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Do Mary or Rest?

A baker’s dozen (that’s 13 for those who have never been to a bakery) came out on a beautiful spring morning for some running, merkins, squats, & Mary.

The Thang

Mosey to the track for COP and the mandatory SSH and IW

Butt kicks and high knees for 100 yds
Karaoke 100 yds
100 yd run w/30 REAL squats then run 100
Repeat with 20 squats
Repeat with 10.

Partner up with someone you dont know (if possible).
Partner 1: 100 yd sprint with 27 hand release Merkins then sprint back
Partner 2 then does the above while P1 can rest or do Mary
Repeat with 24 hand release Merkins, then 21, then 18 and so on. This was a #TimeSuck and a real burner

Some Mary
Prayer Fire Mary – each Partner 30 reps
30 situps with your partner holding your ankles.


So there was some discussion as the beginning of our Merkin Ladder as to whether the partner who is not running should do Mary while they wait. YHC left this up to the discretion of each of the pax. I’ve done this ladder before and knew that if I truly sprinted, I was going to need the rest. But we have some young studs in F3 now – not just the 40 and 50 somethings who first made up the Nation a few years ago. So they have a little bit more energy, stamina, and strength. Although some of the older guys were banging out those squat sets which was impressive, and yes, they were doing actual squats.

Later during the Ladder, someone said they overheard Stone Cold confessing about an injury recently incurred at home in the bedroom. However, SC wouldn’t fess up to it when YHC inquired in front of the group. Maybe it was just #WishfulThinking on his part.

Anyway, hopefully it was a good workout for those who came. Yeti, thanks for letting me lead.

I’m All Dolly’d Out

10 posted in the rainy gloom and here’s what we did:

Mosey to Football field for COP
400m with 5 burpees at each turn then head to the end zone for some partner work

P1 runs while P2 does Merkins, flap jack and repeat until total of 200 merkins
same with Dolly for total of 300
same with burpees – total 50

100 yd run with 1 merkin at the 10 yd line – increase by 1 merkin every 10 yds then run the 100 back.

Mary/Burpee Combo
Mosey back for COT

So, there was some discussion (no names to be disclosed) as the pax gathered in the parking lot about pulling an audible and heading to Starbucks for some solid (and dry) 2nd F. But our fearless Site Q, dashed the hopes of those wanting to skip the SoakFest that ensued.

Plenty of MumbleChatter throughout the workout – some intended as payback for some that’s been dished out by YHC in the past. I love it – keep it coming!

Thanks to the men who showed up. The last time that I was supposed to Q, when it was raining, it was also about 20 degrees outside, and no one else came.


Where’d the Parking Spots go?

13, oh yeah, 14 men showed in the Gloom. With the shovel flag (thanks Snoop) firmly planted by Bushwood, we balled up for a pre-pain prayer.

The Thang

Circle up in the Parking Lot for COP
SSH, IW, Squats, Peter Parkers, LBC, Parker Peters

Mosey to Carmel Middle with 5 burpees at each speedbump
Mary while we wait

All ya got back to Carmel Road – plank and wait
Head over the the church courtyard

3 sets of 15 dips and derkins then mosey to end of parking lot

Sprints with 5 burpees at each median – slow mosey back
Same with 10 squats
Same with 10 merkins
Back to Courtyard for more dips and derkins
Back to end of parking lot for one more round of sprints

A little Mary then mosey back to the SF

Naked Moleskin
YHC had planned to use the nicely-painted spaces CAC parking lot for the sprint portion of the workout. After remembering that there’s been some construction over there, including stripping the top coat of asphalt, we slightly modified those exercises with no ill effect to the Pax.

YHC had several things to put in the backblast, but alas, it’s been two days and they’ve since been forgotten. Had a family member wind up in the hospital which threw off my schedule a bit. Apologies to anyone looking for this post since Monday.

Thanks Bushwood for the opportunity to lead.

With One Eye Closed

16 Faithful departed the #Shovelflag to find another F3 Brother lurking about the Carmel track – in the dark.

The Thang

Mosey to Carmel football field
SSH x 20
IW x 20
Heels to Heaven x 30
Merkins x 15

Mosey over for some Track work
400 run with 5 burpees in each turn #NotACorner
400 run with 10 Squats in each turn
400 with 15 Merkins in each turn

Mosey to Goal line and Partner up

Partner 1 sprints to other goal line and back while Partner 2 does burpees
Flapjack and continue until each team does 50

Same drill with 200 Dollys
Same drill with 100 Merkins

Mosey to up to the building and find a little wall for 3 minutes of Peoples Chair. Would have gone longer but we ran out of time

Head for home with 5 burpees at each speed bump



When the pax first arrived a the track (which is not lit), we spotted a dark shadow running laps. In the spirit of being trying to play nice in the sandbox, the Pax were asked to leave some room for the shadow man while we were on the track. After the first 400 while the pax were in a plank, the shadow man comes out of nowhere – speeding through the group. What? Was that an F3 race shirt he was wearing?? Field of Dreams made a positive ID immediately and announced, “No need to be respectful now. It’s only Egypt.” Egypt? What was he doing out there. According to His Highness, he was doing Speed Work #Impressive.

On the next 400, more excitement ensued with One Eye trying to go 4 wide into Turn 4. He must have been going too fast since he slid up (in this case off) the track and rolled an ankle. #NeedAHeadlamp The pax immediately went into action and selflessly drafted Egypt to drive One Eye back to the Carmel Pk parking lot. However, after some Miyagi-like movements with his hands, One Eye pronounces himself as cured and pressed on for the balance of the workout.

While YHC continues to get hounded about his headlamp, that’s two rolled ankles in the last two weeks for members of the pax at DMZ. Hmmm…..Perhaps some other “seasoned” pax like Hamlet and Barracuda will finally give in and wear a lamp with pride. #NotAChance

Finally, at COT, Agony graciously offered to accept donations of shoes for #ShoeRedemption. What he failed to disclose, was that those shoes were going to be credited to Metro’s numbers. Not ata workout South of the Border!

In all seriousness, if you have shoes with some life left in them, we don’t care who gets the credit, just bring them to a workout. Most workouts now have a Shoe Q. For DMZ, it’ Flootie Flakes. DEADLINE for donations is Nov 22.

That being the only announcement, Orlando took us out. Thanks Brother.

The Paint Bucket Special

14 some in sweatshirts, some still wearing their summer gear. It’s that time of year when it’s hard to know how to dress. Do you want to be cold before the workout hoping that there’s enough downPainment to heat the engine up or as some Pax do, you can bring the sweatshirt and #ManTights (@RunStopper), only to shed layers along the way. Thank goodness ‘Stopper never sheds his #ManTights.

After a mosey into the heart of the Joust AO, we did a little COP

Imperial Walkers x 22

Mosey to the football field for a few more COP exercises not all of which YHC remembers.
Heels to Heaven x 20
Mountain Climbers x 20
something else maybe?

Warm-up lap around the track

A Round of 17’s.
Run track with Merkins and Squats in each corner starting with 16 Merkins and 1 Squat, next corner 15 Merks and 2 squats, and so on. A good exercise for anyone who pushes on the ensuing runs.
Plank when done

@Cuda’s Paint Bucket Special
Line up on Goal line facing the other end zone. Pax 1 sprints to far paint bucket (70 yds away), retrieves a piece of paper, and sprint back. Pax 2 takes off while the remaining Pax do the exercise called out on Pax 1’s paper. Paper then goes in Bucket 2 at the near goal line.
Exercises include Merkins, Maktar J’ai (spelling issue), Burpees, 6″ Flutters, Dolly, LBC, MORE Merkins and MORE burpees. @Cuda had a few pieces of paper with pull ups called out. With the CCS bars being so far away, the Pax were free to call another exercise. At least one (Stage Coach) admitted as such as call out Double Burpees. That was met with LOT of groans as the Pax were just polishing off a set of Merkins.

We ran through all the pax plus another 6 or 7 before running back to the Shovel Flag for COT and a great take out by @Header.

So YHC got from @Lee at #Governator on Wednesday. And @Cuda provided the inspiration and materials for the Paint Bucket Special. He pulled that one out of his bag of tricks two weeks ago at #Fortress. Thanks “Cuda
No one ever accused YHC of being creative. Sam Walton, the founder of WalMart once said, that he never had an original idea – they had all been taken from his competition.

Due to several injuries incurred over the last year, this was YHC’s first Q in a while. It was a lot of fun to get brush the rust off my cadence counting, etc. Thanks Header for the opportunity.


Bring your gently worn, washed workout shoes to almost any workout to support Sole Redemption. @Lobster Roll is Shoe Q for #Joust.

#Clowncars will be headed to F3 Greensboro on Sat, Nov 15 to workout with the Greensboro Pax. If interested in going, tweet me at @Skywalker_F3 or email at

The Unexpected?

So, after a comment prior to launching by one of the pax, “Well, Skywalker’s workouts never contain much running,” YHC called a silent audible.

The Thang

Run to RTS parking lot
COT Mixed in with a burpee ladder as a few more unexpected burpees at the end.
Parter up – size matters.
Partner carries across the parking lot, flapjack
Partner Derkins x 20

Run to The Church Free of Evangelism

20 Step Ups
20 Dips
20 Derkins

20 Step Ups
20 Dips
20 Merkins

Run to other side of parking lot for 2MOM

Back to the #Shovelflag for COP
Finished with a great prayer by @Snowflake to take us out.


So due to a wicked case of plantar fasciitis that YHC that has been battling for 10 months, YHC’s workouts of late have had minimal running. The usual suicides that YHC normally loves to do in a workout have been replaced by lots of burpees. YHC has never been fast (if form is good) in the burp department, so what better way to improve than to do more of them! Aye

But today was somewhat different. With the heel feeling somewhat better, YHC decided to add a little more running into the mix. It felt good to stretch out the legs a bit.

Good job this morning by all. A special welcome to Water Seal who posted for his 2nd F3 workout today. Water Seal apparently was not EH’d by anyone but had simply heard about F3. He picked his first workout by going onto the website. And what did he pick? #FastTwitch. Not the best choice for someone who proclaimed this morning that he hadn’t done much running in the last 10 yrs. So, T-claps to Water Seal for posting this morning after that brutal #BeatDown that he endured last week.

That Workout Was Sick!!

8 Men posted in the Gloom -possibly to make sure that YHC wasnt having to lead a workout of 1 again…..

The Thang

Mosey to track for a warmup lap with 5 burpees thrown in for good measure.

Variety of exercises led by each member of the Pax with a Burpee Ladder in between each set. Sometimes the ladder went down; sometimes it went back up.

Partner up- size matters

Partner Carries 50 yds then flapjack
Partner Decline Merkins, flapjack then repeato
Partner Wheelbarrows

Lap around the track with a few more burpees then to the stadium for some stair work.
Up/down x 1 with 20 Dips and 20 Derkins
Up/down x 2 with 20 Dips and 15 Derkins
Up/down x 3 with 20 Dips and 10 Derkins

Head back toward the Shovelflag with some Dollies thrown in.


It might be too late to sign up for the mudrun tomorrow if you are still #ThinkingAboutIt

Pavlov’s Dog

28 faithful showed for a Beatdown that they thought would be quite predictable. But was it??

The Thang

Pre Ball of Man led by Agony

Mosey to Carmel Middle with 10 burpees at each speed bump stopping at the school building for a little of…..

Peoples Chair x 1 min
25 Merkins
Peoples Chair x 1 min
20 Squats
Peoples Chair x 1 min
10 Burpees

Mosey to LAX Field for some Burpee-laddered COP

1 Burpee
Imperial Walker
2 Burpess
Low Slow Squats
3 Burpees
4 Burpees
5 BUrpees
Jack Webbs
6 Burpees
I cant remember the rest but we went up to 11 burpees.

Partner up (size matters) and go to end of field.
Partner 1 carries P2 length of field then flapjack
Decline Partner Merkins 25×3

Variety of excercises led by members of the Pax who have never led a workout.

Mosey back to school with some Karaoke, Merkins and Burpees thrown in along the way.

It was clear to YHC during the workout that the pax have gotten way to comfortable with certain “routines” which has developed at DMZ. Examples: We often run into CMS with no stopping and head to the left for the bus parking lot to do COP. But today, YHC had us stop at each Sleeping Policeman for a few burpees. Then for those in the Pax who chose to pull ahead of YHC in the ensuing run, YHC decided to take a little different route in – throwing off the guys who chose to forge ahead on their own. Same thing on the way back. Mumblechatter about those front runners being like Pavlov’s dog thus inspired the name of this backblast.
Great job and welcome to FNG Kit Kat. And btw, where was Hops?? We kept looking for him to sneak into the workout at about 0610. But alas, no Hops to be found.
Lastly YHC will promise to continue wearing his “speed-controlled” head lamp. For those too afraid to wear their own, feel free to “borrow” the light and run behind.

Check out F3/Mentoring – it will be one of the most rewarding life experiences you will ever have – whether you want to be mentored – or you would like to mentor someone younger.
We need more Mentees right now. Contact Swiper, Mentee Q, for questions:
And click on the link below for more information and to sign up.

F3 Mentoring Program – 2014

The Charge CANCELLED tomorrow

Since Providence Day School is to be closed tomorrow, Double D’s has had to call of the workout. You can still post at many other workouts, such as Governator, Anvil, The Maul, & Death Valley.

Who Thought Up This Workout??

In the balmy, yet wet gloom, 9 of our finest posted.

The Thang

Mosey to track
400 warmup
COP with SSH, IW, Low Slow Squats, & Hand Release Merkins
Mosey to base of Grandma Mtn and partner up

Ladder with pullups at top & burpees at the bottom w/partner-assisted pull-ups PRN
Commencement with 10 pullups at top, 1 burpee at bottom and going up/down ladder until we finished with 10 burps. (Whose idea WAS this anyway?!)

Back to field for 5MOM to goal line for some field work
Karaoke Right & Left 100 yds.
High Knees 50 yds, backward run 50
Lungewalk 50 and something else. YHC can’t remember.

Mosey back to Grandma Mtn
Bearcrawl up her and run down

Back to field for a protracted session of The Protractor led by Stage Coach.

Up/Down the bleacher stairs then run back to parking lot for COT.


When YHC awoke this morning, he was pleasantly surprised to note that it was 41 degrees outside – almost spring-like weather. And then YHC heard the rain…..rats. Had YHC not HC’d to Q this morning, he might have returned to the fartsack. Knowing that he had to head straight to a breakfast meeting after the beatdown, the thought of sitting for an hour in cold, wet gear was not too appealing. Oh well. The things we do for F3.

So, as we partnered up for the Ladder set during the workout, YHC thought we had an even number of pax there. Knowing that, YHC and Joker partnered up. #OldTimers. Then we hear that there’s an odd man out. WHERE DID HE COME FROM?? So, in the spirit of #IAmThird, YHC offered to be odd man out – letting Joker and our “mystery man” partner up – (I couldn’t tell who he was in the gloom). Then during the explanation of the exercise and as we were getting ready to begin, Joker kept asking, “So, Skywalker, are we still partners?” “No Joker, for the fifth time, you’re partnering up with “mystery man.”

After getting Joker squared away, we began the Ladder. About halfway through the set, several of the pax were cursing YHC about its difficulty. In full disclosure to the pax, YHC was cursing himself. “What was I thinking?! You were on the IR for a month, and you come up with this exercise?!” But also in full disclosure, YHC did steal the exercise from the esteemed Stone Cold. Sam Walton, the founder of WalMart, wrote in his autobiography that none of the ideas that he successfully implemented in his stores were original, he simply stole them from his competitors. #SmartMan.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead this morning.


F3/Lone Survivor tonight. Should be some great 2nd F