Long Socks When Necessary

Long Socks When Necessary

What a great morning to meet up with a bunch of PAX. I arrived early as normal to find Doughboy already waiting to get started. What great enthusiasm and an amazing way to set an example for Breadbowl. Wait, What? Diesel starts at 5:30? Aw Crap! Literally, crap. Doughboy jumped back into his car and made a last-minute deposit at home. Breadbowl was heartbroken when he found out that he missed out on 15 minutes of sleep.

PAX are now steadily arriving and arriving and arriving and arriving. I know I’m MIA lately, but was there a surprise convergence planned at Five Stones? Amazing turnout. Good thing I planned out today’s activities in back of my Sorento minutes before we started.

Everything is going to be TABATA style today, so let me explain how that works to the group. I love the TABATA program because it opens the door for all kinds of mumble chatter. (40 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest)

DiCCS were given (Disclaimer, Cell phone, CPR, Safety)


SSH’s, Squats, Moroccan Night Club, Merkins, Calf Stretch


1st Group – Front Raise, Lateral Raises, Shoulder Presses, Reverse Flys – 3 rounds

2nd Group – Standard Curls, Hammer Curls, Wide Curls, Overhead Triceps Extensions – 3 rounds

3rd Group – Coupon Bench Press, Big Boi, Skull Crushers, LBC’s, Crab Dips – 3 rounds

4th Group – Squats, Speed Skaters, Monkey Humpers

5th Group – Curls until time was up


Crazy fun today with all kinds of 1st timers to Diesel. Doughboy was on fire today with all kinds of Poop conversations. We were about 5 minutes in and Glidah was already telling me that there is plenty to go into the BackBlast. Someone asked Doughboy about toilet paper in the car and he said only Kleenex. Then someone explained that is exactly why you wear socks. I cannot help but laugh every time I think about grown men wiping with their own socks. Going forward, I think I will only wear long socks in case of an emergency.

Doughboy’s dinner carried the day. During the Monkey Humpers, Centerfold mentioned that it may look like a Moose Dumped in the parking lot. Great times. I cannot thank everyone enough for coming out this morning. I had a great time.

Shoutout to One Star for recruiting Smuggler to post at Diesel for the 1st time and then fatsacking. Excellent work.


  • Makeshift Marathon tomorrow at Kohls.  Several road crossings so be careful!!!
  • C3PO and Fusebox are converging at Kohls for a bootcamp workout starting at 6:30.  It is the only Waxhaw bootcamp open so don’t go to Commitment, Homecoming, or BlackHawk.
  • CPR class openings for this Monday.  Sign up.
  • Reminder by Chastain who posted in SOB to wear reflective gear and headlamps.

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