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Back In The Saddle

It has been several years since my last Q, but it was fitting for my return to be at The Centurion.  I hope everyone enjoyed the blast from the past AKA pre-parking deck workout.

The Thang:

Mosey to the original Centurion parking lot.

Imperial Walkers x 20 YHC had was a little rusty calling cadence but warmed up after some well-earned commentary.

Merkins x 10

Mountain Climbers x 15

Mosey to the cauldron and pair up.

Partner one does a lap while partner two does 20 Merkins Flap Jack

Partner one does a lap while partner two does LBCs Flap Jack

Partner one does a lap while partner two does squats

Mosey with a detour to the Aquatic Center

Bear Crawl to the top and mosey back

Crab Walk to the top and mosey back

Burpee Broad Jump to the top and mosey back

Mosey to the other side of the stadium and rail walk down the ramp.

Mosey to the school entrance for the trifecta of pain.

Wall Walk, Bear Crawl, Lunge Walk x 3

Mosey to Wells Fargo for Mary

Mosey to Carmel Commons

Partner one takes a lap while partner two does Merkins

Partner one takes a lap while partner two does LBCs

Partner one takes a lap while partner two does Squats

Mosey back to launch for COT

Mole Skin;

Great work everyone, it feels great to back!  I welcome all of the accountability I can get to keep me in the gloom.

Keep M Runstopper and family in your prayers for continued healing.   Red Rocks still needs everyone’s prayers as he overcomes a significant setback but continues to recover.

Aye! Escargot

Brave Convergence at the Centurion

19 men were crafty enough to side step the evil BRR headlock and post at the Centurion/Brave convergence this morning. Welcome to all of the Brave PAX who migrated over.

The thang;
Mozey to the parking deck for a warm up.
20 Slow Squats
15 Merkins
25 Mountain Climbers
Mozey to the Aquatics Center
Bear Crawl up 10 Merkins then sprint back
Crab Walk up 10 Merkins then sprint back
Lunge Walk half way up 10 Merkins then sprint back
Series of planks.
Mozey to the ramp at the end of the stadium.
Rail walk all the way down.
Hit all three stair towers with 5 Merkins at the top and 5 Squats at the bottom.
Meet at the top of the deck for some Mary
25 Flutters Hold
20 Rosalitas Hold
20 Freddy Mercurys
25 LBCs
Mozey to the bottom of the deck
Jacobs ladder (bad idea)
Mozey to the benches
10 dips, 10 step ups, 10 Derkins
Rinse and repeat 2x
Jail break to the OA

Great work by the entire pax today. YHC took several hours to recover. I think everyone got their money’s worth. Prayers go out to our brothers running the BRR, health and safety to you all.

Sign up for the Mud Run
HDHH at Mellow Mushroom on Selwyn on Wed 5-8. 10% of sales goes towards the Nicaragua Bridge trip.
Join us at the Stand at Panera directly after the Centurion.

Back in the saddle again

12 men fought off the grips of the fart sack and posted strong at the Centurion this morning to endure YHC’s first Q in ages. Everyone put out a strong effort and was gracious enough not to deliver any ridicule towards the fumbling leader.

The Thang,
Mosey to the parking deck side of the stadium.
24 SSHs
20 Squats
20 Mountain Climbers
10 Merkins
Mosey to the far end of the parking deck.
Partner up for “Catch me if you can” parking deck stair tower style.
Q got winded very fast and called it after catch Hops maybe twice.
Mosey to the new ramp at the end of the bleachers.
Rail walk down and bear crawl up under the pax.
Mosey over to the apartment complex next to the practice field. (YHC know he named this at some point and yet can’t remember what it is)
Partner one does a lap while partner two does 15 merkins. Rinse and repeat 5 times.
Mosey to the deck for some Mary.
20 Rosalitas
20 Dollies
20 Freddy Mercury
10 Knee ups
Mosey to the school steps
Bear crawl up the ramp, lunge walk back, and 5 squats at the end. X3
25 LBCs
15 Mason Twists
Mosey to the cars.
5 Burpees at the first speed bump and jail break to the street.

Fort Mill obstacle challenge/ workout tomorrow- check the website.
Sign up for the Mud Run
See me for interest in the Nicaraguan Bridge Trip in November.

Great work today men! War Daddy to War Baby spanned 40 years. Great to be back saddle and hope to be back to for a long time.

Century Club

15 Pax slipped out of the Fartsack clutches to make their morning downpainment at Hydra. I have yet to Q at Hydra, and due to the solid stable of Qs in the rotation I figured I should jump in when the opportunity arose.

The Thang;
One lap around the track and out to the grass to warm up.
SSH- 20
Imperial Walkers-20
Squats-19 (not sure why 19, it just happened)
10 burpees a minute for 10 minutes
Mosey to the bleachers for 11s (step ups and dips)
Full lap around the baseball field and line up at the fence.
Bear Crawl to the cone, crab walk the rest of the way 20 Merkins.
Sprint to the cone 10 LBCs sprint to the fence 20 LBCs
Lunge walk to the cone 10 Merkins backwards run the rest of the way.
Karaoke to cone switch direction the rest of the way.
Sprint the distance 10 Merkins sprint back.
Circle up for some Mary
Knee ups-10
Freddy Mercury- 20
Rosalita-19 (once again, it just happened)
Head back to the COT

Mole Skin;
Very little mumble chatter today, besides DK’s suggestions for more Burpees and the pax instructing him to zip it. YHC did catch some “lazy Q” flak for the 10 for 10s. 100 Burpees is just a great way to get the workout started. The plan was to keep the running down to a minimum for those including YHC running the mudrun on Saturday. The next showing will be quite different, I believe that Hydra needs to be introduced to the Downies.

Good luck to all of the MudRun teams!

Downey Fresh Morning

21 pax made there Friday morning downpainment at the Centurion this morning. After a thorough disclaimer, YHC handed out the “Downy” coupons (very disappointed there was not enough for each to have a set). There are more in the garage ready to be put into action.

The Thang;
Pair up, one set of Downys per pair.
Mosey to the main parking lot for a warm up.
Imperial Walker-25
Mountain Climber-25

Mosey to the Lasso Loop
Partner one run the loop with Downys
Partner two 15 Merkins and plank until partner one returns.
Rinse and repeat 6 times.
Series of planks with the Downys.

Mosey to the backside of the football stadium

Mosey to the school entrance.
Partner one peoples chair with Downys
Partner two 20 Derkins
Rinse and repeat.
Peoples Chair for both partners.
Downy in front, overhead, back to front recover.
Downy right hand press-10 left hand-10 right hand-10 left hand-10

Mosey to the front.
Partner one 15 step ups with Downys
Partner two 20 Derkins
Rinse and repeat for a total of 3 each.

Mosey to the main parking lot for some Mary.
Mason Twist-20
Knee up-10
Line up for sprints to each light pole with 5 Turkish Getups at each light pole.

Head back to the COT.


It was only a matter of time until someone realized that YHC had selected the 5lb Downys. T-Claps to Checkpoint for keeping me honest, and for nipping at my heels with the 10lbs on the Lasso Loop. I have been fighting a cold this week and cowardly chose the 5lb option. It will not happen again.

Great effort by the entire pax this morning! Nobody like running with weights, but that which does not kill you makes you stronger. For those doing the 10K Merkin Challenge, you got a 205 head start on your day.


Sign up to Q by putting your name on the schedule.
We need to see some new names on there men! We have a guest Q next week; Dredd will be delivering the pain this coming Friday.

Contact Champagne for tutoring opportunity in South Charlotte.
I know there are more announcements but I can’t remember.

Summer School F3 Class

summer school

The thang:

Mosey from launch lot through campus and across 51 to parking lot by Jack in the Box. Plank to wait for pax.

15 Double-merkin Burpees OYO

Mosey to Palatine Hill

Plank to wait for pax. Plank-o-rama. Line up at bottom of hill.

13’s (in honor of Snowflake’s 53rd birthday a few weeks back and his fondness for this brutal work)

Start at bottom of hill with one jump squat. Run to top for 12 burpees. 2-11, 3-10, 4-9, etc.

Plank to wait for pax. Plank-o-rama.

Mosey back to Jack in Box parking lot. 15 Double-merkin burpees to catch Jamboree and Wingman up.

Mary: 10 each (IC): Heels to Heaven/Bicycle/Flutter

Mosey back to Campus to rock pile. Stop for plank-o-rama. Grab an exercise rock.

Rock Sets

Civilian cadence: 15 curls/15 skull crushers/15 presses/15 CDD/15 presses/15 curls/15 skull crushers

Drop rock and mosey down to big parking lot. Line up.

Partner Sprints/Planks

Partner 1 sprint (75%) to far light. Partner 2 plank. Swap when partner 1 returns x5.

Partner Merkins

Both partners plank. Alternate plank/merkin from 1-8.

All you got sprint to far end of parking lot.

Mary: 10 each (IC): Heels to Heaven/Bicycle/Flutter. Protractor

10 Burpees OYO

Mosey to launch lot for COT.

No need for COP this AM. We did enough last week to scratch that itch. A quick stop for double-merkin burpees and off to Palatine Hill. Jamboree and Wingman joined the group after pulling in after the 0530 launch time, just in time for 13’s on the hill. Brought this set back for Snowflake’s birthday as he neglected to tell us until after the workout was over a few weeks back. Chelms was Larry Bird on this set. Strong work. The hill work was rough today. Solid work out there by the pax. We moved around a lot and neglected the 10-count. After the workout, Brushback told YHC it was a good class today. YHC took us out in BOM.


F3 Dads
The Stand
Mud Run registration still open. Price went from $55 to $65. Well worth the cash investment. Sign up and do it.

Need more Qs click on this link for Google Drive schedule.


Wall Walkers What?

22 Men were victorious in the battle against the fartsack and posted strong at the Centurion. YHC is still trying to recover from his own punishment. T-Claps to the men who continue to push themselves every week with the pre-KB workout. A line must be drawn somewhere on sleep deprivation, YHC’s feet have not yet made that step in the sand.
The Thang;
Mosey around the football field to the warm-up lot.
Imperial Walkers-25

Mosey to the most recent of many new pain stations introduced to the Centurion Pax. (Accepting name suggestions)
5 laps around the apartment entrance with Merkins increasing in increments of 5.
Mosey to the school entrance for much loved wall walk, bear crawl, lunge walk circuit. (3 loops)
Two sessions of peoples chair.
(Edited) Grab a bench for 11’s with dips and step ups.
One trip down and back on the parking lot with 5 burpees at each island.
Circle up for some Mary.
Flutters-20 HOLD
Knee Ups-10
Rosalitas-20 HOLD
Recover and jail break to the COT

Jury is still out on the new pain station. I was hesitant to smoke myself and have to hand off the Q, but I am sure it will not be our last trip over there.

Cain mentioned that the wall walkers were not quite as difficult as they were a year ago, my sentiments are actually the exact opposite.

Great work by the entire Pax today. It is an honor to lead and be led by the entire F3nation. Our families and our communities rely on our strength physically, emotionally, and most importantly spiritually. We will soon need additional Qs on the schedule, let’s get some new names on the list. Next week we have Purple Haze, so it might be safe to say we will visit good old Palatine Hill.

F3 Dads launches at Col. Beatty Park on Saturday June 21 at 0900. All 2.0s are welcome!

New South Charlotte School Tutoring Program – Any PAX interested helping with setting up and running a tutoring program in Area 51, can contact Champagne (Brett Briggs) at

Making Progress #10,000fails


31 Pax total entered the gloom this morning for the Bagpipe/Swift combination workout. As the temperature increases, so does the size of the Pax. Great to see everyone.
The thang;
Mosey through the maze of building (that all look the same) to a parking lot with a fountain in the center.
Warm up
Imperial Walkers-25
Mountain Climbers-25
Hand Release Merkins-20

Navigate the path between building X and building Z.
Bear Crawl on concrete and lunge walk on asphalt (with some variation around the fountain).
Mosey a lap around the parking lot and head back up the path.
Bear Crawl on concrete, lunge walk on asphalt, crab walk variation around the fountain.

Mosey to another parking lot that looks like every other for some pusherama.
Diamond Merkins-10
Wide Arm Merkins-10
Stagger Right-8
Stagger Left-8
YHC still needs some work in the Merkin department to get back up to speed.

Cobains for the loss of direction, YHC had to rely on some of the Bagpipe veterans for direction at this point.

Mosey to one more parking lot for some Mary
Knee ups-10

Brisket lent some direction towards the COT until your Q picked up the trail of the Swift pax to get him back in the direction of the COT. Another Cobain to the guys at the Six for loosing you momentarily. YHC is still in admittedly in the midst of his 10,000 fails. The workout was scripted using google maps, and a few audibles needed to be called once direction was lost. Hopefully nobody was shorty on their Tuesday morning downpainment.

Great effort this morning men!
The Downies will be introduced to Bagpipe once YHC becomes more familiar with terrain.

Extra credit for Swift can be earned by posting at 5:15.

Good Friday Suprise


A good Friday it is indeed. 22 men gathered in the gloom to make their downpainment for the day. YHC was happy to introduce a new coupon to the rotation… Yes they will be back.

The Thang;

Mosey to the “warm up lot”

Mosey to M Escargot’s Sorento to introduce the new coupons.
Pair up and grab a pair of savory companions for the duration. YHC was expecting a smaller turnout, 16 or less and we each would have had our own set.

Mosey to the main lot.
Partner one take a lab with coupons, partner two 10 Burpees, 10 Merkins, 20 LBCs

By now YHC was already hating Chipotle for picking the 10lbs instead of 5lbs.

Rinse and repeat.

Each partner take a coupon and mosey to the school entrance.
People’s chair with coupon of course.
Coupon out front for 30 seconds, overhead for 30 and then back to front for 30.
Repeat above for 20 seconds each.
People’s chair with shoulder presses. 20 each arm.

Mosey to the front tables for 11s dips with coupon in lap and decline Merkins.

Mosey to the main lot.
Lunges with coupon 20 each leg.
Squats with coupon-20

On to some Mary
Flutter-25 HOLD
Russian Twist with coupons-20
Knee ups with coupon-20

Mole Skin;
Moral of the story, to much time on IR is not good for anyone.
I hope everyone has a blessed Easter weekend. Prayers for safe travels to all of F3nation.

There is a 3rd F workout every Friday at Panera on the corner of Carmel and 51 lead by Purple Haze and Champagne. We will be starting a new book soon, so it is a great time to join in.


The Non-Taper

12 Men escaped the evil grips of the fartsack to finish of the work week at the Centurion. I apologize for the late post, but I spent yesterday in the car.

The Thang;

Mosey to the “Warm Up Lot”

Imperial Walkers-25

Mosey to the turnaround circle at the bottom of Walsh.
Jacobs ladder with Burpees at the top only.
Mosey to the Aquatic Center.
Bear Crawl up-Crab Walk down.
Sprint up-Bear Crawl down.
Sprint up-lunge walk down.
Mosey to the front tables of the school.
11’s with step ups and decline Merkins.
Finish with 40 LBCs.
Mosey to the back lot for some Mary.
Mason Twist-25
Knee Ups-10

Head to the COT.

Mermaids wife made it through her procedure with no complications.
Good Luck on the Mudrun men! Prayers for no injuries.