With One Eye Closed

  • When:11/10/14
  • QIC: Skywalker
  • The PAX: One Eye, World Tour, Baracus, Rev. Agony, Rashard, Bugeater, Field of Dreams, Barracuda, Hamlet, Chappy, About Time, Orlando, Dick Clark, Catfish, Frack, Skywalker, Egypt (sort of)

With One Eye Closed

16 Faithful departed the #Shovelflag to find another F3 Brother lurking about the Carmel track – in the dark.

The Thang

Mosey to Carmel football field
SSH x 20
IW x 20
Heels to Heaven x 30
Merkins x 15

Mosey over for some Track work
400 run with 5 burpees in each turn #NotACorner
400 run with 10 Squats in each turn
400 with 15 Merkins in each turn

Mosey to Goal line and Partner up

Partner 1 sprints to other goal line and back while Partner 2 does burpees
Flapjack and continue until each team does 50

Same drill with 200 Dollys
Same drill with 100 Merkins

Mosey to up to the building and find a little wall for 3 minutes of Peoples Chair. Would have gone longer but we ran out of time

Head for home with 5 burpees at each speed bump



When the pax first arrived a the track (which is not lit), we spotted a dark shadow running laps. In the spirit of being trying to play nice in the sandbox, the Pax were asked to leave some room for the shadow man while we were on the track. After the first 400 while the pax were in a plank, the shadow man comes out of nowhere – speeding through the group. What? Was that an F3 race shirt he was wearing?? Field of Dreams made a positive ID immediately and announced, “No need to be respectful now. It’s only Egypt.” Egypt? What was he doing out there. According to His Highness, he was doing Speed Work #Impressive.

On the next 400, more excitement ensued with One Eye trying to go 4 wide into Turn 4. He must have been going too fast since he slid up (in this case off) the track and rolled an ankle. #NeedAHeadlamp The pax immediately went into action and selflessly drafted Egypt to drive One Eye back to the Carmel Pk parking lot. However, after some Miyagi-like movements with his hands, One Eye pronounces himself as cured and pressed on for the balance of the workout.

While YHC continues to get hounded about his headlamp, that’s two rolled ankles in the last two weeks for members of the pax at DMZ. Hmmm…..Perhaps some other “seasoned” pax like Hamlet and Barracuda will finally give in and wear a lamp with pride. #NotAChance

Finally, at COT, Agony graciously offered to accept donations of shoes for #ShoeRedemption. What he failed to disclose, was that those shoes were going to be credited to Metro’s numbers. Not ata workout South of the Border!

In all seriousness, if you have shoes with some life left in them, we don’t care who gets the credit, just bring them to a workout. Most workouts now have a Shoe Q. For DMZ, it’ Flootie Flakes. DEADLINE for donations is Nov 22.

That being the only announcement, Orlando took us out. Thanks Brother.

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Field of Dreams
9 years ago

Great lead SW. Where was Snoop? If we can catch that dog, and fix your light on his head …. #ScoobyLamp.

9 years ago

I was feeling sorry for myself, facing that much solo running on a cold morning…then heard the Q call for 100 merkins on a cold field, and decided running alone wasn’t so bad afterall.

You didn’t mention the lone Tomato and her peppy dog. No telling what strange cult she thought she encountered this morning.

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