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Splitting wood

man after the storm last night I was purposely looking for a low lying area at the Matrix to get the PAX nice and muddy. Anyway that was my plan, which never goes the way you plan it.

Start with a quick disclaimer, informed the PAX that I just finished splitting wood all weekend so was not very excited about the lead th8s morning. But we headed around the parking lot and onto the soccer field, up the enpmbankment to the rock quarry.

Select a respectable liftin’ rock- line up on the field for some non traditional F3 action.

The Thang’ called out exercise and sprint 40 yards and back

  1. Curl x10
  2. sprint to light and back
  3. Overhead press x10
  4. sprint to light and back
  5. Triceps press x10
  6. sprint to light and back
  7. Bent over row x10
  8. sprint to light and back
  9. Press with flutter x10
  10. sprint to light and back

Rinse and repeat – last set x20

return rocks

head to play set

Partner up 3 sets of following:

x10 burpee pull up

x15  leg push (left/center/right 1,2,3 =1)

x50 squats

Reverse COT

elbow plank (raise right leg 6 inches, switch leg) 1 min.

flutter x15 in cadence

circle up- tight shoulder to shoulder plank hold

Runner leads PAX mirken:  1 mirken- run around and next PAX 2 mirkens, 3 mirkens, 4 mirkens etc.






Sandy a@#

I came in hot and fast listing to some drake and wondering why I signed up to lead when Im still feeling the need to recover and rest my arm after as my dr said too much use (that’s code for too many burpees, yard work and chopping wood). Anyway, we headed to the hotbox to get at it- then I decided to take the PAX to the sandbox, a once feared, nasty little place where we lost a number of PAX in the past (I mean we literally lost them, I think they ran away)

SSH x20
LBC x20
LOW SLOW Squat x20

Line up along the sand pit 2 deep
– Lunges down and back
– Bear crawl
– Wounded bear crawl – right leg up
– Wounded bear crawl – left leg up
Head to hotbox/ 3 sets x10 increase by 10 each set.
– Squats
– Step up
– Lunges

Mosey to William R Davies park

– x10 – 3 sets
– Pull ups
– Swing reverse crunch
– Squats

Grab a big rock and a a buddy- head to the upper soccer field.

3 sets intertwine legs sit up and hold rock above head pass to partner x10, x15, x20
Turn over partner merkins x10, x15, x20

Return rocks and wall sit 100 arm raises in cadence. Head back at a painfully slow pace (that’s because we were all a little jelly-legged).

Circle back up for LBC and Mary

So in my head I knew the sand pit would be a winner, and reaffirmed after all when grumbling started and swiper didn’t want to get his shoes sandy.

Firman ed kept trying to strong arm me into more upper body, but I held strong. It was a leg day and I wanted to make a statement that I’m not a one trick pony show.

Rachel, Purelle, Swiper decided they would head out like a bunch of runners to William R Davies park, leaving the rest of us in the dust- that’s okay I got them back with the rock work and the wall sits.

In all seriousness, great work this morning. I love leading workouts and am always humbled by the PAX that keep coming back.



Man in Tights (yes, again) at Hydra

Yup, wasn’t too chilly this morning so I broke out the 3/4 length tights.  They are perfect for wheel barrows or tunnel of love, so I was all set…

Circle of Trust (COT)

  • SSH x25
  • LBC x25
  • IW x25
  • Slow Low Squat x25
  • Mirken x20

Partner Up: Criteria= like speed, like size, like minded

  • Partner #1: Wheel Barrow 50 yards – then leg push (right, center, left) x20
  • Partner #2: Wheel Barrow 50 yards – then leg push (right, center, left) x20
  • Partner #1: Wheel Barrow 50 yards – partner #2 planks, partner #1 jumps over the legs, low bear crawl under partner #2 x 10
  • Partner #2: Wheel Barrow 50 yards – partner #1 planks, partner #2 jumps over the legs, low bear crawl under partner #1 x 10

Line up for Tunnel of Love, 60 yards

Line up sprint 50 yards x6

Tunnel of Love, 40 yards

Partner up again; mosey to playground cycle through 3 sets

  • Pull-up’s x20 (10 each)
  • Partner Sit-ups x15
  • Partner Patty cake Mirkan x20

Line up along the fence for fence Burpees- x10

Mosey to parking lot for Prairie Fire Mary – everyone plank in a circle, first person takes off running around the circle, everyone does 1 merkan, second person runs, everyone does 2 etc… reached 10, time expired..


Okay today I have to admit was a little disappointed in the effort of about 3 maybe 5 guys. The tunnel of love is a staple of our workouts and a small number of the PAX felt holding a plank was too difficult and decided to stand.  I said it during the workout, this is not the Y and I expect everyone to give it all they have.  Anyway, when the ants started biting I called off the exercise, but again I was very disappointed.

I have decided to go back to the 5 basic principles (T.M.P.M.H) yes I just made this up) of a workout (at least the one’s I lead) to help ensure that we get a full body workout and are no longer focused on 100% anything. Total body fitness involves every muscle group, so if you want to get stronger, and a little uncomfortable I ask you to join me whenever you see my name pop up on the weekly Q list.

  1. Total body workout
  2. Make it fun
  3. Push each other
  4. Make your time count
  5. Hold each man accountable

Rant over.

Good hands got bit by like 10,000 ants, he seemed fine. Harley, always a champ killed it; Puddin’ Pop and Bugeater were all grins when we finished the tunnel of love  in fact I think Bug showed some signs of PTSD (thinking back to his rucking’ good livin’ days. #SNOWRUCK class of 421. Jet fuel basically hurdled the fence on the burpee broad jump!

Solid work by the majority.

Sign up for Southern Discomfort

Love your family, cherish your wife, protect and guide your children, care for those less fortunate. Give back when possible.

#Rocknation at DMZ

16 men gathered in the shadows. Most were excited, some were confused, others were just downright giddy with excitement, I mean after all I was on Q..ha

The ‘business’

    • Run to Carmel Middle school, pause at the two speed bumps and do some merkens/planks.
    • Head to the back of the school, select a ‘respectable’ rock and then head to the wall.
  • Wall sit with Rock
    • Alternate between holding rock in front arms extended until failure; then hold rock above head. Repeat for 10 minutes.
    • Place rock on ground, arm raises in cadence to 100.


  • Repeat
  • Grab a partner – and a rock/sit-up/hand off of rock – 25x for two sets (OYO)
  • Wall sit without rock – extend hands in front and hold for 1 min. Elevate foot (yes, alternate and hold for 1 min)
  • Plank with feet on wall – 10 dirkens OYO
  • Ball to Wall hand stand mirken x 5 OYO
  • Grab the same partner – and a rock /sit-up/hand off of rock – 25x for two sets (OYO)
  • Run back to parking lot – Stop along the way, 25 Squats at stop sign and two speed bumps
  • Circle of Fire (cycle thru twice)
  • Done


labor day convergence – check site for metro and area 51

Instead of #Rocknation it really should be #thatworkoutsucked

BRR Monday blues at DMZ

Well not exactly the blues, more like holy crap.. I can’t believe I signed up to Q on the Monday after running in my first 9 man BRR team. What could I do to limit the running? Oh, I could make 20 men sit on the wall in peoples chair for 20 minutes, that should do it!

The Thang’

Disclaimer, start running to Carmel Middle School. On the way, stop at the first speed bump – 20 Mirkins OYO – Second speed bump 20 low slow squats OYO, hold wrestling stance for 1 min.

Continue to bus parking lot-  COT

  • SSH x20
  • Burpee x20 OYO
  • IW  x20
  • Burpee x15 OYO
  • Mountain Climber x20
  • Burpee x10 OYO
  • LBC x20
  • Burpee x5 OYO

Mosey to the rock pile near baseball field, grab a ‘respectable’ rock head to the school find some wall.

Wall sit – Peoples Chair:

  • with Rock 20 overhead presses in Cadence
  • Hold Rock in front for .30 secs
  • Place rock on ground
  • Lift Right leg hold .30 secs
  • Flapjack, Left leg .30 secs

Rinse and repeat 2x

Partner Up – One rock  between you and your partner. Cross legs for good ole fashion sit-ups. Passing the rock on each time you sit up.

  • Set #1: x20
  • Set #2: x40
  • Set #3: x60 (smoker) 

    Back on the Wall – Wall sit:

    • with Rock 20 overhead presses in Cadence
    • Hold Rock in front for .30 secs
    • Place rock on ground
    • Lift Right leg hold .30 secs
    • Flapjack, Left leg .30 secs
    • Continue to hold wall sit –
    • Arm raises in Cadence  x50
    • Hold Arms Straight 1 min

Replace rocks

Form 2 lines Indian run back to Carmel Park

Naked Mole Skin:

  • Kenny Thomas, Ranger is speaking at the White Water Center on Oct 4 at 11am . There is a bushwacker race prior and a pig pickin’ post the speech. Please check WWC website for additional information.
  • f3 Workout at the Billy Gram Library this Sat at 7am – Check out twitter for more details.


no sleep = shared pain for all

10 (eventually turned into 11) men were circled up in the gloom wondering what runstopper would show up today.. the loud commanding runstopper or the subdued runstopper of the past?  Well they soon found out as I quickly said I wasn’t a professional and ask them to follow me… snap, ‘gonna be the latter.

Turn on street near OP, inside voice count for COT:

SSHx20, IW x20

Proceed to nice gradual hill for 11s.  Bottom of hill 1 squat, run to top of speed bump 10 burpees. run back down 2 squats, run to op to speed bump 9 burpees… complete – active recovery

Two lines for Indian Run back to the AO

Partner up for following: 2x

  • Partner – Over Under (partner 1 planks, partner 2 crawls under his body and jumps over his legs) flapjack x20 each partner
  • Pull Ups x20 each partner

Time running out, move to low fence for 10 Burpee Fence jumps (1 burpee, jump over fence, 1 burpee, continue until you reach 10.

Mosey back to parking lot for one final set of Mirkens x20 in cadence.


Naked Mole Skin:

I was operating on 4 hours of sleep due to chauffeuring my son and his girlfriend to the J. Cole Concert, so I actually surprised myself when I woke up and felt 100% for todays beat down.

Good to see so many new and old faces (lol) out there this morning.  Thought we missed Puddin-pop in the COT an 11s but he came trucking up the street once we had completed, said he went the opposite direction looking for us. He refused to do his penalty 11s. #whotobelieve

T-claps to Fluty Flakes for managing to keep his ‘boys’ from being hung up on the fence when we were doing the Burpee fence Jumps!  I really didn’t want to call Jenn to inform her of your new status.


Young Life mud run – Sign Up

Blue Ridge Relay – Drivers needed, please see your site Que or check the F3weekly email for details.

Done. Run Stopper



I’m Wide Awake, it was dark, blah, blah, blah

COT on the move

Mosey aimlessly along the road looking for places to start the beat down. I have to admit it has been a while since I lead a workout, so I tried to temper my zeal by kicking everyone in the teeth (including myself) in this COT:

  • SSH x20, Mosey
  • IW x20, 10 Burpees (OYO)
  • 10 Burpees (OYO)

Circle up near chick-Fil-A

  • LBC x40, 10 Burpees
  • Slow Squat x30, 10 Burpees (OYO)
  • Mirkens x25, 10 Burpees (OYO)

Locate a wall – found said wall in the courtyard at Starbucks. Queue a series of songs that could be considered ‘classic’ from the outside speakers. While listing to Kris Kristofferson’s classic hit from 1979 ‘SAILING’ we started three sets of the following:

  • Dirkens x25
  • LBCs x25
  • Incline Mirkens x25

Mosey across Ballantine Commons to St. Matthews Catholic Church

  • Locate a rock – mosey to the wall, rock above your head
  • Wall Sit for a VERY long 3 minutes
  • While sitting, hold rock in front of body .30 secs; raise rock overhead .30 secs- rest
  • Rinse and repeat.

Mosey back to the drainage ‘ditch’ Circle up for Jack Webb with a Rock

  • 1 Mirken AND 4 over head presses
  • 2 Mirkens AND 8 over head presses, etc..
  • Up to 10 Mirkens AND 40 over head presses

 Form two lines for Indian run back to the parking lot.

Last 5 light poles were the scene of a horrific plan gone wrong. YHC decided to add 25 Mirkens per light pole as a punishment to myself for focusing on running these past few months and not my guns/chest.

Naked Moleskin:

  • Running in hot from a local hotel in Ballantine was Floppy Disk, from Lexington. Great to see you post out here with us today. Hope to see you again soon. Extra credit, yes he ran back to his hotel when we finished up.
  • The security guard at St, Matthews was eyeing us closely; I guess he figured we were harmless, after all how could we be planning some kind of criminal act when we all had rocks held above our heads along the sidewalk.
  • Mic Check, was really digging the tunes. I think he was singing Katy Perry’s song ‘I’m Awake’ while Fire Hazard and Madame Tussaud were in the middle of a fantasy about girls kissing girls.


  • Q’s needed at the Maul – sign up link on the schedule page (Sign-up Genius) or contact Madame Tussaud and or Wingman to get added to the schedule.
  • Mud Run training – Fridays at F3TheBrave at 5:15 am launch at the Vine.

Solid work by all today and a great way to start the day!

Run Stopper aka, Stop Running aka Webster

Arm Buster

23 men headed the warning and posted at F3DMZ this morning, not sure what I ate that caused me to design an arm/shoulder buster but seemed like everyone really enjoyed the challenge.

The Thang’

YHC yelled the disclaimer, and then we ran to Carmel Middle School.

Stop along the way at 2 speed bumps for 20 Mirkens in cadence. #manthissux

Circle up for COT – all in cadence

  • SSX x25, IW x25, LBC x25, Diamond Mirken x10, Mountain Climber x25

Mosey to rock pile, find a respectable rock (make the M proud)

Wall Sit – Alternating rock in front .20 secs/ above head .20 secs repeat 2x

Partner up, bring biggest rock – Partner Sit-up rock hand off.

  • Set #1 = 25x
  • Set #2 = 50x
  • Set #3 = 25x

Balls to the Wall Mirkens

  • 3 Set’s = 15x each

Mosey with rock to clearing – Line up along the sidewalk for Jack Webb with your rock

Stagger to the rock pile – return rocks

Mosey to lower Football practice field

Burpee Broad jump 50 yards.

Run back to Carmel Rd Park.  Done.

  • March 11- Bring the family out to Mellow Mushroom from 5-8 pm for a HH.  10% sales go to help fund a second trip to Nicaragua to repair a bridge. Check Twitter for additional details.
  • In partnership with ministry called Sports Friends, 8-12 F3ers from Metro /Area 51 are organizing a trip to Peru. Questions? Please check site out our site and watch for updates on Twitter. Additional questions, please reach out to Agony.





Run Stopper & Ninja Turtle get dirty at the Reservation


Of the 11 Pax posted at The Reservation yesterday, 10 were warmed up from a pre-mud run .30 minute non-stop workout.

The Thang’

Run to bus parking lot for COT:

  • SSX x20, Burpees OYO x10, Imperial Walker x20, Burpees OYO x10, LBC x20, Regular Mirken, Mountain Climber x20

Run to lower football field: Partner up.

  • Partner Over Under x20 each (Partner #1 planks #2 belly crawls under then jumps over legs)
  • Wheel Barrow to End Zone 50 yards (flapjack if need)
  • Partner Mirken Patty-Cakes x20 total
  • Wheel Barrow 50 yards to 50 yard line (flapjack if need)
  • Partner Sit-Up touch x20 total
  • Wheel Barrow to End Zone  50 yards (flapjack if need)
  • Partner Leg Push (right, center, left) x20 total

Run to main building – find wall:

  • Balls to the wall: 10 upside down Mirkens
  • Walk on hands 25 ft cycle thru 3 x
  • Wall Sit – 5 Min – 150 Arm Raises in Cadence

Mosey to Playground:

Find Partner for circuit: Perform 3x

  • Pull -Ups x50
  • Step Ups x50
  • Old Fashion Sit-ups x50

Tight Circle for Jack Webb (1 Mirken, 4 arm raises; 2 Mirkens, 8 arm raises) upto 10 Mirkens, 40 arm raises.



  • Prayers for Zip
  • Prayers for Flat Tire and the M.
  • Mud Run Training each Sat at The Reservation 6:30 am sharp. If you want to prepare for the Mud Run, then this is a workout YOU NEED. PERIOD.
  • 3/28 Gladiator Games at The Reservation
  • 4/18 and 4/25 The Reservation is supporting the Gastonia Launch
  • 5/2 Year Anniversary Rock Hill
  • 40 day challenge – Bring snacks to the workout for children’s attention home
  • Thanks to Pebbles for the Invite. Nina Turtle and YHC had a great time!

Moderate, Adj = average in amount, intensity, quality, or degree

Well that definition stinks, good thing I rarly use the dictionary.

The Thang’

Quick shuffle to the pavilion for some shilding from the down pour.

  • SSX x20 in cadence
  • Reg. Mirken x10 in cadence
  • Diamond Mirken x10 in cadence
  • Wide Arm Mirken x10 in cadence
  • Wall Sit – Arm Raises x20 in cadence
  • Single Leg Wall Sit (left leg raiesed) – Arm Raises x20 in cadence
  • Single Leg Wall Sit (right leg raiesed) – Arm Raises x20 in cadence

Mosey to forest for run to William R Davies Park 

Arrive at playground:

Round #1:

  • 20 Pull Ups
  • 50 Mirkens
  • 20 Burpees

Round #2:

  • 10 Pull Ups
  • 25 Mirkens
  • 10 Burpees

Round #3:

  • 10 Pull Ups
  • 25 Mirkens
  • 10 Burpees

Rock Webb: Mosey to rock pile – select respectable size rock. Move onto the artifical turf field.

  • 1 Mirken – 4 over head presses with rock
  • 2 Mirkens – 8 over head preses with rock
  • Continue until 5 mirkens /20 overhead presses 

Partner up for 25 yard wheel barrow flapjack to end zone. 

 OYO – Burpee Broad

  • jump 25 yards – sprint 75 yeards to endzone and back to starting end zone. 
  • Repeat, but spint to rocks. Return to pile and form two seperate lines for nice moderate fellowship pace back to AO.


January 10, 2015

  • Joe Davis  Memorial Run  – Sign up
  • Movie – Unbroken – Sign up

Convergence this week 

  • new years eve convergence at the Maul 
  • new years day at the Rock on Sat. eve
  • headlock a neighbor and bring out some new guys to ascent on Sat. (at Olde Providence Elem.)