This is Bushwood, and we never “Crawl Bear”

This is Bushwood, and we never “Crawl Bear”

21 PAX never touched the parking deck at Cerberus but still managed to celebrate #NationalWhineDay with a full carafe of Merlot(s of complaining).  Since Cerberus is situated in the mean streets of Waverly, YHC had to coerce some Waxhaw gang members to join me for the 2 hour horse-and-buggy ride north.


  • Since we were in Corporate land, a full and robust disclaimer was given
  • Mosey across parking lot
  • SSH x 15
  • Merkins x 10
  • IW x 15
  • LSS x 15


  • Mosey behind Truliant to the railing
  • Hill Partner work
    • P1 does side-to-side Supines
    • P2 does 2 laps up and down grass hill
      • Crawl Bear up the hill
      • Bear Crawl down the hill
    • EDITOR’S NOTE:  PAX commenced with Whining leaning towards INSUBORDINATION
  • Flapjack for 2 rounds (Q audible to 1 lap on second round)
  • Mosey to apartment area with some SSH along way
    • EDITOR’S NOTE:  Dirty Bird is a mind reader
  • Escalator on hill by retention pond
    • 40 Merkins, 4 laps up and down hill
    • 30 Merkins, 3 laps up and down hill
    • 20 Merkins, 2 laps up and down hill
    • 10 Merkins, 1 lap up and down hill
    • EDITOR’S NOTE:  Alf crushed the hill.  Noticed SEVERE modification on this exercise (apparently PAX are afraid of ant bites)
  • Mosey to half wall circle in front of hotel with SSH along way
  • Derkin circle
    • All PAX hold Derkin Plank position
    • 1 PAX bunny hops around entire circle
    • For each PAX that passes, a Derkin should be performed
    • Continue until all 21 PAX bunny hopped around circle
    • EDITOR’S NOTE:  Forgot that you #CitySlickers don’t see bunnies so the Bunny Hop form was shaky at best
  • Mosey to roundabout by houses with SSH along way
  • 10 Trees
    • Run to bottom of hill (10th tree) and do 10 Merkins
    • Run back to roundabout and do a Burpee
    • Run to 9th tree and do 9 Merkins
    • Run back to roundabout and do a Burpee
    • Continue until 1st tree and 1 Merkin
    • EDITOR’S NOTE:  Hollywood smoked the hill.  The whining either died down for this part or my ears were clogged with sweat
  • Mosey back to COT
    • Finish with some Mary including Amy Grant x 20 which was a real crowd pleaser stumper . . . #AmyHasItAllOverJLo
  • DONE!


  • 2 FNGs:
    • Homer:  Welcome Brian.  Former Navy.  Current Lawson resident.  Look forward to having you in the mix with us
    • Eggcellent:  Welcome Brandon.  Former Cali kid (think Bill and Ted).  Current construction manager.  Nice job putting in the hard work today
  • Convergences:
    • Saturday:  0700 at Calvary Church
      • 3 Medal of Honor citations throughout the workout
      • PreBlast Link
    • Monday:  Speed for Need & Patriot 5K
  • F3 Pool Party to support The Sandbox:
    • Friday June 8th at 8:00pm
    • Lawson Pool
    • All F3 members welcome and encouraged to bring wives and 2.0s
    • $40/family includes Beer and Pizza
    • Please RSVP so we know how much pizza and beer to get
    • Signup Link


  • Thanks to Transporter for pushing me to Q at this site . . . Lots of opportunity
  • Thanks to my fellow WUCies for making the trip north to support my Q . . . At least a few people got my sense of humor
  • Solid whining by some guys
  • Terrific modifications by a few guys
  • Great work by all guys
  • Come on down to WUC sometime . . .Would love to have you Q . . . All our AOs are accessible by car if you don’t mind some dirt roads

THANKS ASTRO FOR TAKING US OUT!  Have a great Memorial Day weekend fellas

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