Careful what you post on Twitter

Careful what you post on Twitter

Although, YHC had accidentally tweeted the nation about “filling in” an open Q spot, to my surprise I got the nod immediately and here we go. The virtual shovel was planted and 13 men welcomed a beat down on a great fall morning.
Create a plan, work the plan…lets get to it!

Warm up jog
Leave the lot and head toward the baseball diamonds. This was the course that the Pax would soon become familiar with. Complete 1 loop around the first field on the left then head back for warm up

SSH x 20
IW x 18
Merken x 10

Head to the track for some partner work. YHC favorite…wheel barrows

Mini track
1) Space out on the track. With your partner, wheel barrow and complete 1 full lap, switch when needed
-If you pass a group, the other team, man in wheelbarrow, must perform 5 merken penalty
2)Partner carry 1 lap around track, swap when needed…no penalty this lap

Mosey to Play ground / Baseball field

Partner work
1) Partner 1 takes a lap around the entire outside of the baseball field
Partner 2 10 pull ups, 25 merkens, LBC until partner comes back x2

Head to backstop area
2) Partner 1 take a lap around the now familiar course/ baseball field
Partner 2 10 jump ups or step ups, 25 dips and Bicycle until partner returns x2

Mosey back to the mini track

3 movements of a burpee (according to YHC)- corner work on a round track
1) Inch worms x 10
2) Merkins x 10
3) Jump Squats x 10
4) 5 burpees
x3 loops

Head back to parking lot

Roman twists x 20
Protractor and 3D protractor
LBC – 1 min

– Strong work by the Pax today! Thank you for allowing me to take over Hydra this AM! I have not been out here in awhile, so it was great to be back!
– Sorry for the lengthy wheel barrow upfront, I guess the track is longer then I remember
– My partner and I were able to delivered a set of 2 penalty merkens to other teams, sorry I did not stop to see who it was. I hope others were able to hand out added pain
– If I can lead so can you…just reach out to the QIC and try to get your chance. Again, careful if you do this on twitter 🙂

This Sunday
1st F- Convergence on Sunday 0700 at Myers Park see website for details
2nd F -Fox and Hounds- Ballantyne at 3pm to watch some football and drink some beer

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10 years ago

I got a FEVER. And the only prescription…is more WHEELBARROW! Good Q curd. My arms fell off but grateful for duck tape.

10 years ago

And gloves. Someone was grumbling in the gloom. #hamburgerhands

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