Who Thought Up This Workout??

Who Thought Up This Workout??

In the balmy, yet wet gloom, 9 of our finest posted.

The Thang

Mosey to track
400 warmup
COP with SSH, IW, Low Slow Squats, & Hand Release Merkins
Mosey to base of Grandma Mtn and partner up

Ladder with pullups at top & burpees at the bottom w/partner-assisted pull-ups PRN
Commencement with 10 pullups at top, 1 burpee at bottom and going up/down ladder until we finished with 10 burps. (Whose idea WAS this anyway?!)

Back to field for 5MOM to goal line for some field work
Karaoke Right & Left 100 yds.
High Knees 50 yds, backward run 50
Lungewalk 50 and something else. YHC can’t remember.

Mosey back to Grandma Mtn
Bearcrawl up her and run down

Back to field for a protracted session of The Protractor led by Stage Coach.

Up/Down the bleacher stairs then run back to parking lot for COT.


When YHC awoke this morning, he was pleasantly surprised to note that it was 41 degrees outside – almost spring-like weather. And then YHC heard the rain…..rats. Had YHC not HC’d to Q this morning, he might have returned to the fartsack. Knowing that he had to head straight to a breakfast meeting after the beatdown, the thought of sitting for an hour in cold, wet gear was not too appealing. Oh well. The things we do for F3.

So, as we partnered up for the Ladder set during the workout, YHC thought we had an even number of pax there. Knowing that, YHC and Joker partnered up. #OldTimers. Then we hear that there’s an odd man out. WHERE DID HE COME FROM?? So, in the spirit of #IAmThird, YHC offered to be odd man out – letting Joker and our “mystery man” partner up – (I couldn’t tell who he was in the gloom). Then during the explanation of the exercise and as we were getting ready to begin, Joker kept asking, “So, Skywalker, are we still partners?” “No Joker, for the fifth time, you’re partnering up with “mystery man.”

After getting Joker squared away, we began the Ladder. About halfway through the set, several of the pax were cursing YHC about its difficulty. In full disclosure to the pax, YHC was cursing himself. “What was I thinking?! You were on the IR for a month, and you come up with this exercise?!” But also in full disclosure, YHC did steal the exercise from the esteemed Stone Cold. Sam Walton, the founder of WalMart, wrote in his autobiography that none of the ideas that he successfully implemented in his stores were original, he simply stole them from his competitors. #SmartMan.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead this morning.


F3/Lone Survivor tonight. Should be some great 2nd F

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Stage Coach
10 years ago

Skywalker – Nice job this morning. Let’s be clear…it didn’t take until the half way point to start cursing. More like a couple rounds of pullups and burp’s.

10 years ago

Normally I only need to hear something three times before it sinks in, but today it was five. You should have just slugged me and said, “just run up that hill son, and stop asking me questions!”

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