3 Qs a flat tire and the lesson we can all learn

3 Qs a flat tire and the lesson we can all learn

Hey y’all somethimes I Q a lot. With that, I’m behind on my BBs. So, like a good boy, I’m turning in my homework.

Standard COT
Starfish x 2
Ball to Wall hip slapper, mountain climber, plank jacks X 5
Indian Run
2.65 miles

The Brave
Run N. on Ballantyne Commons to The Reserve
4 laps with pull-ups and partner work
Move across street for BLIMPS
Indian Run
5.3 miles

Farmer carries
Shoulder press ladder
300 one arm swings (EMOM)
*Frehley’s Comet b-day

If you came out to one of these workouts, thank you!

On Wed at Anvil, my tire was flat. It was frustrating and embarrassing. After, COT, I went over and started to loosen the lugs and jack it up. I’ve changed a tire more than a few times and I didn’t need help. Someone, honestly, I can’t remember who, came over and started helping out. He was cool asked me about where I lived, basic chitchat. I was able to relax. We finished and he stayed until I drove away. I am grateful. There are many lesson here –

  1. Help people even if they don’t need it.
  2. Don’t judge while you help. (I wasn’t asked if I drove carelessly or let my tires wear down too much.)
  3. Help can be deeds and words. The chatter helped me just as much as the extra set of hands.

Every day we are each presented with opportunities to help someone. Embrace that opportunity. Aye!


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