Dive Bomb Merkens and a few other things

Dive Bomb Merkens and a few other things

The preblast on Twitter made mention of Dive Bombers this AM.  I am not sure all 21 pax got the memo, but everyone got after it and away we went!


Warm up run- Ran by car to pick up any stragglers and proceeded to the baseball outfield.


COP (?)

Count down from 12- Tribute to site Q-Stage Coach

After spotlighting (thank BD) and a quick demo of a dive bomber, (more on that below) we got to it

12 Dive Bomber (DB) then 20 Deep Squats

11 DB then 20 LBC

10 DB then 20 shoulder taps

9 DM then 20 Crab Merken (tricep dip in carb walk position)

8 DB then 20 Deep Squats

DB then 20 LBC

DB then 20 shoulder taps

DM then 20 Crab Merken (tricep dip in carb walk position)

4 DM then 20 Deep Squats

DB then 20 LBC

DB then 20 shoulder taps

DM then 20 Crab Merken (tricep dip in carb walk position)


Jog around baseball outfield to find a way out eventually made it to the hill



Called 10 trips up the hill with seal jacks and dive bombers- mid ladder adjusted it to 7

Always 10 dive bombers at the top of the hill, but 1, 2,3…etc seal jacks


Jog to track


3 corner from the 50

Start with 10 DB

First corner20 Carolina Dry Docks

back to center 10 DB

Second corner- 20 Jump Squats

back to center 10 DB

Third Corner- 20 LBC

back to center 10 DB


Run 1 lap around track with Pax….and stops to do more dive bombers

4 stops / 2 db x10 per and 2 LBC x20 per


Gather Pax and perform 10 LBC and 10 DB (and 10 girl push ups…not exactly, but I will take the abuse)

Run back to lot….and stops for Dive bombers

DB x10 at top platform and DB x10 once we circled up


Protractor circle

Everyone calls out a degree until we get around the circle- some waited longer then others.  Also, first time I have done at 180 degree, nice DK

Oh, we also stopped at the Mid point to do another dive bombers x10 and finished with another DB x10

Finished with a variety of LBC, bicycle and Flutter…of course with another dive bombers x30 total


Moleskin- where to begin

– First, thank you for allowing me to lead, being complete wise asses and doing everything I ask.  If you have not lead a workout, do it, it’s fun!

– I did the demo of the Dive Bomber, hope I demo’d proper form

– In the warm-up, I did NOT call any cadence and this was pointed out!  Planned!  I hadn’t worked out in 1 1/2 weeks and new mid ladder that I would struggle, glad you were all able to count to 20 on your own

– DK has grown up before our vary eyes!  Damn Ruckers (Good Luck to all this weekend)! Dude was crabbing on the hill work, “Just do what you want”, “any originality to this work out” and “I call bullshit”.  Also, later on, I was accused of “coming up with only 4 exercises and just stopped think of more” …yep

– I never have called a workout with a theme, like this one.  It completely smoked me, I hope you all enjoyed it.  The goal was 300 dive bomb merkens.  I believe we came up short at 288…sorry!

– Thanks Header for taking us out, I could have gave you a heads up, but you always deliver!



-Taco Mac tonight

– Support the Go Ruckers on Friday.  Please go and support them once the location becomes available tonight…shhhh if you already know the location, it’s a secret!


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