#F3Dromedary – Back to High School

  • When:11/05/14
  • QIC: Bratwurst
  • The PAX: Soft Pretzel, Abacus, Bananas, Outback, Probation, Chanel, Ice9, Hot Pants (Mike B - FNG), Bratwurst

#F3Dromedary – Back to High School

9 PAX launched into the balmy Fall morning to start their Hump Day off right at Union County’s Marvin Ridge High School / Middle School workout known as Dromedary.


  • Disclaimer given – sounding rather ominous and uncertain about the plan
  • Mosey to front of High School entrance for opening COP – All In Cadence: SSHx15; Merkinsx15; IWx15; Diamond Merkinsx8; Squatx15
  • Partner Up – P1 slide up long rail; P2 Mountain Climbers until P1 done.  Flapjack.  Repeato with Rock Hoppers and Stump Huggers (? similar to the “lower” burpee motion without merkin)
  • Mosey to soccer fields.  Stop 3x along the way for LBCx20 OYO.
  • At soccer fields.  Continue partners. P1 up Hill 2 burpees; P2 to tennis bench 4 step ups. Meet back in field for 10 plank hand slappers with your partner. Flapjack. Repeato with meeting each time in the middle for 10 hand slappers.  Progress to 4 Burpees / 8 Step-ups, 6 B / 12 SU, 8 B / 16 SU; 10 B / 20 SU.  Plank until all done.  20 count.
  • Mosey to football fields. Line up on 10 yard line.
    • Bear crawl 30 yd ; Run back, plank until PAX complete
    • Crab walk 30 yd ;
    • Broad jump 30 yd ;
    • Inchworm 30 yd ;
  • Circle up for some Mary
    • LBC
    • Scorpion
    • Flutter
    • Side plank with leg raises
    • In & Out
  • Mosey back to COT
  • Mileage covered = 1.99 miles.


  • Ice9 brought FNG Mike B. “Hot Pants” – Ice Nine gave lots of fodder, but the nickname represents a heroic episode that turned into one of your recurring nightmares.  You definitely will want to ask him about it.
  • We found 2 new areas today at the campus – High School front courtyard and Soccer Fields/Tennis Courts.  The 3rd area, the lower Football field, has been used before, but it is a decent surface for hands and butts on the ground.  There are at least 5 other areas to explore at this AO that include Rock Piles, Hills, Baseball fields, Tar Kiln Branch Creek (you never know with Bananas leading), and the stadium that may never be open but sure looks tempting.  We’re only scratching the surface at this place.
  • Pretty sure that the In & Outs (once done properly thanks to Outback) are one of the most useful lower back and abs moves because YHC would fail pretty quickly with correct form.  Ditto with the Side Plank & lateral leg raises – using muscles and tendons that aren’t often accessed, but have good injury prevention with ITB pain and hip strength.
  • “Jane Fonda” – the PAX gave YHC a hard time for the Scorpion.  You mother’s Jane Fonda is your wife’s Jillian Michaels – a lot to borrow from there; just don’t get sucked in to doing a JM routine when you fartsacked on your Bootcamp (at least don’t let us know about it #keepingmymouthshut).  The scorpion is another great back stretch that works the core.  A little rough on the chest on the ground.
  • Good intensity by the PAX today – notably Abacus / Soft Pretzel on the Merkin Slappers, Abacus on the Bear Crawl, and Ice9 on the Broad Jumps #easterbunny.  There’s always an opportunity to take it to another individual level despite what may seem an easy workout.  As the PAX demand, we can take the whole group there, but always feel free to adapt to the level you need.


  • Ice9 and Snowflake are starting F3Commitment bootcamp workout at Weddington HS on November 15th – 6:30-7:30am.
  • Joe Davis Run – 10K, 5K, Fun Run to raise money for a substance abuse clinic supported by some of the PAX.  Competition between Area51, The Fort, and possibly Metro (if they get their act together) for Top 5 10K and 5K finishes in your team.  10K looks like the race to score some points!


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9 years ago

Fun workout; always well-led by Bratwurst, even with mischevious PAX attempting to throw him off count. Excellent to have Hot Pants out there: he is a great man — F3 will enjoy getting to know him. Expect that marine to accelerate quickly.

The term is stump “jumper”. “Stump-jumpers” are forward jumps from the plank, and “rock-hoppers” are lateral jumps from the plank, right? Or the other way around? The lexicon is unfortunately silent on this burning issue.

Stump Hugger
9 years ago

Stump Huggers?!? I feel much better about fartsacking with any mention of Stump Huggers…

9 years ago

Great Q Bratwurst. For the record, the “easy” part of the workout where Soft Pretzel and Abacus were adding merkin slappers was in the middle of hill sprints, burpees, field sprints, and step ups. #NOTEASY

Happy to have Hot Pants with us. It begs the question…was he wearing them? you know, the red ones?

9 years ago

Nice lead this morning Bratwurst. This AO has endless supply of areas for downpainment. Noticed the hill we climbed this morning earlier in the week when I had to pick up 2.0 for dentist appointment. Expect Bananas or someone else to will bring plates for neverending Hair Burners in the expansive parking lots.

9 years ago

Great Q Bratwurst, this site sure does have a lot to offer in terms of variety. Good thing we did those rail slides first! We need to come up with a proper name for the hill since every other site has one! “Shadow Mountain” (since you couldn’t see a dang thing out there!)

Shout out to FNG Hot Pants for coming out and doing such good work. Keep coming out brother!

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