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The Big House – 4/3 – “We’ll always have our memories. The Colonel’s dead. Here we are still enjoying his chicken.”

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11 strong men became even stronger at the Big House today. The workout was a nice mix of some cardio and some strength mixed in with some…how do I do that?

Starting off with a nice light mosey to the back parking lot area with a COP lead by Udder, Hops and YHC. Some merkins, low slow squats and also cdd’s. Well done men!

Then a little jog over to the furthest back parking lot where YHC had (at the site Q’s request mind you) set up:

Battle Rope
Kettle bells
Jump rope
Sand bag
Medicine ball

These were used in stations with partners so that one partner would ran half a lap around the parking lot while the other partner hit the “toy” and after flap jacking moved on to the next station.

We did approximately two rounds and the circled up for a round of Mary including the new ab exercise the “PEI”, you’d have had to have been there and/or can ping YHC.

Then we did approximately two more rounds of the “toys” and moseyed back to the cars to do a little more Mary to kill the time.

Unfortunately then the pax were subjected to two minutes of YHC ramblings of how important F3 is to men and to myself in particular, thanks for bearing with me guys.

[Quote in headline appropriately chosen from the movie Strange Brew by Dumpster Fire, and highlights the impact a man can have on the world around him.]

Mountain Goats Up Then Down

Doing a speed pyramid at Mountain Goat this week.

Typical warm up and dynamic stretching

Done at 1 mile race pace (

4 – 200 M

2 – 400 M

1 – 800 M

2 – 400 M

4 – 200 M

Cool down

Mountain Goats Run Longer, Go Slower (sort of)

The Mountain Goat crew showed up strong and ready to run on this moderate heat, high humidity morning.  A truly moderate warm up pace to the end of Strawberry and to the track for dynamic stretching.  Then it was time for the main event:

5 min at Threshold pace, or over a minute (usually) slower than your mile time, or just run at a moderate speed, however you want to calculate it around the track.

1 min rest/recovery, with most pax choosing a brisk walk except for Fletch since he is a beast, his walk looks like YHC’s mosey but I digress

After each round switch directions on the track to even things out

5 total rounds then a cool down lap to regroup at the cars to be done


A strong push by the pax today, especially Bloomers who was on his 3rd post and declared at the outset he couldn’t run, not to worry brother, you’re in the right place, we all started there, you pushed it hard and it was an impressive effort! Fletch was out front today and despite a strong effort by Slim Fast he couldn’t be caught.  Tiger Rag is really getting into form and Outback and Mr. Bean were weaving amongst the pax encouraging along the way (thanks guys, it really helps).  Draino has been coming out and is really picking up.  Beefeater and Snake Eyes were mostly running motivation for the other, was looking very consistent which is the point of these and while YHC’s wheels fell off the bus after 3 these two were really strong on the consistency.  All in all the pax were pushing hard and are all getting stronger/faster.  Kudos to Voodoo who is on his about 5th run in 3 days bringing out his friend Bloomers, very strong brother!



F3 Golf

Inaugural 5k for Pineville downed Firefighter:

Take out by Kilowatt was strong as always and greatly appreciated!

Long and Slow, Q The Mouth

A quick pre-blast.  After a usual style warm up we will be doing long but slower intervals.


5 min at Threshold pace with 1 min rest/recovery.  Threshold pace can be calculated here:


We will endeavour to stay together throughout but the route will be discussed tomorrow to ensure safety and solidarity.

The Gear Rolled Up To Peak 51

23 pax rolled in to Peak 51 to tackle the mountain of the moderate Thursday workout.  Kilowatt got so energized he rolled out early, no worries, you got your monies worth.  YHC pulled out one of his classic’s that he enjoys and hopes that the pax did also.


Mosey around the parking lot the long way round to loosen up a little, OOP (Oval of Pain):

SSH x 50 (had to cut it off at 50 since it’s a moderate workout)

IW x 20

Merkins x 10 (nice even, measured count for good form)

CDD’s x 20

Mountain Climbers x 20

LSS x 10

Partner up

Mosey to the track area where someone conveniently left toys laying all over the place with signs indicating what to do with them (adults don’t do unstructured play very well)

While partner 1 runs a lap of the track partner 2 does the station, flapjack and move to the next station, stations were:

Mountain Climbers


Calf Raises

Battle Rope

Jump Rope

Partner situp plate exchange (take a weight plate and pass it back and forth)

Kettle bell swimgs

Sandbag squats

Kettle Bell rows

Push Press (KB)

Medicine Ball toss or slam


Then mosey to the parking lot for some Mary:

Sid-The-Kid x 10 each way oyo

Flutter x 20

LBC’s x 20

Knee ups x 10 oyo

Dolly x 10

Freddy Mercury x 20


That rounds it out folks:

Some good effort out there, not much standing around from what YHC could see.  Idea is to push yourself and your partner.  Hopefully it was fun for all.

Strong takeout by Smokey, thanks brother!

Sign up for F3 Golf

Mountain Goat – Longest Intervals Yet!

9 pax posted for a long interval workout that went something like:


  • Warm-up down Strawberry Lane for those late (e.g. The Mouth, Joker)
  • Dynamic stretching drills
  • 4x1200m @ Threshold Pace (will be slower than your race pace – find it from the calculator at ) with 2 minute rest.  We’ll do it this way:
    • 1200m (3 track laps) @ Threshold Pace.  Minimum Rest for 2:00 minutes.  Feel free to extend rest up to 60 seconds to get a running buddy to start the next one.
    • Repeato x 3 (if time allows, Q will try to track the watch)
    • Recovery jog to cool down
  • Back to cars for COT


Some very strong efforts out there today, YHC had the privilege to run with Penalty Kick most of the time (until the last interval when I just couldn’t keep up).

Pele is looking more svelte than ever, Beaker was ripping through the intervals keeping Mr. Brady company, who of course complained at the beginning but still kept running strong.  Nomad was very consistent and consistently quick, he has really picked up the speed lately!

Sorry for the short write up but YHC has to, ahem, run.

Christmas Party, yada, yada, F3 Golf (TR is ok with just taking your money if you don’t want to play)

Thanks to Pele for the takeout

Mountain Goat Goes Looong

We have been very focused on the shorter and faster stuff to prep for the mile and then some hills.  This week we are going to go looong.  Work on some slower but longer, much longer, intervals than what we are used to.

  • Warm-up down Strawberry Lane for those late (e.g. The Mouth, Joker)
  • Dynamic stretching drills
  • 4x1200m @ Threshold Pace (will be slower than your race pace – find it from the calculator at ) with 2 minute rest.  We’ll do it this way:
    • 1200m (3 track laps) @ Threshold Pace.  Minimum Rest for 2:00 minutes.  Feel free to extend rest up to 60 seconds to get a running buddy to start the next one.
    • Repeato x 3 (if time allows, Q will try to track the watch)
    • Recovery jog to cool down
  • Back to cars for COT.

Prepping for the Mile



  • 0515 – mosey to end of Strawberry Lane and back about 1.0 mi.  Dynamic exercises (heels, toes, high knees, butt kicks, B-skips (everyone’s favourites)) and ready to do the workout of the day.
  • Complete two rounds of the following:
    • 2x200m at 1mile Race Pace, 200m recovery after each
    • 800m at 1mile Race Pace, 800m recovery
    • 300m AYG (at 800m Race Pace or F-pace), 4minute recovery
  • Cool down and COT

HIIT Hits Hydra

YHC wanted to keep things moving at Hydra this morning, 14 other pax posted to YHC’s workout which was nice, they were instructed to modify as needed and then we all got at it.  Today’s workout was designed to help push pax and at the same time allow folks to push at the appropriate level for themselves.

The Thang:


Run to Harris Teeter and back (pretty much a mile)

SSH x 25 while waiting for the six (the rest of the pack)

IW x 25 to stretch out the hammies, yes Gummy, that is what they are good for

Merkins x 5 IC but slow and proper like

The Jalapeno – Partner sits with arms extended, partner 2 hops over arms and legs x 10, hmmm that got a bit dizzying

Playground for modified (and half way through audibled) Cindy

Every Minute on the Minute (EMOM)

45 seconds on, 15 seconds off

10 rounds

5 pull ups

10 merkins

15 squats

However, modify the numbers to attempt to be consistent through all 10 rounds

It was originally announced that this would be 20 rounds but was modified to 10 due to poor math skills on YHC’s part

Over to the baseball field bleachers

Partner 1 runs around baseball field while partner 2 does

10 jump ups (or step ups)

15 dips

15 squats

Then flapjack then repeato x 2 for a total of 3 rounds

Over to the wall at the school for a 3 min break, otherwise known as a wall sit

Parking lot for Mary

10 oyo each way Sid-The-Kid (leg circles in the air)

Flutter x 20 IC

Dolly x 20 IC

Back scratchers x 10 oyo

Russian Twist x 10 oyo

Heels to Heaven x 10

Burpees x 5


Was fun to lead this workout this morning, it is dedicated to a dear friend of YHC’s who came up with most of the workout and whom had had a tough day yesterday, so here’s to thinking of you.  The less emotional part of the workout was that the intensity levels were attempted to be kept high, minimal planking or waiting around, wanted to keep the pax moving even while waiting for the six.  Daisy is working on a local EH, anyone can do this, you just modify as needed, the hardest part is showing up!  A strong effort by the pax, that Cindy was a killer.  Was nice to have Starfish visiting from Winston, welcome back anytime!


Day Zero Convergence on Sat

Metro Convergence on Monday

Thanks to Pudding Pop for the Hydra leaderhship and the takeout!

A 3 Mile Tour…A 3 Mile Tour

8 pax set off for YHC’s Site VQ, strategically chosen to correspond to the mud run and therefore limit the pax in attendance to a manageable number.  YHC wasn’t sure how much I could bring but figured if I gave it all I had that would have to suffice.  There isn’t much point in droning on with some pre-amble so here it is:

The Thang:

1 mile warm up to the bull ring, run the usual Swift route so as not to get lost.

Circle up:

SSH x 25

IW x 25

Prying squat & hold x 5

LSS x 20

Disclaimer (oops forgot but it was a group of vets)

Approx 1 mile to the well manicured soccer field (you know you’re in Ballantyne when the local soccer pitch also has its own heli-pad, fancy!)

Partner up with someone like speed

Partner 1 runs to the sideline and back while partner 2 runs to the sideline and back

First one back does 20 CDDs, second one back 20 merkins


Same thing except Squats & LBC (also 20), then repeato that

Then Partner anchor & sled, 1 x each to the sideline

Partner over/unders x 10 (this one always seems to get the heart rate going)

Over to the picnic tables

Partner curls x 2 each (partner provides resistance)

Partner 1 does dips while partner 2 runs to the sideline and back, flapjack x 3

Middle of the soccer pitch for Mary

Flutters x 20

Dolly x 20

Sid-The-Kid 10 each way oyo

pax favourite – Deep Dish Q’s Cumberland County VIaduct x 15 each way

Time to head back to the cars

Turns out the pax are faster than I thought and at Honey Bee’s strong suggestion an audible was called to pull over at the pull up bar

Partner AMRAP + 2 x 2 on the pull ups

Then head back to AO HQ for COT


Definitely nervous on the Q today, had a great crew, some still recovering from some pretty monumental accomplishments: Out Cold and Honey Bee on the Big Sur marathon (which sounded awesome in a painful sort of way), Haggis with his 50 mile Leatherwood race last Sat, it’s examples like the ones you guys set that help to push the rest of us!  YHC was partnered with Haggis which isn’t exactly a similar speed but Haggis thankfully let me win a few using his race as an excuse (thanks!).  There were rumours of a possible Wingman spillage issue but you’d have had to be there to confirm or not, he sure did push through the pain though! Bebo was looking strong, especially on the run parts, way to hang in there!  Deep Dish, thanks for the CCV, a weakness of YHC which makes it hard to Q so thanks for the push and lead on those.  Always an honour to lead any pax in F3 anywhere, but this group has become especially important to me, thanks for having me as an honourary SOB.

Announcements amounted to a comment that Mud Run signups had ended….

Coffeeteria ensued following a takeout by YHC (at least I think I did it, honestly can’t remember)