merkins

Partner 150’s on the football field (partner up):
150 x heels to heaven (Partner runs 30 yards and back, switch)
150 x squats ( Partner runs 40 yards and back, switch)
150 x LBC’s (Partner runs 50 yards and back, switch)

Four Corners: (At each corner of football field)

Corner 1: Flutters x 20
Corner 2: Dolly x 20
Corner 3: Knee Ups x 20
Corner 4: Mason Twists x 20

Center of Field and Partner Up for Prairie Fire Mary (L, C, R x 10 each), switch

Into the Woods for some up and over the benches

Mosey back to starting point

Freddy Mercury x 15, one-minute plank

Stop Time 8:00:09 AM (9 seconds of more fun)

Count-o-rama = 7


Announcements: No Ascent Workout next Saturday 10/22/2016 due to Southern Discomfort event, Sign up For Souther Discomfort (you can do half if you want),  Sign up for Christmas party – see pre-blast in weekly email, Joe Davis 5K sign ups open for early January also – sign up for great cause and support an F3 brother.

Send off by Fugitive – good take out and thanks!


The goal was pretty simple. I wanted to use the football field and I wanted to hit legs + core.

It takes about 17 football fields to make a mile. Just our field work with the Partner 150’s, Suicides, and 4 corners we hit 1 mile, or 1700+ yards. Our combined workout mileage was just over 1.5 miles factoring the run through and around the AO. From a core standpoint, we did nearly 300 reps hitting our core and should have a good burn for the weekend.  This was us working on the good kind of six pack. Gullah can now resume his college football watching, six-pack 12 ounce curling later.

Good work by all!

Geraldo is a couple weeks out of his GoRuck and was armed with his GoRuck bag of bricks and powered through. Great to meet SInsei and see him navigate an F3 workout. Thanks Gullah on the Sinsei assist today and totally enjoyed partnering with you and Sinsei on the Partner 150’s.

I learned 150 is a lot to do of anything. Good start to the weekend. Have a good one.

Be awesome.


What Just Happened At Ascent?

Well what started with “You guys with F3?” ended with four dudes doing 60 minutes of exercise off of an unplanned wienke. Fortunately for QIC it just required dusting off some cobwebs and taking full advantage of the AO that launches at Olde Providence Elementary.

The sixty-something degree weather was spectacularly welcome and the 4 pax (including 2 FNG’s) did something like this:

Note: A disclaimer was provided, no need for specific time of disclosure right, we will just say it happened. QIC was laying out an FNG-friendly dose of boot camp. (unlike the pain handout rumblings from the 30+ pax over at the Rock convergence)

Lap around OP track doing various running exercises (butt kickers, high knees, karaoke left, karaoke right)

Circle Up for Side Straddle Hops x 20, regular Merkins x 15, Mountain Climbers x 20, wide arm Merkins x 10

Mosey to School Wall for some Peoples Chair for one minute at 90 degrees, Arm Lifts x 20 (rinse & repeat)

Mosey to Snack bar for 30-20-10’s (30 dips, 20 step ups, 10 burpees) – rinse and repeat

Mosey to nicely marked football fields for some suicides and field work:

  • to the 5 and back – 5 jump squats
  • to the 10 and back – 10 jump squats
  • to the 15 and back – 15 jump squats
  • to the 20 and back – 20 jump squats
  • Bear Crawl To the 30
  • Crab Walk Back from the 30

Mosey into the Forest to the outdoor classroom:

  • Up and Over the 12 rows of seats – there and back

Mosey out of the Forest into Olde Provide Neighborhood (Foxworth St) for some Hydra Hill:

  • Heels to Heaven x 10 at bottom
  • Squats x 20 at top
  • Rinse and Repeat

Indian Run down Windyrush back to Rea road, merkins x 20, mosey back to OP elementary

Circle up for Mary: (Protractor of varying degrees, Rosalita x 20, mason twist x 15)

1 Minute Plank to finish at 60 minutes

Count-o-rama: quick count to 4

Name-o-rama: quick go around with 2 FNG’s. Welcome to FNG’s Valet (Russell) and Berries (Dave).  Valet set his key down by the track at the start of the work out and had to run to fetch his key. Naming complete. Berries answered the question “tell me about one of the first odd jobs you had growing up?” Picking strawberries and raspberries. Naming complete.

No Announcements other than PSA about weekly email that goes out and the Twitter handle for A51 for FNG’s benefit.

Ball-of-man for sendoff by QIC

It’s a wrap!

Moleskin:  QIC arrived at the extremely empty parking lot missing the normal cast of characters. One car sat at the end of the lot with 3 guys looking around. Sha Na Na extended a greeting and informed he had brought a couple guys out with him. Great News I said wondering where the world everyone was at. I figured I missed some important communication on Twitter and there was some convergence under way at some AO in the Southland.  Well to find out the details on why Sha Na Na happened to be at OP, you will have to ask him – or Dora. I’ve got nothing more than that.

Well it was about 30 seconds before 7 o’clock go time so I said, Sha Na Na I got Q if you are good with that. And there it was, we were off.

We had a great workout and were able to mumble chatter together in the gorgeous gloom that was Saturday morning. The FNG’s will be back for more. Sha Na Na, thanks for coming out and handing me Q reigns. Pele, honored to lead at your AO once again. And welcome to Valet and Berries.  Great first showing and look to see you back for more.

QIC has been called out for pulling a rookie mistake by showing up to OP on convergence day. Fair enough. I even broke the 24-hour back blast rule. Now I just need to remember how to get these FNG emails and names into the system…

Three years of Ascent bliss met at the intersection of Humid and Humid

Seven dudes drove in.  Well 6 drove in and I think Cooter fell from a tree because he suddenly appeared on the track during our warmups. It has been three glorious years planting the virtual shovel flag at Olde Providence Elementary on Saturday mornings. A great destination for a moderate intensity work out for guys getting started, coming back from time off or injury, or just feeling like a friendly Saturday encounter. I tried to channel some High Tide, some Strange Brew, and some Pele in this workout that offered up cardio, legs, shoulders, chest, core and covered over 2 miles of distance.

The work out went something like this:

Disclaimer: I am far from a professional, this is my first Q in 13 months, don’t do what I do, do it the way it is supposed to be done. Actually what I said was I am not a professional, modify as you need to, preference is to do the exercises in proper form but perhaps slower and fewer – as needed. Our goal is no injuries so modify as needed.

We’re off:

Lap around track: lunge walk, karoake right, karoake left, butt kickers, high knees, lunge walk

Mosey to field to circle up: SSH x 25, IW x 20, MC x 20, Merkins x 10

3/4 mile Indian Run To Harris Teeter (actually behind the business building next to Harris Teeter)

Warmup over, ready for…THANG PART 1

Zig Zags (slap each line  back and forth for 40 yards) There & Plank (right hand high, foot, left, etc)

Zig Zags (slap each line  back and forth for 40 yards) Back & LBC (in cadence)

Plank (1 minute on the timer – hold it, hold it…)

There and Back 40 yards: (10 merkins one side, 10 jump squats half way, 10 CDDs other side) x 2

3/4 mile Indian Run Back To Olde Providence, grab drink of water & head back to field where circled up (the humidity factor thick and pax is feeling the effects as our Indian Run was broken into 3 stops for merkins to keep pax together and ended up being a mosey – good job guys for hanging in there)

Time check: 0739 (feeling smoked yet?)

On Your Six for some core to catch breathe: LBC x 20, Mason Twist x 12

Ready for…THANG PART 2

There and Back Pyramid (4 exercises at each side)

Burpees, Squats, Merkins, Heels to Heaven x 5

Burpees, Squats, Merkins, Heels to Heaven x 10 – THERE

Burpees, Squats, Merkins, Heels to Heaven x 10 – BACK

Burpees, Squats, Merkins, Heels to Heaven x 5 – THERE

Time check: 0749 (feeling smoked yet?)

Slow Mosey (with some buttkickers & high knees thrown in) to Concessions for a snack: someone wanted a snow cone…

Dips x 30, Step Ups/Hop Ups x 20, Decline Merkins x 10

Slow Mosey to Playground and Partner Up:

Partner A Planks and Holds Feet, Partner B Old Fashioned Sit Ups x 20

Slow Mosey to starting position for 1-minute plank (timer assisted)

It’s a wrap, 60 minutes, 10 seconds, end time 8:00.10 AM

Count-o-rama, Name-o-rama

Prayer Send off by Me – Thanks lord for blessing us with the health to be out here, the strength for those coming back from injuries, and bless and watch over everyone involved in the Olympics this year to keep those participating and their families and fans – all safe. Thanks for guidance and courage to go into the world and be men of faith, benefiting our communities, families, work places and being good husbands and fathers. In your name we pray, Amen.

Moleskin: Four weeks ago I committed to coming back into the F3 fold. My health took a drop off with weight gain and some bad heart vitals (bad cholesterol). Plus I have missed all of you knuckleheads, even the ones who make fun of me. Or should I say especially the ones who make fun of me. I have missed the gloom, who would have ever thought. F3 is an amazing opportunity we are all lucky to have in our lives. F3 is exactly what we put into it. We can get a work out, we can lead a work out, we can grab, make, or create fellowship, and we can dig into the third F.

For this workout I have to admit I turned up the intensity just a smidge over moderate. I am certainly feeling smoked and hope it treats you all well. Heart Breaker was killing it today. Nice work brother. Great effort by everyone as we all pushed ourselves. Totally fun and cool to be part of this one. Good job hanging in Sony on the shopping trip. Mall Cop on the road to recovery – let’s do this. Moon River and Cooter both powered through showing strength. Fugitive showing off his war daddy powers and just shocked at his 56-years young age. Dude is fit as a fiddle.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead Pele – and Happy Birthday to Ascent-Olympus, celebrating three years working out at this OP AO on Saturday mornings. Enjoyed the Coffee-Rama and catching up with Fugitive and Mall Cop for some fellowship.

Make it a great weekend fellas.


If interested in assisting with a kids shelter in Matthews and being a role model for kids who absolutely need it and have no guidance in there lives, reach out to me, Joker, or Pudding Pop as we will be involved in this August work out from 4-5 PM on August 20 (i think it’s Aug 20th)