Mountain Goat Interval Ladders

  • When:11/13/15
  • QIC: Slim Fast
  • The PAX: The Mouth, Tiger Rag, Turkey Leg, Nuke, Huggy Bear, Booyah, Freedom, Sensei, Joker, Frasier, Bratwurst, Sony, Venus, Retread, Slim Fast

Mountain Goat Interval Ladders

15 Goats awoke from their toasty lairs to engage in some interval training at F3 Mountain Goat.  While mountain goats don’t normally need ladders, the head goat, YHC, felt like some ladders would do us good!  After a heartfelt disclaimer… Off we went to the track for a simple but effective workout.

The Thang

  1. Warm-up mile followed by dynamic stretching.
  2. At I-pace (as I THINK it, not as I SAY it)
    1. 200m, followed by 200m recovery
    2. 400m, followed by 200m recovery
    3. 600m, followed by 200m recovery
    4. 800m, followed by 200m+ recovery
  3. The front did slow recovery until the 6 finished
  4. Do the ladder in reverse, starting with 800, 600, 400, 200 with 200m recovery in between
  5. Return to parking lot for quick stretching, then DONE!

We completed between 5-6 miles depending on the extra recovery distance and some extra credit.


Absolutely great job by everyone today!  2.25 miles at I-pace.  What I continue to notice is how evenly everyone seems to be running.  We used two devices today that, while not in sync, as I was reminded by several goats on several occasions, did provide us the ability to hit target paces.  Sensei and I were pretty close on most of our segments!

I’m going to keep comments lite so I can get this out!


  1.  Turkey Bowl… See Pre-Blast for sign-ups.
  2. Christmas Party Dec 12… Also see pre-blast for sign-ups.
  3. joe Davis Run Jan 9… If you haven’t signed up, I’ll do it for you.

Brat took us out in prayer.

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8 years ago

Frasier didn’t stop running hard until COT, he may have even gone back out to run more.

Reply to  Bratwurst
8 years ago

The clocks were much appreciated. Even if you have a watch, which I didn’t today, they give a great visual instead of having to look down at your wrist.

8 years ago

Was it just me or was one of the clocks a bit “smallish.”

All kidding aside, did enjoy it. Especially when Slimmy suggested interval paces that were significantly faster than our standard mile pace. Hey, we aren’t pros.

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