The Unexpected?

The Unexpected?

So, after a comment prior to launching by one of the pax, “Well, Skywalker’s workouts never contain much running,” YHC called a silent audible.

The Thang

Run to RTS parking lot
COT Mixed in with a burpee ladder as a few more unexpected burpees at the end.
Parter up – size matters.
Partner carries across the parking lot, flapjack
Partner Derkins x 20

Run to The Church Free of Evangelism

20 Step Ups
20 Dips
20 Derkins

20 Step Ups
20 Dips
20 Merkins

Run to other side of parking lot for 2MOM

Back to the #Shovelflag for COP
Finished with a great prayer by @Snowflake to take us out.


So due to a wicked case of plantar fasciitis that YHC that has been battling for 10 months, YHC’s workouts of late have had minimal running. The usual suicides that YHC normally loves to do in a workout have been replaced by lots of burpees. YHC has never been fast (if form is good) in the burp department, so what better way to improve than to do more of them! Aye

But today was somewhat different. With the heel feeling somewhat better, YHC decided to add a little more running into the mix. It felt good to stretch out the legs a bit.

Good job this morning by all. A special welcome to Water Seal who posted for his 2nd F3 workout today. Water Seal apparently was not EH’d by anyone but had simply heard about F3. He picked his first workout by going onto the website. And what did he pick? #FastTwitch. Not the best choice for someone who proclaimed this morning that he hadn’t done much running in the last 10 yrs. So, T-claps to Water Seal for posting this morning after that brutal #BeatDown that he endured last week.

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Chelms aka Tatertot
10 years ago

I 2nd the T-claps to Water Seal for getting back out after the Fast Twitch visit. Nothing gets a man over the #sadclown disease like multiple trips to F3 workout each week.

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