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Double Trouble With Drop Thrill At Overdrive

So it was a hot and sweaty morning down in the UC and YHC had the reigns for Overdrive.

After warming up a bit, not much as we were already warm we launched into the classic Double Trouble Q which involves one kettle bell exercise and one body weight.  We tackled rounds of 10, 15 then 10 of each exercise:

Kettle bell swings
Turkish getups

Goblet squats


Tricep extensions

Sumo squats

Skull crushers
Rosa Litas

Good Mornings
Calf raises

American Hammers

Romanian dead lifts
Moroccan Night Clubs


Uno – Thrill Rules

So the weather people were 100% positive it was going to rain this morning.  Rain all night.  Rain in the morning.  Rain!!!

Well, the weather people were wrong.  Either Sky Q decided to answer my prayers for no rain, or the weather people just don’t know how to call it.  Either way, it only rained a drop or two this morning and all were thankful.

The shiny glowing box made an appearance and we pulled out the deck of Uno cards for some cards of pain that went like this:

Card 1-9 or 0 (10) equals your reps.

Colors determine the exercise:

Blue – Merkins
Green – Imperial Walkers
Yellow – Squats
Red – Lunges

+2 – Pax picks two exercise, for two reps
+4 – Four reps of all four exercises
Reverse – Repeato the last exercise
Wild – Change color

If you don’t have a matching number card or color then you have to draw from the deck, and its a five burpee penalty for all pax.

Overall I think this was a good workout.  Hopefully you felt the same.

Always an honor to lead.  Appreciate you posting in questionable weather.

DT out.


Unlucky 13 Days Of Christmas at Thrive

Firstly as I write I just discovered there’s another Drop around A51 now… Drop Clothe!  Sweet!

But I digress…

Last week Bernanke was desperate for a Q for Thrive, so I obliged. 

So I pulled out a classic, The 12 Days of Christmas workout. It goes a little something like the song.  You repeat every exercise each time and the numbers keep going up.

1 – Run a lap
2- Turkish get ups (Pax favorite)
3- Jump squats
4- LBC’s
5- Diamond merkins (couldn’t think of anything golden)
6- Imperial walkers
7- Rosalitas
8- Slow flutters
9- Low slow squats
10- Lunges (each leg)
11- Merkins
12- Burpees (Shephard was happy)

We made it through the twelve days, then I threw in an unlucky 13 for fun.

We stretched.  We laughed at Bernanke’s awkward jokes and we called it a day.

Drop It Like It’s Hot

The day dawned and it was time to head east yet again to see the pax of Union County.  This time I brought a deck of cards with me. Uno cards to be exact.

After we warmed up, we headed over to the busses and we played a couple rounds of sick and twisted Uno.  Number of the cards (except 0 which equals 10) determines the reps.

Blue = Merkins
Green = LBC’s
Yellow = Squats
Red = Lunges

Skip = Run a lap
+2 = Pick two exercises, two reps each
+4 = Four reps of all four exercises above
Reverse = Repeat the last exercise, but the pax keep picking in order
Wild = Change color

No card that matches color or number in your deck? = Five burpees

So you can blame F3 3D out of the Fort for this little fun and games. 

On second thought, burpees weren’t a great idea, and even Shepherd didn’t come to enjoy them.

It was great to see everyone. 

Please shout out any announcements below.

Please check out @F3Battle on Twitter, where I’m hoping we can shed some light on mental health in the pax.

Thank you for the opportunity to lead. 

DT out.


Overdrive And Then Some

It’s hard to believe it’s been over five years since I joined F3, and Overdrive was always one of my favorite AO’s back in the day before I moved to Fort Mill, so I make an appearance now and then so you won’t forget my lovely face.

Hair Band loves the rucking so I obliged and my mad scientist brain came up with a hybrid of a ruck workout and a kettlebell workout.  It sucked, and I liked it.  It went a little something like this.  One exercise with the bell, one with the ruck/body weight. After Round 1, those that didn’t have a ruck, took a ruck for themselves so they could experience the joys.

Here’s the thang:

22 is the number for each exercise below.  We were remembering 6/6/1944 and the 4414 allied deaths at D-Day.  19 was the number during COP.

KB Swings
Step ups

Goblet squats

KB Curls

Tricep extensions

One arm rows

Skull crushers

Dead lifts
Calf raises

American hammers

One arm dead lifts

Thanks for showing up on a Friday morning, it was glorious weather.  Have a safe and fun summer brothers. Thanks for the chance to lead.

DT out.

Mutiny At Thrive!

I hadn’t been back to Thrive in quite a while but I crossed the state line and headed north to share some Christmas cheer!

It went something like this…

COP warmup then we got into the 12 Days. Just like the song, you repeat each exercise as you climb up in reps. Here’s the details:


2-Turkish getups

3-Jump squats


5-Diamond merkins

6-Imperial walkers


8-Slow flutters

 9-Low slow squats 

10-Lunges (10 each leg)



As I was sensing mutiny may be eminent, we started a cool down with some broga and stretching.

And we were done.

Great job brothers!

It was good to see a lot of new faces since my last post at Thrive

Thanks for the chance to lead.

DT out.

F3 Carowinds Day! – 10.14.2017 – It’s The Great Pumpkin F3 Nation!

Hey guys, as some of you know I am a certifiable roller coaster nut and I have had the idea of a day out at Carowinds for F3 for a while now and I’m going to step out and see what happens.  If you want to come, please respond in the comments below, even if you don’t pay until later on.

Here’s the thang:

What – Day out for all Pax, M’s and 2.0’s at Carowinds, located on the NC/SC border.  The park offers world-class (not joking) coasters and thrill rides as well as a great kids section called Planet Snoopy.  If your 2.0’s are able to walk, they will have plenty to do.  If they are younger, there’s even a few rides for them too.  Lucy’s Crabby Cabbie is a thrill you don’t want to miss riding with your kids!  I’m being sarcastic there.

When – October 14 – 10:00 – 5:00

During the fall the park hosts both SCarowinds at night (not good for small kids) and The Great Pumpkin Fest (great for kids of all ages) during the day.  The Great Pumpkin Fest is included in your admission price.

Cost – If you are a Carowinds season pass holder, then admission is free.  If you need to purchase admission, I will am able to get us the group rate for at least fifteen or more.  Cost is $37.00 each including taxes and fees, which saves you about $12 per ticket off the regular rate.  Parking is not included and runs about $20 per vehicle.  When you are ready to HC, please send your funds to Drop Thrill at coasterwes@ (PayPal).  If we end up not getting 15 people, I will refund your money and we will decide what to do at that point.

Food! – We will eat on our own and you are free to do your thang with your family.  You can bring a meal and keep it in your vehicle, then get your hand stamped and leave to picnic at your car, then come back in the park.  The park has a lot of options too available for purchase.

Note: Due to SCarowinds, the regular admission and group admission is only from 10:00 – 5:00 during weekends in September and October.

If you want to stay after we wrap up for the day and attend SCarowinds, you will have to exit the park and buy a separate ticket on your own if you just haven’t gotten your blood pumping enough by then.

Feel free to throw out any questions and please HC below.  I look forward to riding Fury 325, my #1 favorite coaster with you guys and your families this October!

Deadline to pay is October 2!

More info –



Ascent Climbs The 0.0 Mountain

Saturday dawned gorgeous and didn’t even give a glimmer to the monsoon that would descend on the Carolinas Sunday.  it was a great morning to workout.

With my back and ankle issues, I wasn’t running anywhere very far and one of the brothers had already contacted me that he wasn’t able to either, so we were staying close to the school.  Does’t mean we won’t sweat!  Here’s the deal:


Moroccan Nightclub (A fan favorite)

The Thang

After we were warmed up, we headed over to the track for 11’s.  Obviously there isn’t a hill close to the school so I modified it to allow for pax to walk if needed.

At one end of the track we did jump squats and the other Carolina dry docks until the runners had finished their entire set of eleven.  If you could run, you ran.  Otherwise walk. The three runners were all looking strong.  Great work guys!

After 11’s we made our way back to the school where my flashy sound box was waiting along with a 20 lb and 30 lb kettle bell.

Since no one else had kettle bells we made due and it worked out pretty well I think.  We did the following exercises, once with a 20 lb and the other with the 30 lb bell and in between you were doing some type of exercise while you waited on the bell.

Triceps extensions
Squat and thrust
Russian Twist/ aka American Hammer

Once we finished this round of pain we made our way over to the wall for a little people’s chair.  A little stretching and yoga and we were done!

Great job brothers!  I was starting to wonder if anyone was coming at 6:50 since no one was there.  But Snoopy was there and Sony rolled in, then Mall Cop and Slum Dog made their way in on two wheels.

Ascent is where I first posted the last Saturday in March, 2014 so it will always hold a special place in my heart even though I live in The Fort now.

Thanks for the honor of leading.  Everyone was working hard and taking that Daily Red Pill.

DT out.





Dirty Deeds (Done Dirt Cheap)

Some time ago my time at F3 Union County started to twindle. First it was back issues, then I was part of the launch of F3 Mint Hill, then I moved to The Fort!  As HB told me, it was like I was leaving you guys a bit at a time (my translation of what he said).

But now I’m all happy and settled in my new house in Fort Mill and as I haven’t been roped into any site q responsibilites yet, I have more options on Saturday.  So it was high time I made a return to Outland to q.

I am not a professional, but I will try to melt your faces off like one today. Aye!

This ruck friendly workout started with COP

Circle up!

With my shiny new GR1 GORUCK ruck on my back it was time to get down to business.  Who turned on the heat?

15 – Side straddle hops
15 – Imperial walkers
15 – Windmills
15 – Happy Appies (aka Hillbillies*)

After COP we moseyed to the Outland-staple raised brick walls for some He Hate Me or Cindy as you call it.

10 (yes each leg) step ups OR jump ups
10 dips
10 derkins or incline merkins

Perform each set until q calls time, or you strangle him for making you work this hard in this heat. Whichever comes first.  I threw in some time on the wall with pass the ruck (twice).  The people rejoiced!

At 0730 (yep I made you work that long) we took a break from the action to head to the hill(s) for QUADRAPHILIA!

Quadraphilia on dry grass is bad enough, on this dew-soaked earth was even more-so. Thanks Sky Q! #madprops

The pax walks backwards up the hill, at the top they performance squats, at the bottom burpees. We were supposed to be doing 11’s, but everyone including YHC was getting massive O2 dep at this point and everyone’s math was getting slightly fuzzy.

Everyone pushed hard and we all finished our 11’s (or mostly did). Looking at you q!

We circled up for some Mary and some weird stretching moves and we were done!

Excellent work out there men and young man!  I was very excited to be back at Outland and missed seeing my brothers Glass Joe, Double E, Horsehead and Counter Top.  I know where GJ and EE were.  Not sure about you other guys.

Good to meet Woody and Hello Kitty for the first time.  Strong work out there brothers.  Strong work Belly Flop, who has been training to become the next David Beckham all week.  You make us old guys look bad.  Keep it up.  Can’t wait for your first q!

HB, Shepherd and Happy always strong work and good to be back in your prescence after many months away.

Thanks Belly Flop for taking us out.  You can pray for me any day buddy.

Congrats to Turnpike on his upcoming baptism tomorrow.  You weren’t there in body brother but still thinking of you today.  Way to go deeper with your relationship with God!

I have to say an huge thanks to Sky Q for getting me through this last year.  Last year this time I could barely walk and told I felt GREAT on q. Really amazing healing and transformation in my life this past year.  God is good!

Don’t forget to order your F3 Union County shirts if you need one, or don’t.  Early Christmas presents for you, random guys, whoever!

Thanks for allowing me to lead. Always a priveledge, honor and blessing to do so.

DT over and out.

Always Awkward In the UC

As always it’s a dangerous thing to go reading Twitter, especially when Happy is begging for q’s. But as I had to bow out of my q a few weeks ago, and Happy and the other UC pax have supported our launch of Mint Hill, I shouldn’t really complain now should I?

The Murph is a workout named after Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy, who was killed in Afghanistan June 28th, 2005. He was 29, of Patchogue, N.Y. Lt Murphy was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor after his death. The workout was one of Mike’s favorites and he’d named it ‘Body Armor.

I posted at the Metro convergence yesterday and we did a modified Murph, and I liked it a lot and thought it was easily modified for us ruckers (or backpackers as Horsehead likes to say). So we did sort of the following:

10 – Merkins
20 – Squats
30 – LBC (modify for ruck if needed)

Rinse and repeat several times until the q gets tired.

Next up we had some time for fun with rucks!

We played Pass The Ruck and Squat, Squat and Hold With the Ruck and finally Tunnel of Love (with the ruck).

There was much rejoicing from the pax when Tunnel of Love was called. Music to my ears!

I always feel a lot more accomplished this time of year surviving workouts in the hothouse of the Carolinas in the summer. It doesn’t seem right to not sweat like a large woman walking around an amusement park on the border of two states that may or may not rhyme with Sparolina.

Awesome job by all the pax out there. Always amazed and humbled by Lamont and Shepherd’s tenacity and strength. I’m gonna be like them when I grow up. Or at least I hope so.

Glass Joe was complaining, so I know I was doing something right.

Thanks for the chance to lead and keep rocking in the free world (aka Union County).

DT out.